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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Queens still smashing the charts even after their most divisive title track yet? Talent! For real though, I’m glad people still recognised how good the album is.

    Also really happy SF9 are getting recognition, RPM mini is a serve and my boy group AOTY so far.

    Chungha’s mini hasn’t aged that well for me. :/
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  2. Now we just need Zimzalabim for #1 song for the month!
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  3. Did I really give a 10 to both Red Velvet and Chungha?


    Why? How?

    I'm just that powerful and influential.
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  4. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Do we?
  5. Comfortably in their Top 3 albums (mini or otherwise) ever. A tight masterpiece.
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  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Hey, oppa-deul and unnies. Sorry the reveal of results is taking so much time. But let's get this bread!




    from the Goblin single album
    SM Entertainment

    32 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 20
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Vesperly, @Wills
    7 - @He
    3 - @ryjm, @vague
    1 - @ysev

    We start our top 20 with an album track! This is Sulli's wonderful Dorothy, taken from her first solo single album, Goblin. Yes, this kicked Somi's Birthday outside the top 20 dddddd.

    Dorothy is track number 3 - the last one - of Sulli's album. And yes, what a fantastic closer Dorothy is. It starts off as a piano ballad and honestly, it would've been perfectly fine if it stayed that way. The song would've been great anyway. But no, Madame Sullegend has other things in mind and completely changed the song's structure halfway through. And wow. The song became even greater.

    The production is so rich. I could listen to the song repeatedly and still miss out on so much of the little details. It's so fascinating. I'm pretty sure I've even heard the sound of a bird flapping its wings??? What even?

    Stan talent. Stan Sullegend.

    ryjm: This may be a really bizarre reference but something about the melancholic yet hopeful soundscape of this reminds me so much of Utada Hikaru’s Passion/Sanctuary. The song simultaneously makes me want to cry and smile – maybe it’s my weakened emotional state, or maybe it’s a testament to the incredible talents of Sulli. Her voice is angelic and glides across the heavenly soundscape. I love the ethereal watery vibe of the song, and when the drums come in the track elevates to something even more euphoric. The way she chants the name “Dorothy” ad nauseam almost like a mantra is bizarrely affecting and addictive. I’m so in love with this.

  7. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    Red Velvet
    from the The ReVe Festival Day 1 mini album
    SM Entertainment

    34 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 19
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @codecat
    6 - @enjoy v2.0, @eccentricsimply
    5 - @nikkysan
    3 - @Love Deluxe, @GeiPanda
    1 - @OspreyQueen

    Yes, it's time for another album track! This time, it's Red Velvet's LP from their latest mini album, The ReVe Festival Day 1.

    First of all, I had to read YouTube comments just to know the meaning of LP because I'm dumb like that ddddd. Some people say it means Long Playing. And I saw some people say it's Let's Play. Whatever LP means, it's irrelevant. The song knocks anyway.

    LP is the final track of The ReVe Festival Day 1 and yes, what an inspired choice. After The Red's Cool World, I think LP is the best last track of any Red Velvet album. It's that good.

    The Red Velvet girls go jazzy for LP and of course, they sound right at home. Kweens of Genre Hopping! I've seen a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people refer to this as good elevator music but sadly I can't validate that claim. I'm rarely ever on a elevator because I'm from a small city in a third world country so no regular elevator experience for this heaux ddddd.

    I will say the song sounds so poetic. It also sounds so relaxing. It has a classic feel to it thanks to the song's genre but it sounds modern too. Must be the trap elements of the song.

    Songs like LP make any Red Velvet album a must listen. So if you haven't listened to it yet, sis, you're missing out.

    enjoy v2.0: The underrated gem from the mini. A sister song for the severely underrated and equally brilliant Blue Lemonade

    nikkysan: This sounds like the Wii Shop music and I fucking love it. It’s a wonderful closing track off the mini and I love the girls harmonising in their lower registers.

