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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. Wow.


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  2. And the last to fall before we hit top 5 is...



    from the Wish & Wind mini album
    CJ E&M

    60 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 6
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @junglefish
    9 - @Island, @ohnostalgia
    8 - @eccentricsimply
    6 - @Sanctuary
    5 - @Kuhleezi
    4 - @send photo
    3 - @Serg., @Squashua
    2 - @Aries
    1 - @Slice of Life

    Heize notches her first KPJC top 10 with new single, Jenga.

    Jenga sees Heize goes jazzy and, ugh, it works? It's very chill and not very bombastic but it never goes boring. Heize also abandons her rapping gig here which honestly quite surprised me.

    The music video is A Fave though. I love, love, love retro styling and Heize unnie pulls off all the lqqks. Kween of both music and fashion? Talent.

    Admittedly, I like Mianhae more now but I still use and abuse Jenga.

    Squashua: I was really looking forward to this based on the MV teaser and, whilst it's still great, it's not quite as strong as Star and Don't Know You/ You, Clouds, Rain were previously. Mianhae also kinda overthrew it by not needing a feature and including a Heize rap so that's why it's down in the 3 point spot. Still, it's super jazzy & woozy and Gaeko sounds great on it, even if it does feel a smidgen like a 2.0 version of Park Boram's Why, You?

    eccentricsimply: Anything Heize touches turns to gold, to be honest. Although it doesn't catch me the way Don't Know You did, Jenga is still pretty solid.

    Island: I love the chill piano vibes of this. I kinda wish IU did something more like this. (SOL: You should check out IU's duet with Oh Hyuk called Can't Love You Anymore.)
  3. Let's start our top 5 with...

    An album track?



    (feat. Heejin)
    Olivia Hye x Go Won
    from the Oliva Hye single album

    65 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 5
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Vixen
    9 - @vague, @PopZeitgeist, @mokimbird, @ryjm
    8 - @Aries
    7 - @ohnostalgia
    4 - @He

    And Rosy is now officially the highest ranked LOOΠΔ album track yet. Final Unnie did that!

    Rosy is the b-side to Egoist and sung by Olivia Hye and Go Won... with a killer rap by Heejin. In fact, I think Heejin stole the spotlight here. Kween!

    Olivia Hye and Go Won aren't exactly the best LOOΠΔ vocalists and it shows here. There are no vocal acrobatics a la See Saw. But Olivia Hye and Go Won sound convincing enough and more than hold their own. The production is also very good.

    Is it the best LOOΠΔ album track? No, by a long shot. Am I pressed that it's now the highest charting LOOΠΔ album track? Yes, for sure. But Rosy is not a bad song and doesn't deserve to be dragged so Imma let it be cute. xoxo

    He: I wasn’t so sure about this, I love the beat but the droning vocals bother me a bit (Ms. Go Won especially) but it’s an undeniable great track. So much quality from LOONA, ugh. (SOL: Ddddd your Go Won draggery keeps me young.)

    ryjm: The first meets the last, the hunter meets the prey...a butterfly also happens to be fluttering around. One of the best B-sides so far. Olivia and Go Won & Only have a great back and forth (the pineapple princess has a lovely distinct tone). It's also great too hear HeeJin squeeze in a rap.

  4. 4


    from the Eyes on You mini album
    JYP Entertainment

    69 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 4
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Serg., @send photo, @eliminathan, @BEST FICTION
    7 - @Sanctuary, @Slice of Life
    4 - @ThisIsRogue
    3 - @junglefish, @karmarisma
    2 - @Lego, @Ceir
    1 - @ryjm


    Look is the single off GOT7's new mini album, Eyes on You. And it is a gigantic bawp for the ages.

    Look is probably the poppiest GOT7 single in recent memory. Co-composed by Daddy JB, Look is just effortlessly fun. It just gets me in a mood to dance and be silly. That chorus is just insanely catchy. JB really is turning out to be a formidable songwriter. After the criminally underrated You Are, it's nice to see him explore a different sound for this era of GOT7.

    Jinyoung getting major vocal lines? Yath. Yugyeom and Jinyoung (my two main faves) getting a dance solo (or duet? dddd)? Yath. Jackson doing the most again and rapping with that fake big voice of his? Okay, Imma let it pass.

    This single really made me reevaluate GOT7. I'm ready to stan again. But can we please give Yugyeom a good hairstyle next time around?

    ryjm: Certainly not their best, but also not their worst. I have a soft spot for these guys, nothing groundbreaking but every playlist needs some high quality filler.

    junglefish: Yes Jinyoung get it (sorry I'm only commenting to get points xx) (SOL: You're a whore.)

    karmarisma: I find most of GOT7's music to be absolute seureki but this album and this song are a step in the right direction. I'm living for this.

