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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. Oh wow, I wasted my 30,000th post dragging Momoland.

  2. I prefer when you call them Hoboland.
  3. This flop fell asleep again.




    from the Wish & Wind mini album
    CJ E&M

    34 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 16
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Squashua, @junglefish
    5 - @He, @eccentricsimply
    4 - @Kuhleezi
    2 - @Island

    Heize unnie is also on our song chart with the b-side (it got a music video though? Hmm) Mianhae (Sorry).

    And yes, I get the Heize hype now. This is really good. I even don't hate the rap section kekeke. I love how happy and sad this sounds both at the same time. The production is pretty playful too. Can Heize produce for Lee Hi's next album? I need my baby girl to snatch this sound ddddd. Yes, I'm assuming Lee Hi will release another album. Yes, I'm delusional. Don't @ me.

    And don't even start about that STUNNING music video. Yath, Digipedi! It's super creepy which means it's amazing to me. The robot Heize is going to give me nightmares for years to come but I don't care because she's iconic and I need to be her friend.

    Island: Probably my fav from the EP.

    He: I love saying Mianhae

    eccentricsimply: The MV is creepy as fuck but it's another great example of how impressive Heize is, to be honest.

    Squashua: The lead single that never was. Literally it has everything going for it - a catchy refrain backed by an ever-changing meld of early 00's smooth rock guitar, piano jazz and robotic glitches with Heize utilising both her sultry singing voice and hardballin' rap delivery that made her a Korean digital queen with one of this year's best, but also frickin' creepiest, K-Pop MVs. Serve me that cybernetic Black Mirror popstars-as-robots-in-society's-museum-exhibit moral analogy with an actual Heize android, spark showers and Resident Evil creepy lab facilities. Literally divine in every way and shaping up to be one of my faves of her already great discography. The mini album is dull AF though Dddd.




    from the The Blue mini album
    DSP Entertainment

    35 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 15
    Months on Chart: 1

    7 - @Squashua
    6 - @ohnostalgia, @Remorque
    5 - @send photo
    4 - @junglefish, @karmarisma
    3 - @mokimbird

    When will April win over the hearts of KPJ? Poor innocent darlings.

    The Blue Bird is the latest single of April taken from the album The Blue. It's another e.one production which means it's ethereal, pure, and dramatic. Is it the best April song out there? Absolutely not. But it's another welcome addition to April's solid singles run. I love how they are quietly establishing their sound. It makes me very excited for the future releases of April.

    Also, remember when I told y'all I wanted to vote for 15 songs? This was one of those songs. Unfortunately, this was also one of the five songs that didn't make my ballot. Kii. I'm so sorry. Please don't drag me for being a fake April stan. I'd still let Naeun suffocate me with her perfection.

    Beep should've been the single. Poor it.

    send photo: I only support them to fund my faves tbh [this doesn't count as commentary keep your filthy points] (SOL: Oh honey sweetie, you just gave me an idea.)

    karmarisma: APRIL always deliver such clean and somewhat complex music. Their instrumentals are heavenly because of all the layering and they've found such a style for themselves. Unfortunately, it seems like it doesn't fit everyone's taste but I think they're one of the best groups when it comes to consistency with their music. Need I say, the vocals are fabulous too. (SOL: Preach it, unnie.)

    Squashua: I talked at one point last year of how explosive that one sound in the chorus of Apink's I Don't Know is (you know - the bit with the overhead handclap KABOOM?) and here we find the long-awaited sequel.
    Yes, with a fateful elbow 'whoosh' in the face, April return with a glittery, shiny, delicate quasi-disco bop which flutters along the lines of electro & classical but not in a clearly Clean Bandit apeing way (not that that's a bad thing). Whether or not the concept of success in Korea will forever allude them is beside the point - Japan come through and fund our fave flops! - but I just hope they made enough to pay rent on Unnie Jung Hwa's movie theatre. (SOL: Okay, now I feel bad that I don't stan The Blue Bird as hard as you, unnie.)

