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K-Popjustice Charts - March 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Mar 20, 2017.


How many albums should we vote for every month?

  1. Maximum of five, no more no less

    2 vote(s)
  2. Maximum of five, minimum of three

    16 vote(s)
  1. Oh. That.
  2. You guys all forgetting...
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  3. As a GFriend superstan, it's honestly so problematic that Brave Girls had to come back with the song of the century and ruin their first chance at a #1 on the KPJ Charts. I gave Gfriend my 10, but I fully expect Rolling to win, and it should.
  4. Poor GFRIEND flopping hard in real life (kiiiiiiiii xxxxx) and on Popjustice.
  5. Queens of second best March releases!
  6. I'm actually playing Fingertip more than Rollin' these days. Its middle 8 is awesome when the true Queen of useless visuals Sowon starts it, then it comes to my favorite Jung sister SinB and Queen of Rap Umji and then Eunha smashes everyone with '' Shigani take it take it , jommnfamlfamlagvlmkb ONE TWO THREE FOUR'' and it is followed by that fucking brilliant break down. * A new GFriend stan rises *
  7. That part KILLS me every time. Like I can be casually bopping along and then that middle 8 hits...
  8. Korea was threatened by Eunha's aggressive counting.
  9. Just the top 4 and 3 today, boo.

    Of course I'm gonna delay the Fingertip-Rollin' finale. Kekekeke.
  10. He


    Spoiler alert!
  11. Before we crown the winner between Brave Girls and GFriend, let's put the spotlight on another tight race for the bronze medal.

    It's the civil war between I.O.I members.

    Pinky and Nayoung representing Pristin...


    Sejeong and Mina representing gu9udan.

    Will GodSejeong settle for second (fourth) place again???

    Will Pinky be overshadowed by lesser visual members again???

    Let's find out...



    from the Hi! Pristin mini album
    Pledis Entertainment

    83 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 4
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @PopZeitgeist
    9 - @He
    8 - @Cotton Park
    7 - @R92
    6 - @McQueer, @Mikl C, @ryan_riot92, @ajmkv
    5 - @D is for Danger!, @ThighHighs, @SophiaSophia
    4 - @send photo
    2 - @eccentricsimply, @Ceir
    1 - @ThisIsRogue, @Vesperly

    Pristin's first single debut on our song chart at number 3.

    I honestly still don't know how I feel about this song. I mean, yes, it is a bop and a half. It hypes me up every single time and the "weewooweewoo" bits are so darn catchy. But there are times when I'm like, yikes, this is too messy even for me.

    I don't know, unnies. Help me out here.

    Of course, there are parts of the song that are impossible to deny. The chorus, for one, is extremely well done. It's childish, yes, but it does its job of being memorable. Some of the verses are superb too. I'm not too crazy about the rap section, to be quite honest. And the superhero bits are a little unnecessary.

    But oh my God, the visuals.

    Pinky, as usual, steals the show. The Future Kween of China is seriously one of the best looking new girls in all of K-Pop. Nayoung looks really good too. And Siyeon, or Xiyeon or whatever, is serving as well. There's another pretty member but I don't know her name and I can't be arsed to Google it.

    Kii at the tragically blonde unnie though. Discount Yezi realness. I'm not sorry.

    But enough of my worthless opinion. Let's hear your thoughts.

    ryan_riot92 has the audacity to shade Seventeen. I'm watching you, unnie. Do not come for my sons.

    ANNYEONG GURLS! To be completely honest, my hopes for them were pretty low. I was for certain that they flop and become the next Afterschool nobody group that was under the same management as SEVENTEEN. Call me brash and sassy (*wink Y&R reference) but this blows anything SEVENTWEEN have done out of the water … and that’s saying something. Seriously though. It’s got that university vibe to it and it’s super catchy! Production may not be 100% but I live for it!

    SophiaSophia namedrops Seventeen as well.

    If I wanted to listen to Seventeen I would, Pledis give us KPop fans what we really want an After School Orange Caramel comeback.

    Others clocked the Twice-isms like my bae send photo.

    Mediocre but that weeuweeue part is drilled in my head. Cut from the same cloth as TT so expect me to hate it in a month or so.

    Do not let @BEST FICTION read this opinion of yours, Cotton Park unnie.

    I really didn't want to like this but these chicks are so much more fun than Twice, who they're obviously trying to emulate. Maybe they just have more of an edge. This is a hot mess, I know, but the nasty neodisco rhythm guitar, cool prechorus, Pinky, Na Young, even Kyla's wink are just too priceless.

    Xiyeon stan, ajmkv unnie, is bopping for ha life.

