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K-Popjustice Charts - May 2018 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, May 23, 2018.


What should be the group name of the winning Mix Produce Uni+ trainees?

Poll closed Jun 2, 2018.
  1. Pink Twelvet

    0 vote(s)
  2. Rainbow Gâteau

    4 vote(s)
  3. (9) PSHs

    0 vote(s)
  4. Knotty Pine Juice

    2 vote(s)

    19 vote(s)
  6. (KPJ)I-DLE

    1 vote(s)
  7. BOMM

    2 vote(s)
  8. 3rdSTY

    0 vote(s)
  9. L-Gin-9

    1 vote(s)
  10. Ali9nmen-T

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  1. Y'all. It's okay of you don't read my posts as long as you like em. Kekeke.

    Also I'm pretty sure you're gonna have to read them soon anyway... like, very intently. Kekekeke.
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  2. You & I broke my gay art.

    Also AOA's single is an abomination.
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  3. It’s only the pre-results bit I forgot to look at. When @Slice of Life unnie takes the stage I’m all ears (eyes?) and respectfully ignoring work to read all the posts.

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  4. I ignore everyone's FYC posts and just read through the general discussion and Indie threads.
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  5. I read them all because I always try to predict what kind of commentary each track is going to get. Each month I get a little better at it.

    Teatime (Drop The Kimono Time) is still my favorite. Just so you know - someone read it.
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  6. Don't worry @Lego unnie. AOA didn't flop that bad.



    from the Bingle Bangle mini album
    FNC Entertainment

    74 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 7
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @codecat, @Serg., @sweetlikegrande
    9 - @Gintoki
    8 - @Dangerous Maknae, @Twinkle
    6 - @Lego
    4 - @GeiPanda
    3 - @ryjm, @Oleander, @junglefish


    Or maybe not.

    Ladi Dadi, an album track from AOA's latest mini album, just eclipsed the actual single on our charts. Iconic.

    Of course, album tracks doing better than the actual singles aren't that rare on KPJC. Remember when WJSN's Babyface mercilessly stomped Happy to death? Iconic. So yeah, seeing Ladi Dadi do better than Bingle Bangle is not surprising by one bit. I was just surprised that it didn't do so in a more landslide fashion. Maybe some of y'all truly think Bingle Bangle is the better song?

    Ladi Dadi would've worked well as a single too. I mean, this is basic and I probably heard this production a few times before. But it cannot be denied that it's a bop that is perfect for the Korean summer even more so than Bingle Bangle. It also kinda sounds like a hit song from 2007 or something ddddd. That's not shade.

    ryjm: Poppers o’clock! The angels delivered an absolute banger that is screaming for a Eurovision inspired camptastic video (imagine a lot of hot neon and sweaty muscly men in barely-their speedos). By far the best thing to come from their mini. (SOL: That music video idea is genius, oppa!)

    Twinkle: I may overrate the song a bit because it is new but who cares, that is on replay again and again since this was released

    Serg.: It is that Romania @ Eurovision when they still cared Bop + the amazingness of the AOA = a perfect pop song

    codecat: While AOA disappointed a whole lot of us this month with their reworking of the Dora the Explorer theme, their new album deserves a spin - especially because of Ladi Dadi. I think it was @Kuhleezi who said that it sounds like a summery Romanian club song and honestly that's the best compliment a song could get. (SOL: DORA THE EXPLORER THEME HJALPPPPPP. I hate you oh my God.)

  7. He


    Scream, imagine Dora doing a Jimin rap. A smash.
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  8. I didn't know what is a Dora the Explorer is before reading this but listening to it now I'm laughing so hard. The accuracy.
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  9. Can't wait for Jimin to cover this for her first solo single.

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  10. And just missing a spot in the iconic Top 5 is...



    from the Line mini album
    The Unit Culture Industry Company

    79 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 6
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Ceir, @GeiPanda
    8 - @Slice of Life, @Lego
    7 - @Squashua
    6 - @Dangerous Maknae, @Oleander, @Monkey0
    3 - @vague, @BEST FICTION, @He
    2 - @Empty Shoebox, @Gintoki, @Vixen
    1 - @Twinkle, @Sanctuary, @ThighHighs

    DDDDD I'm pressed this isn't top 5.

    No More is the debut single of UNI.T, the group made up of winning girl contestants of The Uni+. And wow, oh wow, this just gets better every single listen.

    K-reggae is such an underrated subgenre of K-Pop and I'd love for more groups to abuse it more. I mean, Why So Lonely, Kiss on the Lips, Don't Be Shy, and now this? All hits, no misses.

    But back to No More. I am in love with this. On first listen, I didn't really stan. I thought it was a refreshing choice for a single but ultimately a b-grade Why So Lonely. But repeated listens really made me fall for this. I am especially shook at NC.A's vocals. I don't know this unnie but Imma follow her from now on. Yath, belt it out, unnie!