  8. I think "elevator music" is one of those movie clichés that never ever happen in real life dd
  9. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Right? I’ve never been in an elevator that even played music at all.
  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    Monsta X (feat. French Montana)
    from the Who Do U Love? single album
    Starship Entertainment

    35 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 18
    Months on Chart: 1

    8 - @FunkyButChic
    7 - @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan
    6 - @Sanctuary
    4 - @ThighHighs
    2 - @eliminathan
    1 - @Remorque

    Monsta X come back on our chart with their latest single, the purely English-sung, French Montana-featuring Who Do U Love?

    And yes, yes, YES, the Monsta X dads are finally back with a good single. Blessed be! I normally hate Western-pandering songs of K-Pop stars but Who Do U Love? is an anomaly. It's genuinely good?????????

    I wouldn't say Who Do U Love? is a proper return to form because it's really not on the level of, say, Beautiful or Shine Forever. But compared to the likes of Shoot Out or Alligator, then it's definitely a huge improvement.

    Jooheon (did he really change his stage name to Joohoney??? Please confirm.) is kind of a revelation here. He's always been a rapper but on Who Do U Love?, he's playing the role of a main vocalist. I mean, those ad libs??? YATH GET IT. But as @eliminathan says on his commentary, I think Kihyun would've killed those high notes better. Also why was I.M not given a single line despite being the group's best English speaker??? Make it make sense, @Starship Entertainment. My baby does not deserve this disrespect.

    But overall, Who Do U Love? is a nice reminder that Monsta X are still capable of releasing a good single. We know they always bring it with their album tracks but it's nice to hear them properly slay a single too. Welcome back, boys!

    ThighHighs: IMAGINE voting for a Monsta X track! Well guess what, Mimi. I DID. This is the best thing they've put out and all their other music has been trash. Enjoy the points while you can get them from me, boys. French Montana stays useless.

    eliminathan: Ignoring the illegible gibberish that French Montana provides to the song, this is gorgeous. One of the better attempts at making a western release from a K-pop group. Kihyun and I.M. having no lines is a choice, and while Jooheon makes for a surprisingly decent singer, there's Kihyun right there sis. (SOL: Ddddd French Montana oppa's part really was unnecessary.)

  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    This exposé on elevator music..... I'm shqqk.
  12. ikr? omg! who would even be old enough to even member?

    I am and they did.

    Until people started making speeches in them...
  13. To be fair there's this sort of atmospheric backing track in the 2 lifts that take you on the Shard in London (I'd know, I had to go there 7 times) but there's nothing more tourist trap than the Shard in London so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. For some reason I used to think that "elevator music" played if the elevator broke down the same way you get music when a call's on hold.
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    from the RPM mini album
    FNC Entertainment

    36 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 17
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @nikkysan, @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan
    8 - @junglefish
    1 - @Sanctuary

    Uh oh! Is KPJ falling out of love with SF9 already??? Sad.

    SF9 are back with their second single this year, the dramatic RPM. And I apologize for not giving this any points. For the past two/three days, I have been obsessed with this. I'm so sorry, boys.

    RPM is still not the Now or Never sequel we oh-so desire and deserve but it's still a solid bop nonetheless. On my first few listens, the song really didn't make an impact on me. I can't remember how the song goes. Maybe because the song is very instrumental-heavy. It has an industrial edge to it that is not foreign to SF9's music but is definitely much more present on RPM.

    But again, I have seen the light and I now realize what a good song this is. Do I like this more than Enough? Hmm, tough question because I do love that one too (I even gave it my points back in February because it was flopping really badly dddd). I'd say I love them equally for now.

    The vocals on RPM are insane. The pre-chorus and the middle 8 parts especially utilize SF9's strong vocals very well. The rap... I'm not too crazy about especially the last one ddddd. What I'm crazy about is THE VISUALS. Oh my God, this era could very well be their visual peak. I have not watched all their live performances but I follow them on Twitter and from the photos I saw, their costumes are legendary. This is their thot era for sure. The amount of skin on display......... I see you, oppas.