    Serg.: This is such a bop, shame the anti-men cliqueu here will not allow it to chart high (SOL: The anti-men clique can choke. xoxo)

    BEST FICTION: This song is really good and y'all should stan!

    eliminathan: Another fantastic comeback, they've really been making great music recently and also Jinyoung. (SOL: Off-topic, but I'm so, so happy that you practically singlehandedly made GOT7 relevant here on KPJ. That impact doe.)

    (Jackson can't do the hand wave choreography properly and it's giving me life dddd.)
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  5. Fuck y’all. Should’ve been TWO at least.
  6. So what is the top 3? Olivia, Monsta X and who? CLC?
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  7. 3


    Monsta X
    from the The Connect: Deja Vu mini album
    Starship Entertainment

    74 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Lego, @Sanctuary
    9 - @eliminathan
    8 - @Serg., @send photo, @BEST FICTION
    6 - @Ceir
    5 - @Vixen, @ThisIsRogue
    3 - @Cotton Park
    2 - @Slice of Life

    And Monsta X's new single, Jealousy, reigns supreme as the highest charting boy group song this edition of KPJC! Congrats, oppas!

    Jealousy continues Monsta X's winning singles run that started with last year's Beautiful. At first, I wasn't really awed by this. And the topsy-turvy music video didn't help to make me love the song either. But further listens really made me love this now and I'll probably give this more than 2 points if we were voting today.

    Despite the ""swagging"" nature of the song, it doesn't sound cringe-worthy. It helps that the guys are drowning in charisma. Some people may find the rap sections cringey but I really enjoy them. They give the song more grit.

    Overall, Jealousy is another remarkable Monsta X single and I'm hoping that they get more recognition soon. Talent should not remain unrecognized.

    Ceir: Jooheon does the ABSOLUTE MOST with his rap bits and I’m here for it. Also, that Shownu line that Wonho song had me cracking up. Another “I’m not Suzy” moment.

    BEST FICTION: Not my favourite comeback from them, but it's good

    eliminathan: While I still think Destroyer is better, this could be their fourth/fifth best song which is honestly pretty good. A much better song than Dramarama so I hope they get a win. (SOL: To be fair, Destroyer is better than most boy group singles this year. Oop.)

  8. 2


    from the Black Dress mini album
    Cube Entertainment

    106 points

    Last Month's Position: 2
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 2

    10 - @SophiaSophia, @digitalkaiser
    9 - @GeiPanda
    8 - @Cotton Park, @ryjm, @eliminathan
    7 - @vague, @ThighHighs, @Vixen
    6 - @Serg., @Kuhleezi
    5 - @PopZeitgeist
    4 - @Squashua
    3 - @He, @Deja-Boo
    2 - @Remorque
    1 - @mokimbird, @BEST FICTION, @ThisIsRogue

    Suprise! CLC's Black Dress maintains its second place finish for the second month in a row. And it earned 100+ points again too. Flop Kweens did that.

    This surprisingly doesn't sound stale yet. I thought I'd get tired of it after a month but my love for it only grew more.

    And can we talk about the girls looking mighty fine IN EVERY SINGLE PERFORMANCE? LordT, they have been killing it lately. When will they kill the charts too? Kii.

    BEST FICTION: A timeless bop.

    He: Sorn and that pre-chorus. Enough said. (SOL: Yath. Sorn is still everything.)

    Squashua: STILL. HITTING. ME. HARD



    ThighHighs: Ok this knocks let me backtrack on last month a bitsy.

    Cotton Park: This is still making me crazy. It's gone from giving me an EXID vibe to an Afterschool vibe. Keep doing this, CLC. Please. (Hitting repeat now.)

    ryjm: Clearly South Korea still isn't here for CLC, so imma try and get them a win somewhere. Just a reminder that Black Dress still knocks, the final tempo shift at the end is life affirming. (SOL: I hated the tempo shift last month. Now I stan it so much.)

    eliminathan: Y'all did them dirtier than Korea did. (SOL: I hope you're happy now. xoxo)

  9. 1



    (feat. JinSoul)
    Olivia Hye
    from the Olivia Hye single album

    182 points

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @vague, @PopZeitgeist, @Island, @mokimbird, @Aries, @He, @ryjm, @Squashua, @GeiPanda
    9 - @send photo, @ThighHighs, @Vixen, @Kuhleezi, @ThisIsRogue, @Remorque
    8 - @ohnostalgia
    6 - @junglefish, @Slice of Life, @BEST FICTION
    5 - @Sanctuary
    4 - @eliminathan
    2 - @eccentricsimply
    1 - @Cotton Park

    And a solo LOOΠΔ girl finally notch the top spot. And the last girl at that! Talent.