  4. 14


    NCT U
    from the NCT 2018 Empathy album
    SM Entertainment

    39 points

    Last Month's Position: 8
    Peak Position: 8
    Months on Chart: 2

    10 - @Remorque
    9 - @eccentricsimply
    7 - @ryjm, @junglefish
    4 - @digitalkaiser
    2 - @SophiaSophia

    I hope y'all are happy with that graphic kekeke.

    The TT (Ten & Taeyong) twinks of NCT U snatch another top 20 finish for the second straight month.

    And I must admit this has grown on me so much. Ten's improved vocals is a joy to witness (it's giving me Taemin turning into a proper vocalist teas). And Taeyong, even though his face still creeps me out, is also serving cute rap sections. He's also King of Whispers. Selena Gomez nugu???

    The choregraphy is still top-notch and I love the live performances too.

    SophiaSophia: Ten is NCT’s saviour. (SOL: NCT Dream do not need saving, thank you very much xoxo)

    ryjm: Phwoar, Baby Don’t Stop! No, really, baby don’t stop. The best thing to come from whatever the hell NCT 2018 was. Taeyong does things to me and I am more than willing to challenge his stamina. To quote Hayley Kiyoko - so thirsty, i'm drowning in it (SOL: Willing to challenge his stamina asdfghjkl OPPA STAHP.)

    eccentricsimply: I still haven't been able to stop listening to it, it's just that good.

    junglefish: This song makes me feel moist (SOL: What doesn't make you feel moist though? Kidding, unnie. xoxo)




    Cosmic Girls / WJSN
    from the Dream Your Dream mini album
    Starship Entertainment

    42 points

    Last Month's Position: 7
    Peak Position: 7
    Months on Chart: 2

    9 - @He, @digitalkaiser
    7 - @Kuhleezi
    6 - @ThighHighs
    3 - @GeiPanda, @Remorque
    2 - @mokimbird, @Cotton Park
    1 - @Serg.


    I think I love this as much as Secret now??? I know that sounds blasphemous because Secret is legendary and all that. But Dreams Come True has truly grown on me this past month. I always find myself singing "trust... trust in me... trust in you..." randomly out of nowhere. Cheng Xiao, Kween Main Vocalist, did that.

    And WIG at the live performances. I hope y'all have seen the girls' performance under heavy rain. Iconic. Kweens of Determination! T-ara whew?


    ThighHighs: This still snatches my entire puss every time. My spirit leaves my body during the middle-8 and the choreo for that part is so iconic.

    He: Phew, this song has grown on me tenfold. The girls really came back for their sound and image. The performances are just too gorgeous, so many formations and pretty lines. Also, queens: (SOL: The video is linked below, unnie. x)

  5. 12


    NCT Dream
    from the NCT 2018 Empathy album
    SM Entertainment

    42 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 12
    Months on Chart: 1

    8 - @karmarisma
    6 - @PopZeitgeist, @Lego
    5 - @Serg.
    4 - @mokimbird, @Ceir
    3 - @ryjm, @Sanctuary
    2 - @ThisIsRogue
    1 - @SophiaSophia

    Yes, I didn't vote for this. Yes, you may scalp me now.

    NCT Dream... my children... has come back with their most mature single yet, Go. This also marks Jaemin's return to the group which makes me so, so happy. Please be healthy always, my child!

    To say that I was shook to my core when I first heard this is an understatement. I was underwhelmed like most of y'all, sure, but I was also gagged over the unexpectedness of it all? Yath, alienate your stans a biT!

    Over time, I have learned to enjoy this... so much that it almost made my ballot keke. Jaemin and Jeno's rap sections are life-changing. And it's cute to see Mark finally go hard on an NCT Dream song. (I feel like he usually gives his best raps to the other units.)