    I'm also gonna shoutout my girls Eujin and Woohee. Them starting the song really set the song (and music video) perfectly. Euijin can now officially join KARD's Somin as my choice for hottest K-girls. They both can step on me too. Simultaneously.

    Twinkle: we always need a reggae-ish song for summer don't we?

    ThighHighs: This month is too good! This only gets one point from me, but I really do love it. My questionable face Z.N getting into the final group was such a surprise, but I'm happy to see them all together and doing well with a great song. (SOL: What's so questionable about Z.N, unnie? Spill the tea.)

    Vixen: We love MelodyDay! kiiii No but seriously, it does remind me of their reggae-lite summer bop, such as 'Kiss On The Lips'. Obviously, because of that, it means this is also a sweet breezy sultry bop. (SOL: I love that we now care forever for MelodyDay just because they have one good song on their repertoire. Iconique.)

    BEST FICTION: Why So Lonely sequel but not as good but still boppable

    He: Queens of reggae... after Wonder Girls.

    Monkey0: Slick bop.

    Squashua: Kiss on the Lips but with better ad-libs and released actually in Summer. I think reggae-bops just hit me in a sweet spot because this is really just a Don't Be Shy / Kiss on the Lips / Why So Lonely amalgamation by the best girl flops on the UNI+ but when those 3 songs are great, why be mad? I wish the video had the tequila sunrise colour palette of the album cover, the bridge instrumental sounds like someone stumbling drunkenly through a windchime shop and, if you listen with headphones, there's someone playing the tambourine very out of time (near randomly) during the second half of the chorus in your right ear BUT it's still utterly charming, amazingly performed and bursting with good vibes. (SOL: The windchime is stunning. I won't hear otherwise!)

    Ceir: Don’t Be Shy who? That reggae influence. NC.A’s vocals. Hyunjoo actually not being annoying. Woohee and Euijin literally being EVERYTHING. Oh my god I love this track so much. (SOL: I'm gonna assume Hyunjoo is that awkward girl doing the flooreography ddddd. Kween Sohye teas.)

  11. Flop stan.

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  12. I know 2NE1 invented reggae, silly. I just didn't want to rub it in. xoxo

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  13. The UNI.T song is kinda garbage x

    Although Ladi Dadi is a slay.
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  14. I can’t say that using the descriptor “K-Reggae” is making me want to check it out.
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  15. Let's go to the top 5!!!

    Starting with...



    from the Nightmare: Escape the ERA mini album
    Happyface Entertainment

    105 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 5
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Squashua, @Serg., @GeiPanda
    8 - @Oleander, @Monkey0, @eliminathan
    7 - @RUNAWAY, @sweetlikegrande
    6 - @vague, @BEST FICTION, @Gintoki
    5 - @eccentricsimply, @Vixen
    4 - @Deja-Boo
    3 - @Empty Shoebox, @Kuhleezi
    1 - @ohnostalgia, @Lego

    Kweens of Leaving the Sinking Ship That is Mix Nine, Dreamcatcher, come back strong on KPJC with their latest single, You and I.

    You and I sees the girls continue their streak of being Horror Kweens but now with added magic tricks and handkerchief choreography. Oh and is it just or me or the girls serving sexy concept here too? I'm so here for that.

    This was one of the three songs I had to cut from my ballot even though I enjoyed it so please don't hurt me so much. Kekeke. I like it, I really do. I just never connected to it the same way I did with Fly High. But I would be lying if I say I don't get my absolute life whenever this comes on shuffle. That pre-chorus? Wig flew to Korea.

    I must say, Dami doing that magic trick on live television will never not make me stan. I'm still shqqk.

    eccentricsimply: I reaaaaaaally like this song and it might have had chance at getting that number one spot in my ballot if it wasn’t for SHINee kii. It quickly became one of my favorite between their titles. It’s almost a mix of Fly High and Chase Me, which I adore. Also Dami with that trick, I genuinely thought I’d get tired of it but I still love it every single time I watch their performances.

    Vixen: Typical dark anime opening dance rock realness from our lovely ladies. I wouldn't say this is their best single ever, but it's absolutely competent and can stand its won against their best offerings. The girls absolutely killed it in the video, and I'm still amazed by how good they are as performers/dancers.

    Monkey0: Honestly, the most interesting girl group around now, they deliver such consitent high quality material it’s ridicoulous. (SOL: I'm just glad to know you don't hate all the newer girl groups xoxo.)

    eliminathan: I'm hoping y'all didn't let this song down and forget about it after all of the releases this month. It's still an amazing song, easily Dreamcatcher's best single in my books.