    (S)XIYEON FINALLY DEBUTED! This is a fun little bop, I'm happy that they went with something like this. It's not the best thing I've heard but I've been using it quite a bit. The video is also fun, and Xiyeon looks gooooooooooooooorg.
    My baby is growing up!

    Also, scream at all the sexual references... shaking my damn head, Pledis.

    D is for Danger! didn't come here for cohesion. He came to bop. Preach it.

    I wasn't expecting to like this, but that chorus is damn infectious. The song is a mess with no cohesion, but that doesn't mean it won't bop.

    ThighHighs and I are the same person.

    This is a damn jam. The pieces of it don't fit together, and that should bother me, but with a prechorus like the one Rena gets and a chorus like that, I'm smitten. The video is also perfectly adorable and cute, without being too cloying. The "Superhero" bits aren't great, but that's a small complaint.

    I'm imagining Ceir unnie prancing around work and singing the weewooweewoo part... and I'm cackling.

    I originally thought the song was an inoffensive 5/10. The chorus was too weak for me. Then, the next day, I'm walking around work singing "Weewoo Weewooooooo!" in my head. Damnit.

    And 9-point giver He defends ha basic taste.

    Yes, I’m basic.

    Yebin / Rena is amazing

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  12. Comparing this thing to Orange Caramel and Seventeen is honestly so disrespectful I may have to leave this forum forever.

  13. The right mess won bronze. Na Na gateun sl*y.
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  14. Guess who fell asleep while writing this post... kii.



    from the Act 2 - Narcissus mini album
    Jellyfish Entertainment

    91 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 4
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 2

    10 - @He
    9 - @Vesperly, @R92
    8 - @McQueer, @PopZeitgeist, @ryan_riot92
    7 - @ThighHighs, @SophiaSophia
    6 - @GeiPanda
    5 - @Squashua, @Mikl C
    3 - @D is for Danger!, @LightningRider, @LOOΠΔ

    OOH BEBE~~~

    And the ladies of gu9udan advance further on the song chart with their second single, the sassy A Girl Like Me.

    I don't know what happened but this suddenly became a 10/10 song. GodSejeong, ha power!

    I didn't vote for this but trust that I still use and abuse it everyday. It's so... life-affirming. Kii. But seriously, it just doesn't let up. This is everything that I needed from a group that contains Sejeong and Mina and others... not that mermaid shit or something.

    I still scream at Photocopy Unnie and Fighting Cock Unnie every single time. Absolute scene stealing kweens!

    ThighHighs unnie is as shook as me.

    This song has gagged me all month. Who would have thought that the mermaid mess they released last year (which i still stan for) would have preceded this narcissistic bawp? The upgrade has been REAL.

    PopZeitgeist quotes one of my fave lines from the song.

    ooh baybay

    Imagine Sohye singing that line... I miss my Penguin Kween.

    ryan_riot92 unnie also use and abuse it every day.

    I still jam to this on a daily basis. It’s so quirky and fun yet massively sassy and confident.

    Getting your life while cycling? This sounds... unsafe, He unnie. Please stay safe. xx

    I have overplayed this song to oblivion, but it’s such an amazing track to get my life while cycling everywhere.

    The vocals are great and it’s so messy / catchy!

    Thank you God Sejeong.

    And my dear gugu-stanning cyst, Squashua, is still bopping for ha dear life.

    Still killing me in all its messy fabulousness. Still doing the make-up and chin "WUT" dance moves. Still getting thrown out of office buildings for photocopying my face. Still hollering "OOH BAY-BAH" at random people in the street. Still trying to source some cocks to fly into view at the right moment during the breakdown. Still better than anything PRISTIN has done. Still sl*yin - deal with it.

    That Pristin shade doe. Kekeke.


  15. In about 24 hours, y'all will finally know our number one song for March.




    This has been the closest battle yet with only 13 points separating the two.

    One song got 22 votes.

    While the other got 20 votes.

    These two songs got 15 10s between them. Honestly, truly, this got me shook.

    Prepare for meltdowns.


    Good night, babes. x

    Let's get to page 9 please. Thank you~~~
  16. He


    Yas gugudan! Amazing track.

    I did not vote for Fingertip because I forgot to add it.
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  17. Apparenly I do gurl!!

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  18. A Girl Like Me has been consistently murdering my buss since like, 2 days after its release. Nayoung's post-chorus bit is just incredible. As much as I love Wee Woo, I'm SO glad Gugudan beat them out. They'll probably only climb even higher in next month's chart for me.
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  19. Speaking of Orange Caramel, A Girl Like Me is probably the goofiest song with the most bonkers production I've heard in a while. I think that's why I love it so much, it's nothing new but its refreshing in the current K-Pop climate. Hoping they stick to that sound with the next comeback.
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  20. I didn't vote for Rollin' because I don't like it. kii.
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