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K-Popjustice Charts - May 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, May 20, 2017.

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    Here to stan for Unnies is @ThisIsRogue.

    Hi here you go! Thank you for reminding me!

    1. Unnies - Right : I've loved watching Sisters Slam Dunk 2 sooo much! Knowing how hard they worked throughout the show and seeing the success the single has had makes me super happy and I'm sad this season has ended.
    2. Unnies - LaLaLa Song : Hearing this for the first time was refreshing. It's so light and airy and just really comforting. It suits them so well.
    3. Winner - Really Really : I had a moment with this recently, and I'm not normally into boy groups.
    4. Brave Girls - Rollin' : Still slaying my buss.
    5. EXID - Boy : I've said before that How Why was the one but I was wrong, Boy is.
    6. Brave Girls - Memory
    7. EXID - Night Rather Than Day
    8. BlackPink - Playing With Fire : I'm still slayed by this half a year later. It's such a good song.
    9. KARD - Don't Recall
    10. IU - Palette

    1. IU - Palette
    2. Brave Girls - Rollin'
    3. EXID - Eclipse
    4. BlackPink - Square Two
    5. Minzy - Minzy Work 01 Uno

    This unnie 'liked' all my posts about Sistar in the General Discussion thread. But he didn't include Lonely in his ballot. THE BETRAYAL. @R92, explain yourself!

    Oh lord, I can't think of any albums

    1. Anck Su Namun - Yezi
    2. Rumor - KARD
    3. Only One - Twice
    4. Around - Taeyong/Hitchhiker
    5. Signal - Twice
    6. Right - Unnies
    7. Love - Dean (feat. Syd)
    8. Ninano - Minzy
    9. Rollin - Brave Girls
    10. A Girl Like Me - Gugudan

    1. Signal (EP) - Twice
    2. My Voice - Taeyeon (Still listen to this on the reg)
    3. Reboot - Wonder Girls (Legends. Icons. Queens. GOAT)

    My mind is blanking on the rest :/

    Oh and here's the super emotional @Overdose unnie. I hope you're feeling better now, hen.

    OK first of all, I didn't expect this to be so emotionally invested so apologies for that. Secondly thank you for running this chart every month. It's such an encouraging outlet for sharing my thoughts about K-Pop, I can't do that anywhere else and your flawless taste makes it all the better.



    1. SISTAR - Lonely [I don't really have any SISTAR stans as friends so I'm just gonna take this opportunity to vent my feelings.

    I can't really put into words how much I love and adore these ladies, they completely ignited my love and appreciation for K-Pop. Their immense talent, undeniable beauty and stunning performances have brought me so much happiness over the past few years.

    Playing Lonely for the first time was such a bittersweet moment but I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful to be treated to such a beautiful final single.

    I will never forget SISTAR, listening to their music has changed my life and gave me more joyous moments than I could ever have hoped for. I love these girls and everything they represent, not only as breathtaking performers, but as the unapologetic, opinionated and strong women they have proved themselves to be.

    Goodbye my queens. Thank you for making me feel less Lonely. <3
    2. SEVENTEEN - Don't Wanna Cry [Kings bringing me strength in this tough month. It may not be the funky brilliance of Aju Nice or Mansae but I'm bopping as I hold back my tears.]
    3. SISTAR - For You [My queens. I will miss them so much.]
    4. SEVENTEEN - Crazy In Love [Don't Wanna Cry had me worried that SVT were about to lose their unique and funky edge but the moment this song started I knew they had played me. What a BOP.]
    5. SEVENTEEN - Swimming Fool [This would make such a great bop for exercising. If only I wasn't so lazy.]
    6. EXID - Night Rather Than Day [Bop Rather Than Sláy continues to be THAT song.]
    7. EXID - Boy
    8. K.A.R.D - Rumor [BRING ON THE DEBUT!]
    9. EXID - How Why [I won't lie, I'd feel guilty if I voted for Don't Wanna Cry and not this. Both bops.]
    10. EXID - A Sul Hae [I'm two years late to the party but I don't care. What a song.]


    SEVENTEEN - Al1 [My Kings of K-Pop continue to surprise me and delight me. After the more reflective and slow style of Going Seventeen, I was so happy they brought a more bop heavy album this time.]
    SISTAR - Lonely [Thank you SISTAR for this one final gift. I will always love you and miss you. <3]
    EXID - Eclipse [Still bopping. Queens of bops and sultry choreography.]
    IU - Palette [Queen]
    EXID - AH YEAH [Ddd it won't chart but I don't care, this album is so good.]

    What a rollercoaster! Thanks again for reading through my monthly ramblings. Here's another Vernon gif for your troubles.


    Dddd I just realised Lonely can't be submitted for the album chart. I'll just throw EXID - Street in it's place, from one set of queens to another.

    Have another Verkwan gif to make up for my mistake.



    And I guess that's it for this edition of the K-Popjustice Charts! Thank you for always voting, participating and entertaining my annoying PMs ddddddd. Saranghae, unnies!

    Oh, and the first page is now updated with all the links to the results. Have fun browsing (and liking kekeke).

    See y'all in the next edition!

  2. Okay so I ALMOST had everything ready to upload the video for May today however I made some slight miscalculations on some new things I was working on that made the entire video look completely pixelated and shitty so I have to rework some things BUT I should have the video up sometime within the next 12 hours! Stay tuned xoxo

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  3. JYP came after you already.
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  4. He


    Damn that was fast from JYP.
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  5. Seriously ........... Okay so I'll have to edit it ... again ...
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  7. Which one of the JYP execs read this sub-forum?

  9. @ryan_riot92 it's already deleted again, unnie. WHAT THE HELL @JYP Entertainment!!!!

    Can we upload this on Vimeo or Dailymotion?
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  10. Is this what Min does with all her free time now?
  11. Probably the same nobody who dislikes these videos... Maybe JYP was upset that "Signal" got 2nd place.

    In all honesty, I just re-uploaded it and posted it the minute it was done. I think this used to happen with the other ones I did where if it was done uploading but wasn't published right away, it would get blocked immediately upon posting (I had to go run some errands while I let it upload and it was probably sitting there for 3 hours or so) ... Regardless, JYP may still block it later, who knows. I have notes on the other videos but I don't think they've been blocked ... yet.

    **Also if you notice how pixelated "Will You Go Out With Me?" and "Rollin'" are, I must have missed those ones but that was basically how the entire video looked before I reworked it. I'll be sure to check June's 3 times before I upload it unnies, I promise.**

    EDIT: Oops ... I'm going somewhere else. Bye Youtube. Also, I'll try to re-upload the other ones on Vimeo too.
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  12. He


    Just take TWICE off the charts for this fuckery.
  13. Not even joking, TWICE was the reason it was taken down ... poor DAY6 ...
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  14. Would this version get past the JYPatrol Ryan?
  15. I should use greasy versions of EVERY song on the chart ... K-Popjustice Chart: Greasy Edition
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