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K-Popjustice Charts - May 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, May 20, 2017.

  1. Why would you share my secrets I told you in confidence?!
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  3. I did no such thing. You exposed yourself!

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  4. Girls performing better than boys in a K-Popjustice rate?


    But I must say our ladies-only top 4 is all kinds of amazing. Let's meet the fourth best of May 2017 according to you!



    Yezi (of Fiestar)
    from the Anck Su Namum single album
    LOEN Tree

    85 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 4
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Gintoki, @R92
    9 - @D is for Danger!, @Vesperly, @Mikl C
    8 - @send photo, @LightningRider, @ohnostalgia
    7 - @Squashua
    4 - @ryan_riot92
    1 - @eccentricsimply, @mokimbird, @Deja-Boo

    Me the entire song:


    Yezi honestly, truly did thaT.

    Anck Su Namum (it took me ages before I got the spelling right dddd) is Yezi's newest single and it's all kinds of amazing, really.

    I honestly think Yezi have outgrown Fiestar's sound. Listening to this, I think now I know why I can't get into Fiestar's newer stuff (hello there, Apple Pie). It's because I know the girls can do a lot better. And Yezi shows just that in Anck Su Namum. This is so frantic in the best way. Yath, fire up my nerves a bit! Make me feel anxious with this ridiculously fast beat! Cover me in panic! Consume me with your darkness!

    Anck Su Namum may not be the most melodious song but it more than makes up for it with its sheer energy. Every time I listen to this, I wanna do some intricate Aya Sato vogue dance routine. I wanna jump incessantly and do silly runway walks at the same time. It hypes me up.

    YATH FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE mokimbird!

    I can't think of a tenth song right now and Yezi would probably murder me in my sleep if I didn't give her at least one point, so.

    I wanna drag you, eccentricsimply sis, for only giving this 1 point... then I realized I didn't give it any point dddddd.

    I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did, so here have a point.

    Yezisus sounds like a good album title, LightningRider unnie. Make it happen, @LOEN Entertainment!

    Take me to Egypt Yezisus.

    I don't know why you dragged Mega Ultra Chicken in your write-up, ryan_riot92 unnie, but Imma let you be great.

    There may not be too much to this track but it’s got spitfire raps, a bangin’ instrumental, and a chant that you feel drawn to. Like seriously, how are you not chanting “Anck Su Namum” while listening to this song. Sounds like your summoning an evil Egyptian god card, Mega Ultra Chicken but hey, keep chanting … I’m sure he’ll spare you in the end.

    Squashua unnie is back again with ha great music video ideas!

    A lot of concepts get called out for being kinda recyclable in K-Pop (not always unwarranted) so when something so completely left of field enters the fray it's hard to not sit up and take notice. Or in this case have your scalp torn from your incense-dabbled crown by mummified priestess rap-queen fingers and stuffed in the Sl*yophagus for instant burial. Ok it's not perfect, I wanted a little more flesh in the chorus and a relentless final drop, but my Anubis does this go HARD and my Amun-Ra does this go IN. My only wish, asides from success for Yezi's clear rap & visual talents, is that her company can reshoot this with some budget as a completely shot-for-shot recreation of this:

    Truedy? Resurrection??? its_not_realistic.gif, D is for Danger! oppar!

    That beat! Those spitfire raps! It's an unusual song and sounds really fresh in 2017. She's angry and commands you to obey her like the true queen she is. I could honestly have her walk all over me, insult me to my face and I'd enjoy every single second of it. She could obliviate my ass any day. Don't kink shame me, okay!

    Also, Yezi deserves praise for being a benevolent queen. She singlehandedly resurrected Truedy (and her dead career) and Hwayoung for cameos in her MV.


  5. 3


    Kim Lip (of LOOΠΔ)
    from the Kim Lip single album

    118 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 3
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Squashua, @SophiaSophia, @D is for Danger!, @Deja-Boo, @Mikl C
    9 - @mokimbird
    8 - @Ceir
    7 - @Monkey0
    6 - @ThighHighs, @junglefish, @Gintoki
    5 - @eccentricsimply, @Sanctuary, @PopZeitgeist
    3 - @He, @Slice of Life
    2 - @Alouder98, @Vesperly
    1 - @ryan_riot92

    Poor, poor ViVi. I honestly thought she could keep the LOOΠΔ HBIC crown for a couple more months.