    Egoist is the solo single of the final member of LOOΠΔ, Olivia Hye (unless BBC pulls a Yeonjung and adds a 13th member kii). It also features the true jack of all trades of LOOΠΔ, the beautiful JinSoul.

    Maybe it was the extremely high expectations but I seriously wasn't wowed by this at first. At all. I really thought y'all we're just exaggerating Egoist's supposed amazingness.

    But I have seen the light. Oh yes I did. Egoist is quietly stunning. It's a powerful ending to a chapter that really enamoured us for a year now. There's an apocalyptic feel to the song that really heightens the drama. The chorus is batshit crazy and I stan so much. I get goosebumps when listening to this sometimes. LOOΠΔ has really fucked me up. I can't.

    I had a problem with Olivia Hye's vocals at first. I felt like the good unnie didn't have the range to pull of this song. And yeah, on the hands of a more powerful vocalist (think Chuu or Yves), this would've sounded even grander. But Olivia Hye pulled this off and more. She sounds un-Go Won-like which is soothing. The production can be a little too OTT at times but it doesn't bother me that much now after several listens.

    And is it just me or she really looks like an iljin version of Kween Penguin Sohye??? Olivia Hye... Sohye... are we sure they aren't twins? I'm shqqk.

    I'll let y'all discuss, disect and decode the music video because this unnie doesn't have time for that. xoxo

    Cotton Park: Olivia's great, not a disappointment, but when I watch the video I can't help but think: We haven't even begun to see what JinSoul has in store for us. What a powerful presence she brings to everything she does. She just has 'it'. I like the song, but I almost think there's too much in it, as if BBC is trying a little too hard to make an enormous mind-blowing wig-snatching splash with their (presumably) last member. (Did they say they were only going to be twelve. The theorists know more than me.) Anyway, the echoed whistling, neato voice samples, synth arpegios, skrillex pops and jerky brostep stab gives it a real kitchen sink feel, but it's compelling, like LOONA in general. But really, JinSoul's charisma gets this in as my #10, otherwise, I think it would be "Nega Dola" or one of the new GOT7 tracks. So much good stuff this month. (SOL: This is your most on-point review. I love it.)

    eccentricsimply: It's not as good as Heart Attack or New, but it's not as drastic as One & Only so I'm satisfied.

    eliminathan: This honestly would be my 2nd/3rd song but she already had the guaranteed win so I was just trying to get some points for my boy group flops. This is such a fantastic LoonA song, I can't decide if it's my favourite or not but it's either the second best or tied with Yves for the best LoonA song. Such a powerful bop. LOVE MYSELF TODAY

    junglefish: Is it as good as Yves and Chu's songs? maybenot.gif but it ties everything together in a great package and compared to the mess that was One And Only, it's already a lot.

    BEST FICTION: This is a grower.

    ThighHighs: Ok this is pretty great. I'm probably one of the few who doesn't live for that instrumental breakdown that leads into JinSoul's verse. It's too long! But the chorus is amazing and the video gives me all the production value I need!

    Kuhleezi: You gotta appreciate JinSoul's commitment to recording her verse from inside her fish's own bowl. I love how "dark but still LOONA" this sounds. I fear that chorus has made me break my neck at least four times already.

    Island: We love the birth of a legend.

    Aries: The final piece of the puzzle proves to be a towering triumph and a paean to self love.

    He: BBC bookends the LOONAVERSE with an amazing song and video. Egoist has a mellow sexy vibe, and a brooding dark video to match. Olivia has a nice lower tone, and carries the song quite well, thank you Shaman Unnie! Girl really embodies the scorned she-wolf, savager of Vivi, and lover of all things pyromania. Also, who didn’t gay-gasp when Heejin showed up? The song overall is a triumph, and THAT CHORUS! Queen JinSoul brings a moody rap, it’s almost as if she is singing from her fish tank. The good sis also adds complications to the messy loonaverse storyline: why is she eating cherries? Are cherries actually her thing since she gave them to Choerry? Why cherries from a pear can? Who took whose earphones first? Is JinSoul also recruiting Olivia for OEC? (SOL: sana_maths.gif)

    ryjm: Yas Olivia Slae! LOOΠΔ really wanted to finish on an absolute banger. The vicious wolf came to destroy (without hesitation) all your biases and delivered possibly the most visceral and dark LOONA bop to date. The production goes hard with the demented OEC-esque breakdown, FinSoul's slick rap, and enough hairography to secure Olivia a L'Oréal sponsorship. An incredible way to complete a group ready to dominate the world. The self-love anthem the world needs right now.