    Is this my least favourite single of my NCT Dream babies? For sure. Do I still bop like the flop that I am? For sure. But I'm gonna need them to return to their chirpier image too. It's what made me a stan in the first place.

    ryjm: Possibly the only actually good song from the "Dream" unit. I'm very much here for this good twinks gone bad concept. (SOL: Oh wow. Oh wow. And I thought you were my new oppa. You're cancelled!!!1!11!)

    Ceir: WHY ARE THEY SO GROWN UP ALREADY?! CHEN-LE AND THOSE NATASHA POLY CHEEKBONES! JISUNG! JENO AND JAEMIN’S RAP I am FLOORED and 17 year old me would’ve been bopping. (SOL: DDDDD SAME THOUGHTS UNNIE. When did my baby Chenle develop a jawline? Where are his fluffy cheeks?)

    karmarisma: I feel like the rest of you will do a better job of explaining why this is flawless but God, I love NCT Dream and everything they do. I don't think anyone was expecting our teenyboppers to come out with this 'rebellious' anthem - yes running in the dark, and riding scooters is very rebellious. But I'm appreciating this glow-up a lot and my one and only little bro Jaemin makes his returns with that firey rap. Bless him, and bless NCT Dream (but I do hope that they go back to the cute bops too)




    from the Privacy single album
    SM Entertainment (no, really)

    47 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 11
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @ohnostalgia
    9 - @Cotton Park
    8 - @Squashua, @Kuhleezi
    7 - @send photo
    5 - @Ceir

    Nawt Yeseo snatching that SM Entertainment promo. Yes, Yeseo is back on our chart with her SM Station Season 2 single, Privacy. SELL-OUT KWEEN!

    The production is really pretty... even though it kinda drowned out Yeseo unnie's voice a little more than what I'd like. Y'all know I'm not the biggest K-indie advocate but I can see myself using this as background music while I'm quietly dying from all the work in the office. Kii.

    Ceir: My indie queen getting that Big 3 money. YES!

    Kuhleezi: Snatch those SM Station coins to be honest! I'm already imagining a Yeseo penned Red Velvet album track and I'm in unnie heaven. (SOL: You know what? This sound could actually work for a low-key Velvet single from Red Velvet. I'm ready.)

    Squashua: Even before the power of hindsight, I wasn't sure why people were so apprehensive about YESEO collab-ing with SM when y'all know SM has some of the best production in the business currently and YESEO pretty much cranks out A+ indie-fare all by herself. I hope everyone's doubts flew away rapidly once this dropped because it's a gorgeous, shimmering slice of low-key funk that is pretty much the perfect soundtrack for Spring. Can we have another EP soon Queen of Indiedom & Filling Holes?

    Cotton Park: I listen to so much YESEO that I don't even notice when she's singing in English or Korean or Bulgarian or Urdu. This song has such a clean, crisp Clazziquai Project vibe, but Horan never sang with such a sleek, languid voice, as much as I love her. More, please.

  6. The hilarious part about Yeseo is that she still wrote and produced the whole track herself.

    I don't even know why the collab with SM Station happened!
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  7. dddd not me sleeping on 'Privacy'
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  8. Haven't you learned to look at my posts?!
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  9. [​IMG]

    It's been a while, unnies. Let's start the proceedings with three of y'all losing your 10. Kekeke.



    Victoria Song
    from the Roof On Fire single album
    Song Qian Studio

    47 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 10
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Cotton Park, @Ceir, @Kuhleezi
    9 - @Serg.
    6 - @Vixen
    2 - @Alouder98

    After a year (???) of teasing, Victoria Song of f(x) [citation needed] finally debuted as a solo artist with Roof On Fire. And it went straight to the top 10 of KPJC. Congrats, unnie/jie jie!