    I thought wrong.

    Kim Lip is the Kween LOOΠΔ as of today. And Eclipse is also the highest ranking solo song in the history of KPJC. IU who? Taeyeon who? Uhm Jung Hwa nugu? Kim Lip just outranked y'all!

    I have to say this is the biggest grower of the month. I already told y'all I was not here for these complicated pre-debut shenanigans that LOOΠΔ is desperately shoving down our throats and that ViVi's single is probably the only LOOΠΔ single I'm gonna actively listen to. And when I first heard this, I was like, "meh." I seriously didn't understand why y'all were gagging over this.

    But then, of course, it has grown on me. And now I'm kinda... umm... checking out for future LOOΠΔ releases??? Delete it, fat!

    Kim Lip did that.

    This is something I would NOT expect from LOOΠΔ... like, at all. ViVi's single aside, every single one of their releases have bored me to tears. But Eclipse... oh wow. This is a true breakthrough moment for this group. I was getting worried that LOOΠΔ would be just another A Pink rehash and Lord knows nobody wants that (except maybe A Pink stans like @ryan_riot92 and @Alouder98). THANK YOU KIM LIP FOR SAVING LOOΠΔ!!!

    Why are your commentaries so shady though? Dddddddd let's start with He unnie who passively called LOOΠΔ's releases bar Eclipse as filler dddddddddddddddddddddddd.

    Impressed by this non-filler LOONA release. This girl has star quality! The song and video are super lush, too.

    What's with the stannage, ryan_riot92 unnie? Are you sure you only wanna give this 1 point?? Kekeke.

    How old is she? Should she be this sexy? She is seriously a bombshell and the introduction of her and Vivi really boosts my hype for LOONA to debut. The other releases have been so boring or predictable, but THIS? Completely out of left field and honestly nothing I would have expected from a girl in this group. Bravo gurl!

    She's 18, babe.

    I vote for Kim Lip as a soloist too, Ceir unnie. But lemme see her subunit first.

    Can she just go solo? The imagery of was giving me Red Light flashbacks and I was in heaven. It’s another ear worm.

    ThighHighs still isn't part of the #StanLOOΠΔ movement but I trust that he'll get there.

    I wasn't as bowled over by this as the rest of y'all, but this was cute and fun!

    Why do you have a bias against them, eccentricsimply unnie? Kekekeke.

    If they keep releasing more songs like this I might lose my bias against them.

    SophiaSophia hates the pre-debut thing but should you care about that if the music's this good?

    This the is first time I paid attention to Loona I'm not a fan of long drawn out pre debut thing so it put me off. But I might look into the other members songs now cause this is so good.

    KIM AND THE LIPS!!! ddddddddddd Poor other LOOΠΔ members. Do not do them like this, mokimbird unnie.

    A game-changer for LOONA and a sleeper hit that grows on me more with each listen. This project keeps throwing new curveballs whenever it's about to get old, and I'm excited for the incoming debut of Kim and the Lips.

    Stan LOOΠΔ? Which LOOΠΔ, D is for Danger! oppa? Kekekeke.

    This is mature, sexy, sophisticated and oh so smooth. Kim Lip is absolutely stunning in this MV and absolutely delivers vocals, dance and visuals. I hope that with this release more forum members (and people) will jump aboard the Loona bandwagon. Stan Loona!

    Okay, enough shade for now. Here's Squashua unnie STANNING for ha 10-point receiver! Take it away, cyst!

    KNOCK. ME. SIDEWAYS. What in the world is happening the fabric of space and time - an actual contemporary banger from LOO-table-triangle? Ok I'm being harsh as I quite enjoyed Sonatine by the 1/3 last time around but this is such a jarring leap in quality and sheer force of aesthetics that my senses haven't been the same since. The video, another triumph by Digipedi, is absolutely stunning in all its scarlet pop diva glory (y*ss shoulder roll choreo, y*sss not being another cute song on a tennis court, y*ss blindfolded guys sniffing yo' body, y*ss neon ring braces headgear, y*ss sexy Fraulein blouses, Y*SS conducting your own flawless smoke machine laden dance break in an abandoned housing complex and giving no fxxks that it was probably a crime scene) and we haven't even touched on the silky, simmering mastery of this electro r'n'b jam that has been unleashed upon us. Spoken word intro at the ready, near-whistle register adlibs coming out of the slowed down break, super catchy double chorus repeated an infectious amount of times, even if there's barely any English content outside of "Ee-Cah-Lips"... I honestly can't rave about this enough and I really do hope it doesn't end up being a one-time gig. Kim Lip consider yourself my new bias.