    Squashua: Every month Blockberry leaves us gagging for content only to serve up weeks upon weeks of average photoshoot images in random studio box sets and deserted flats around Korea the girls are probably squatting in currently and every month we fall into this downward dejected spiral of "Oh she doesn't even change her expression - she's definitely no vocal" or "Oh she's wearing white? Must be a dull ballad or she's probably a Mormon or something" or "Olivia is a character from a Shakespeare play so must be an English speaker and her animal is probably a badger because they have them in the English countryside" e.t.c.

    And every. single. month, we get knocked for a loop by another quality video dripping in luxe visuals, easter eggs, convoluted theories, performance, talent and just straight up boppery. Egoist is that rare K-Pop beast of actually getting even better with more plays because it still finds ways to surprise you, offers you little production touches you didn't even notice the first 20 plays and, and kind of a first for a LOONA track, is UNRELENTING in its vice grip on your senses. Olivia ain't no Chuu vocally but that deep hush-hush opening verse is divine and the ramp up into EDM industrial hijinks for the first post-chorus swerving directly into JinSoul's circle of RapGawdesk hell as foretold by Dante is aMOMENT™ even in a pre-debut discography that is jam-packed with them. I'm not even going to spend much time discussing the video because y'all have seen us going over every little detail every day since it was released and i'm still watching it right now. I may have watched every reaction too and that 30 minute theory video that went off the deep end for the last quarter. Lemme just surmise all of this with a simple statement:


  10. And on that note, we truly did love ourselves today.
    I swear if you don't give me all my points...

  12. This should have been first and second respectively. You hateful beasts.
    This should have been first a whole month ago!
    but I mean YAAS at them being here for two months.
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  13. But, are y'all gonna ignore Pentagon, UNB, and The Boyz next month?
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  14. Dragging aside, this is an iconic top 4 even if it only happened because no big artists released music in March. South Korea is literally quaking at flop CLC being second for two whole months and even more flop LOONA being first.

    A mess at me overestimating Honey Popcorn's IMPACT when they didn't even end up appearing.

    I had to spread the good word about zaddy.
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  15. @Alouder98 you’ll always have Remember Me squeezing onto my charts.
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  16. The true talent-supporting charts.
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  17. ok but when will the points be announced

    i played to attempt to win this month
  18. [​IMG]
  19. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the...


    After 6 long months of blood, sweat, and tears, we have come to the end of the MUP journey.

    Who will be the lucky 9 trainees who will get the chance to debut under Park Bom Entertainment for Wayward Idol Wannabes?

    Who will go back to flopdom and not debut... maybe ever?

    Let's find out.

    The missions this edition were:

    1. Voting in the KPJC.
    2. Including commentary with your votes.
    3. Being active in the thread (comments, likes, general messery, etc).
    4. Top Answer Game
    5. Writing a K-Pop Profile
    6. Making a traditional haiku detailing your Mix Produce Uni+ experience


    MISSION #1:


    200 - VOTED
    0 - DID NOT VOTE

    @Cotton Park
    @send photo


    MISSION #2:


    Out of 31 voters, only 19 sent in commentary.


    Congratulations to the following people for getting 100 points:

    @Cotton Park
    @send photo


    MISSION #3:


    No. of posts in the thread* x 20

    *posts from the March 25 to April 16 (KST)

    Yes, unnies. I tried being strict on this mission because it's the finale. We need some drama. Don't worry if you didn't post in the thread at all though. You will still get 10 points. #GenerousKween

    @eliminathan - 17 - 340
    @send photo - 12 - 240
    @BEST FICTION - 11 - 220
    @Island - 11 - 220
    @Vixen - 11 - 220
    @Sanctuary - 8 - 160
    @Ceir - 6 - 120
    @Cotton Park - 6 - 120
    @He - 6 - 120
    @Alouder98 - 5 - 100
    @junglefish - 5 - 100
    @Kuhleezi - 5 - 100
    @ohnostalgia - 5 - 100
    @Squashua - 5 - 100
    @ThighHighs - 4 - 80
    @ThisIsRogue - 3 - 60
    @Aries - 2 - 40
    @evilsin - 2 - 40
    @Lego - 2 - 40
    @Serg. - 2 - 40
    @eccentricsimply - 1 - 20
    @Deja-Boo - 0 - 10
    @digitalkaiser - 0 - 10
    @GeiPanda - 0 - 10
    @karmarisma - 0 - 10
    @mokimbird - 0 - 10
    @PopZeitgeist - 0 - 10
    @Remorque - 0 - 10
    @ryjm - 0 - 10
    @SophiaSophia - 0 - 10
    @vague - 0 - 10
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