    For Victoria's level of vocal talent, this is extremely great. I mean, we all know Vic unnie is basically the Goo Hara of f(x) in terms of singing so hearing her not sound shit is actually amazing to me. I also feel like she's so much more confident singing in Chinese than in Korean so maybe that's why she sounds better here. I do think some of y'all are doing a bit too much when talking about this ddddd. I mean, it's cute but it's no Free Somebody. At least it's a million times better than Shake That Brass. Ha!

    The music video is a whole another beast though. I love it. Kween Vicky is serving couture! Her chemistry with her weird-looking co-star is also cute.

    Alouder98: This is for @Kuhleezi as well. (SOL: You two. Get a room please. x)

    Kuhleezi: I would describe this song as "mystical". It's a perfect blend of shameless contemporary trends and an aura of times past, and this is flawlessly complimented by the video.

    Ceir: Amber is shook that someone from f(x) is gonna have a lucrative music career, while she’s a barista with guest features. Rise, my nasal, talk-singing queen! That trap-esque sound, the Chinese instruments, the way the instrumental chorus doesn’t hinder the build-up of the song….glorious. (SOL: Meanwhile, Amber has a mixtape coming! Support Uber talent!)

    Cotton Park: I had no expectations for Victoria's solo track, or even if it would ever make it out of the PRC's firewalls alive, and it did, and I love it. I had this thing on repeat for weeks and it reminded me how, while I love RV, DC, and EXID, I'm still MeU to the core and that the real mess of 2017, in my feaux-humble opinion, is that SM couldn't get it together to give us an f(x) album. But I know the next one, and there WILL be a next one, will be kryptonian. (SOL: A new f(x) album? I'm not holding my breath but I have not given up believing too, oppa!)

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
  10. He


    I think the Victoria track is just alright.
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  11. Pretty sure that's how a lot of people think when you talk about Wex-Mex though...
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  12. Unnie, doing the most is literally my PJ modus operandi.
  13. I must admit that I didn't expect this next song to receive so much support.



    from the Yellow mini album

    47 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 9
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Alouder98
    7 - @Aries, @karmarisma
    6 - @eliminathan, @ThisIsRogue
    4 - @Cotton Park, @BEST FICTION
    3 - @ohnostalgia
    1 - @Vixen

    Minstrelmoo are back in the top 10! After slightly flopping with their previous single Yes I Am (it only peaked at number 13), these problematic unnies barge right back into KPJC relevance with Starry Night.

    I must say this is a grower. Unlike most of y'all, I don't actually hate Mamamoo. But God did I hate Starry Night on first listen dddd. I hated how pretentious it sounded ddddd.

    But I have grown to not hate this. Do I use? Yeah, sure. If it comes on shuffle, I won't hit next. I like that the girls didn't channel their meme-y side because that gig's gotten stale. I'm sorry. There's a maturity to Starry Night that actually works for the girls.

    The vocals are sensational as per usual. Wheein's vocals are criminally underrated but they work so well here. Hwasa and Solar also sound amazing. It's Moonbyul that sadly got slightly shafted here. I would've liked a longer rap from her.

    The music video is cute too. The girls are seriously serving lqqks. Hwasa was feeling it. My fave is Solar doing her absolute most in the beach. Let me steal some of your poses the next time I go to the beach, unnie. Kekeke.

    Alouder98: I KNOW (SOL: Ddddd why did this make me scream?)

    BEST FICTION: This is a bop, don't @ me.

    eliminathan: I know, I hate that I'm stanning but I can't deny they're all great singers and this is easily their best piece of work. Solar's part right before the chorus gets me every time. (SOL: Decalcomanie remains unbothered by this. xoxo)

    karmarisma: This is such a based bop and the girls all look absolutely flawless with this new styling. It sounds a bit like a Western pop song I've heard but it works so well.