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  6. So, I guess the secret's out of the box.

    It's Sistar...


    Against Twice...


    This has been the closest battle for number 1 yet.

    One song got 145 points. The other got 140.

    One song was voted for by 20 people. The other was voted for by 19.

    Legend against Legend.

    The winner will be revealed later... like 6 hours from now. Kekeke.
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  7. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. They are not even near my favorite groups,I only defend them cause I think they are not that horrible. Also you know I only stan one specific group, right?
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  8. Boo - I would have loved an Eclipse triumph. Holding out for that Sistar win now because Signal is still verging on a mess.
  9. I'm just playing, love. Kekeke.

    And I know who you stan, of course.

  10. I live for SISTAR still continuing to outperform yall's expectations. Underrated queens til the bitter end. <3
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  11. He


    Sistar should win only to save our asses from embarrassment. Signal is Twice on autopilot, while Lonely is a lush ballad with an amazing video.

    I still bop to Signal.

    I voted for neither.
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  12. People say nice things about Lovelyz?
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I love Sistar but Signal has continued to grow on me, so I'm rooting for that.
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  15. Okay, I'm gonna end the mystery (Miss Terry?) right now.

    Will Twice finally snag that number one after failing with TT and Knock Knock?

    Or will Sistar have the fairy tale ending we all wanted for our faves by claiming the top spot?

    It's time to meet your runner-up.

    Poor it.



    from the Signal mini album
    JYP Entertainment

    140 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @LightningRider, @ryan_riot92, @Alouder98, @BEST FICTION, @PopZeitgeist
    9 - @ThighHighs, @Aries, @eccentricsimply
    8 - @GeiPanda, @Gintoki
    7 - @SophiaSophia, @Slice of Life, @D is for Danger!, @Sanctuary
    6 - @R92
    4 - @Ceir, @mokimbird
    3 - @junglefish
    1 - @send photo, @Vesperly

    And the hunt for that elusive number one continues for Twice. Once again, they are the bridesmaid and have to settle for the second place. FOR THE THIRD TIME. A mess.

    Twice honestly had this in the bag. Everything was going their way. They had a pretty sizeable lead... and then a barrage of 10s and 9s for Sistar cut the lead to less than 10. Sistar eventually caught up and snatched the lead when the 23rd voter (the good cyst @junglefish) gave Lonely his 10. BUT WAIT. Just when I thought Sistar was gonna walk away with the win, @R92 (the second to the last voter) gave Signal his 6 points (and none for Sistar; I won't forget about this cyst). Signal then had a lead of 5. But our final voter, noted Sistar super stan @Overdose, of course gave his 10 to Lonely (and none for Twice kii). The final score was 145 to 140 in favor of Sistar's Lonely.

    I legit squirmed in my seat while I was tallying the votes ddddddddd. Bye.

    But enough about the competition. (A second place finish is nothing to be ashamed of!) Let's now talk about Signal.

    Signal is the title track of Twice's fourth mini album. And just like every other Twice single, of course, Korea worshiped this too. It's worth noting that this struggled to maintain that number 1 spot in the Melon charts though. But in the end, it always came back on top. True talent.

    When I first heard this, I was like,
    "The decay! This is pure shite!" I love Momo and Mina - they are my second and fourth fave Twice girls, respectively - but good Lord, their 'rap' parts are so, so annoying. Dahyun and Chaeyoung's parts were not cute as well but I didn't mind them that much.

    And then I discovered this version of Signal.

    And I was like:

    It really improved the song. It's the only version I listen to now. I love the second verse and it was nice hearing it immediately after the first chorus. I'm really starting to love Jeongyeon huh.

    The music video is cute as well. Twice music videos are always an event so it didn't come as a surprise that this is all kinds of bonkers too. ALSO THANK GOD THERE WAS NO JYP CAMEO. Yath, thank Shaman Unnie!