    With RPM, SF9 continue their unbelievably solid run of singles. Are any other younger boy groups doing it like them? I don't think so. SF9 are our Kings of Consistency!

    nikkysan: I swear I wasn’t gonna vote for any men this month but these boys have gone and delivered another bop, they’re so consistent. I much prefer this to Enough. Why are these guys so slept on by the Korean GP compared to other boy groups? They deserve a hit. (SOL: Same thoughts. They deserve much, much more attention.)

    eliminathan: They have to have one of the best singles runs for a boy group PERIODT. Mamma Mia is the only low point and she's still decent. (SOL: I will admit that I still use Mamma Mia up to this day sdhgfdjh. The trash taste jumped out.)

  16. Surely the fact that it's called 'elevator music' should alert you to it being an American concept?
  17. The first few bars of LP are classic American Elevator Music.

    What scares me is that I also know what LP stands for.

    My family is right. I am too old for KPop.


    (Wrong gif. But maybe not.)
  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    from the For the Summer mini album
    Starship Entertainment

    38 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 16
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Reboot
    8 - @vague
    5 - @OspreyQueen, @Wills
    3 - @He, @junglefish, @Vixen
    2 - @PopZeitgeist

    This is the month of album tracks! Say hello to WJSN's Let's Dance.

    Let's Dance is track number 4 of WJSN's seventh mini album, For the Summer. And in my opinion, this is the hugest bop of the album which is very appropriate for that song title. Yath unnies, let's fucking dance!

    The production is truly perfect for dance raves and whatnot. I don't think I've ever heard this production on a WJSN song before. But it does suit them well. Despite the harder production, the girls' vocals are never swallowed. No, ma'am, you can still Yeonjung going hard with those notes. Kween! Kinda sad she didn't go for that high note to end the middle 8 though, not gonna lie.

    I think Exy's rap sounds better on songs like this too. I've always thought Exy doesn't fully flex her rapping skills on their more ""cosmic"" songs because it probably doesn't suit those songs' general feel. But on Let's Dance, she really went there.

    Let's Dance is one of the many highlights of WJSN's For the Summer mini album. I'm glad it resonated with the voters as well.

    Vixen: This is just such a huge rush of energy. I mean... That bassline. Come on. What the actual FUCK is that insane bassline??? It truly helps giving the song that really hard party / summer rave vibes they were going for. It's so freaking DIRTY, yet it compliments the sugary vibes the song also has at times. Perfect balance between cute and cool somehow.

  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    from the Treasure EP.3: One to All mini album
    KQ Entertainment

    39 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 15
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Sanctuary
    8 - @OspreyQueen, @ThighHighs
    5 - @Serg.
    4 - @Squashua, @Slice of Life
    1 - @Coming Century

    A summer bop! WINNER found replaced. We say hello to our new summer kings, ATEEZ, and their season-appropriate new single, Wave.

    Wave is one of, like, three singles from ATEEZ's third mini album, Treasure EP.3: One to All. And it's my favourite of the singles so yay for talent winning!

    I've been aware of ATEEZ's existence for quite some time now. They kinda show up every now and then on my Instagram discover page and while I think they are extremely talented, they just can't ever woo me successfully with their music. It also didn't help that they reminded me of pre-superstar B*S (their fans kinda remind me of A*mys too sdhjfbjhds). But I think I'm ready to give them a chance because I can't deny the excellence of Wave.

    Wave is just what I want from a summer single by a boy group. It's light, fun, and just overall enjoyable. It doesn't reinvent the wheel for sure but songs don't always have to do that. I just need my songs to be good and Wave is just that. Since WINNER have abandoned the summer music market and have become incredibly and unfortunately basic, it's time I welcome new summer kings to my arms. ATEEZ perfectly fit the bill with Wave and the accompanying EP.



    ThighHighs: "HAKUNA MATATA YUHH!" is iconic. These boys keep delivering. Am I on the verge of a stan card. Maybe I should take a stan pamphlet to get more information on my potential new Kings of Bops. (SOL: Ddddd yath, let's start this new journey of stanning ATEEZ together, babyboo.)

  20. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Ddddd I should probably go to sleep now since it's past 1 in the morning here. More results coming tomorrow night. Goodnight, babes. ♡♡♡
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