  14. Not me submitting a ballot this month only to support Miss Young and giving some pity points to other acts to not seem suspicious and...... then all of them charting except Remember Me

  15. 8

    @eliminathan's revenge.


    from the One Shot, Two Shot mini album
    SM Entertainment

    55 points

    Last Month's Position: 1
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 2

    10 - @ThisIsRogue
    8 - @Alouder98, @Deja-Boo
    7 - @digitalkaiser
    6 - @Cotton Park
    4 - @vague, @evilsin, @SophiaSophia
    2 - @PopZeitgeist
    1 - @send photo, @Aries

    Unnie couldn't hold on to that number 1 in the song chart though.

    Our last edition's number 1 song, the still fantastic, still iconic One Shot, Two Shot, spends its second month in the top 10. Still a formidable achievement.

    I'm sad that BoA unnie only performed this for, like, a week. I would've loved her to promo this more because every performance has been perfect. Come back soon, babe!

    Cotton Park: I still can't get enough. This is my "send this to someone who doesn't know KPop" song of the month. Well, last month. "Lady" is the new one.

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  16. And now it's time I lose my 10.



    NCT 127
    from the NCT 2018 Empathy album
    SM Entertainment

    59 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 7
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Slice of Life, @eccentricsimply
    9 - @karmarisma
    8 - @Lego
    7 - @SophiaSophia
    6 - @Aries
    5 - @mokimbird
    2 - @Serg., @ryjm


    Yes, I did not vote for NCT Dream. Yes, I gave my 10 to NCT 127. Don't @ me.

    NCT 127 finally escaped the Bubbling Under Chart and even entered the top 10 with their gorgeous new single, Touch. TALENT.

    This is such a Popjustice moment for the Vocal Line of NCT 127. They were always under-utilized before and it is so good to here them front and center on Touch. Mark is my child and Taeyong is cute too but they need to GTFO once in a while. Taeil and Doyoung sound so amazing (especially Moonie Taeilie) but lead vocalists Jaehyun and Haechan also sound pretty stellar.

    And the music video is perfect. It's an SM music video-in-a-box but it really works here. YATH APPROPRIATE SHINee'S FORMER PASTEL COLOUR OBSESSION A BITSY! Can I just say that it is so weird seeing Taeyong genuinely smile for once? Dddddd the boy is always smirking and shooting sexy stares. It's so nice to see him let loose and be young. It makes his robotic appearance fade for a while.

    Also, I have seen a lot of people say that this should've been an NCT Dream single. And I say, no, NCT 127 deserved this. As much as I stan my NCT Dream babies, they just don't have the vocals for this.

    Touch is now my most favourite NCT 127 single and I must say that it genuinely made me see them in a new, postive light. Still, Yuta's jaw scares me. xoxo

    karmarisma: Okay I'm such trash for NCT 127 and this happy anthem just makes me so soft and uwu because that MV is freaking adorable. It never fails to make me smile. The song is heavenly, because Mr Moon Taeil's vocal skills do not lie. It's just a very well made song that shows off NCT's vocal talents. (SOL: YATHHHHHH MY FELLOW TAEIL STAN!!! SM did him dirty with that hairstyle though. I'm fuming.))

    SophiaSophia: I like that 127 decided to switch concepts with the dreamies cause for once they had clothes that actually looked good. (SOL: Dddddd hjalp. Tea though. x)

    eccentricsimply: Not even for a second during my non-ironic Cherry Bomb stanning I expected 127 to ever come up with a song as great as this one, but alas.

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  17. Starry Night is actually quite nice.
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  18. @Slice of Life in “giving his 10 to the NCT track with concept closest to Kindergarten-class-on-a-field-trip” shocker.
  19. [​IMG]

    I know Olivia Hye has this month in the bag and I'm fine with that because her song is tied for the best LOONA song whereas GOT7 and MONSTA X oppas still have better songs than these bops. Now I'm just curious to see if Bibidi Bobidi Boo made it over Look and Jealousy.
  20. Touch was the worst of the NCT tracks, to me.

    Baby Don't Stop > Go > Boss > Touch.
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