    Also, can we have Black Eyed Pilseung back? Pretty please.

    Y'all have a lot to say too, unnies.

    ThighHighs is troubled.

    Ok, this song sucks, but I bop every damn time. Every release of theirs I initially hate, but then turn to love. It's... troubling.

    It's infectious, I'll give you that, SophiaSophia.

    I still find this jarring to listen to but it's strangely infectious after a while.

    It's time to over-analyze Twice's music. mokimbird cyst, you up for the gig?

    My theory about TWICE's name is that it usually takes about two listens before they Stockholm Syndrome you into admitting you like the hook, and then the part that comes right before the hook, and then before you know it...every part of the song is stuck in your head. EVERY PART. The way Dahyun and Chaeyoung spit SHINE-EUL BONAE, SHIG-NAL BONAE, like they're trying to hack up the cauliflower stuck in their throat. Momo and Mina's "rap." The part where Jihyo and Nayeon ape "Very Very Very." Like space invaders, TWICE takes hooks and sounds that initially repulse yet draw you in with each listen; for that if for nothing else I will signal them back.

    We get it, you stan Momo, GeiPanda unnie. (We all do, teebs.)

    I don't care what people say - Momo's lines are lit. This didn't blow me away like TT and Knock Knock, but I'm glad they experimented with their sound and structure

    Ceir is slowly becoming a Once, I see.

    Again, it’s cute and the chorus got stuck in my head for a few hours…

    Yath, stan true Alternative Quirky Chanteuses, Momo and Mina, D is for Danger! oppa~~~

    The pre-chorus and chorus are undoubtedly the best parts, but I can't say that I hate Momo and Mina's rap like most people. It's strange and quirky, which is why I like it. I wouldn't have minded if they repeated the chorus one final time. I love it that much!

    eccentricsimply unnie namedrops another polarizing track. I kinda get the similarities, cyst.

    Nñn, it's Wee Woo all over again. I hated it upon first listen but kept singing it the entire day and eventually it became a song I keep going back to all the time. It's a different sound but it's almost intriguing? I don't know, man, it's just plesant.

    Even noted Twice disbeliever, Alouder98, gave this his 10 points. The power of a bop, etc.

    Kekeke. I low-key hate them but the song has been on my mind all the month. It wouldn't be fair if I didn't give them 10 points.

    And ryan_riot92 unnie does the absolute most. AGAIN. Yath, drag us, binch!

    Tryn’ ta letchya know … Oh my lawd, I love this song sooo much … In fact it’s probably the only really fantastic release of this month. It’s cute, it’s minimal, and it’s a bop. You don’t need to go all out to be good. The concept is super out of this world literally and it’s something different than what everyone else it trying to do. The only drawback is the rapping because it can get kind of annoying … but I’ve grown to love it! I mean, Momo is doing it so I can’t hate it. SHe’s a queeeen. Haters gonna hate on TWICE but most of them have questionable taste anyway soooo …

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    from the Lonely single album
    Starship Entertainment

    145 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Aries, @Ceir, @Slice of Life, @Salami, @Vesperly, @junglefish, @Overdose
    9 - @Sanctuary, @BEST FICTION
    8 - @eccentricsimply, @mokimbird, @PopZeitgeist, @Mikl C
    7 - @Deja-Boo, @Gintoki
    5 - @send photo
    3 - @Squashua
    2 - @ThighHighs
    1 - @Alouder98

    How... how do I talk about this damn masterpiece???

    Okay, let me start by sharing my Sistar story. Y'all should share yours too.

    I discovered Sistar through a friend. This friend was very into K-Pop while I was still a newbie. She was like my K-Pop guru. She would play me non-Big 3 songs just to widen my knowledge about K-Pop and because I was a flop then, I thought she had shit taste in K-Pop music dddddddd. But then she let me listen to Sistar's underappreciated single, Shady Girl.

    And I... I was a goner.

    Sistar was one of the first few girl groups that I really liked because they didn't have a cutesy image. I would spend hours and hours watching their music videos and live performances. And then Sistar kinda lost me with So Cool. Okay, please don't kill me. It just wasn't for me.

    I also didn't immediately love Alone dddddd. I was a mess, alright. Also, I was Team 4Minute then and I hated that Volume Up was being murdered mercilessly by Alone on the charts dddddddd.

    But then, of course, I was weak, Alone was strong. In no time, I'm back into Sistar's loving iljin arms again. I even liked the trash that is Shake It. The choreography is too lit to be ignored. I was also one of the loudest fans of last year's I Like That on the forum while y'all shaded me for nominating Sistar in the Most Improved Category of the GRAMAMA Awards. HATEFUL UNNIES!

    I was so looking forward to their 2017 comeback only to be punched in the gut by their dibandment news. I never thought Sistar would retire just like that. They were on the top of their game. They were still snatching number one singles unlike their contemporaries. No shade, just saying. I'M LOSING ALL MY FAVES. IT'S NOT FAIR!

    Thankfully, like 2NE1 and the Wonder Girls before them, Sistar also released a final single. Cue the tears.

    I legit stan all the goodbye singles (yes, even IOI's) but Sistar's Lonely is on a league of its own.

    Lonely, despite being a ballad, is much more interesting. The production is ace. It's not just a token piano OST-esque ballad. The vocals are, of course, pitch perfect. Bora's rap is actually listenable. And oh my God, when did Dasom become a main vocalist? I'm shook.

    The live performances are also stunning. Hyorin, especially, is killing it. Her high notes mixed with Soyu's softer ones... I'm gonna miss them so bad!

    I know some of y'all think this is undeserving of being number 1 but I have to stop you right there. There is no pity vote here. I know I didn't give Lonely my 10 points just because this is Sistar's final single and I let my emotions get the better of me. No ma'am no. Remove all the drama surrounding this song and I'll give it my 10 over and over again. I love it that much. And I know my fellow voters love this song as much as I do. It is a great song - one of the best of 2017, in my opinion - and I won't hear otherwise.

    Okay, wow, I vomited a lot of words again dddddddddddd. Forgive me, babes. Let's go to your words.

    Yas, perfectly stated, Ceir unnie.

    I want to cry every single time this comes on, but it’s so good! I didn’t think it was catchy, but the chorus has wormed it’s way into my brain. And it’s honestly all that I wanted from them.

    Ddddddd lemme try this forlorn way of body-rolling by the pool, Squashua unnie.

    A last minute addition but by far from an unworthy entry. Regardless of how we've all felt about Sistar summer specials we're delivered once a year, the lovely but also melancholy holiday vibe to this cements the fact i'm going to miss their place on the K-landscape. Ready to forlornly body-roll by an empty pool in remembrance.

    Listen to it, ThighHighs cyst! Cry your heart out, etc!

    All my crys. This song is good, but I can't listen to it too much because it makes me genuinely sad.

    Queens of Summer indeed, eccentricsimply unnie. Who's gonna save summer now???

    Queens of Summer :( You'll be missed.

    Yath this is the kind of respect that I expect from y'all. Learn from the good cyst mokimbird!

    There's no way I could put one of the most iconic and influential girl groups in K-pop any lower than this. Bonus points for an absolutely gorgeous and apt video.

    And I will leave y'all with this stunning letter from the subforum's biggest Sistar stan (bar @Sanctuary dddd), Overdose unnie. Prepare your tissues, unnies.

    I don't really have any SISTAR stans as friends so I'm just gonna take this opportunity to vent my feelings.

    I can't really put into words how much I love and adore these ladies, they completely ignited my love and appreciation for K-Pop. Their immense talent, undeniable beauty and stunning performances have brought me so much happiness over the past few years.

    Playing Lonely for the first time was such a bittersweet moment but I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful to be treated to such a beautiful final single.

    I will never forget SISTAR, listening to their music has changed my life and gave me more joyous moments than I could ever have hoped for. I love these girls and everything they represent, not only as breathtaking performers, but as the unapologetic, opinionated and strong women they have proved themselves to be.

    Goodbye my queens. Thank you for making me feel less Lonely. <3

    Me right after reading that:

  17. "Loving iljin arms"
    I'm cackling over here.
  18. @Slice of Life Include my commentary for Signal you flop!

    I gave it 10 points but I'm living that Twice didn't win. #ThankyouSistar
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  19. [​IMG]

    You mean little thing! Let me live.

    It's now been added. xo
  20. I'm not mad. At least it was Sistar :(
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