    Serg.: They keep serving same type of track everytime, BUT. This one is my favourite so far, love the Dami magic trick rap part and the chorus feels even better than usual

    Squashua: Pop rock mastery. Whilst over groups get dragged viciously over hot coals, whether deservedly or not, for staying so firmly in their supposed ballpark (KARD, GFriend & Twice come to mind), the girls of DC go from strength to strength and continue to warp, shift and manifest whole new beings of horror anime grandiose with every. single. release. You and I is just another example of power punch vocals, beyond phenomenal performance skills, shock & awe spectacles (Illusionist baton twirling! Hankerchief asphyxiation! Sapphic Choking!) and their very best, most gorgeous video to date. I get why HappyFace is deciding to move away from the Nightmare concept from this point onwards, and i'm sure this team will excel with whatever they're given, but my gosh am I going to miss them stamping a witchy cloven hoof mark into the usually pristine facade of idol K-Poppery. (SOL: Handkerchief Asphyxiation was my name is prison.)

  16. So I'm guessing the top 4 is: love4eva, Get It, LATATA and Good Evening?

    (watch them go out one by one in the exact same order ddddd poor yyxy)
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  17. No tea at all. There's nothing questionable about her, really, but I feel like she was so under-the-radar on the show and in Laboum. She's always been my fave from Laboum, but I always thought I was stanning the flop, only for her to actually be the bop!

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  18. We don't speak about that abomination of a song @ThighHighs unnie! Delete your account!!!!11!!1
  19. K-Reggae put Kai in dreadlocks.

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  20. Correct.




    GET IT
    Pristin V
    from the Like a V single album
    Pledis Entertainment

    165 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 4
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @He, @ThisIsRogue, @Gintoki
    9 - @Empty Shoebox, @PopZeitgeist
    8 - @Squashua, @Sanctuary, @sweetlikegrande
    7 - @digitalkaiser, @ryjm, @Slice of Life, @Kuhleezi, @Twinkle, @Ceir, @Island
    5 - @Oleander, @BEST FICTION, @Lego, @Overdose
    4 - @vague
    3 - @eccentricsimply, @Deja-Boo, @Serg., @ThighHighs, @ohnostalgia
    2 - @GeiPanda
    1 - @Aries, @Apricot, @eliminathan


    Good God, this is amazing huh.

    Pristin V, the first subunit of super rookies Pristin, debut on KPJC with Get It. Members of the subunit include Kyulkyung (or Pinky if ya like), Stone Nayoung, Pink Haired Eunwoo, Rena, and Roa.

    To be honest, I was so skeptical about this subunit when it was just announced. I was like, a subunit for a rookie group??? What we need is a proper, full-group comeback!!!

    But with every teaser, my interest grew. This was looking like a Run Devil Run type of affair and I am here for that. And Pristin V didn't disappoint. Whew knew the Weewoo and Dududu kids were capable of something this mature and sophisticated and absolutely banging? My wig, it wasn't prepared.

    If I'm not gonna lie. I may be one of the few people who geniunely loved We Like but I believe Get It should be the sound Pristin should be pursuing. They sound so at home with Get It. Kyulkyung and Roa are serving visuals for days. Rena is giving me iljin vibes which is always a plus in my book. Eunwoo finally gets justice as a vocalist. And Stone Nayoung is okay, I guess.

    Oh and check out Spotlight, the b-side to Get It. It is superb as well. Get it, hit it, kill it!

    eliminathan: Queens of picking the best members (and Eunwoo) then giving them a bop. (SOL: Is this Eunwoo shade? I rebuke it.)

    ThighHighs: I wish I could TRULY love this as much as I want to, but it's still very good. I wish that the rap bits were longer and not so chopped up, but this is still a jam and the choreography is stun.

    Serg.: Would've loved the song even more if PRISTIN's answer to Iggy Azalea wasn't singing the parts of chorus. (SOL: HELPPPP, who is this? I'm guessing Stone Nayoung.)

    Twinkle: This bridge is everything!! it's a shame that korea is sleeping on this

    eccentricsimply: I’m not part of the group who thinks Pristin’s music is bad, so I don’t agree that this is better, I think this is just as great as Pristin’s releases. They could all genuinely step on me and I’d apologize for getting in the way. That Nayoung rap break is very well executed and fresh, I loved it.

    ryjm: This bop makes me want to get it all right.
    This goes off! I never really paid their main group any attention, but this track made sit the fuck up and listen. The song serves me Tinashe (done right) vibes with the RnB tinged production. The girls’ vocals are silky smooth and they are serving some lewks in the (otherwise bare and budget) video. I hope this is a success for them so they can explore this sound further and keep delivering these smooth jams.

    Ceir: THIS IS THE PRISTIN WE DESERVE. Eunwoo didn’t come to fuck around with those vocals!

    Kuhleezi: I never knew they had something like this in them but let me posture a bit since you all criticized their cutesy concept but now you're queuing in line outside their tent. AND I WON'T MAKE YOU PASS FIRST. (SOL: YATH SCHOOL US, UNNIE.)

    Squashua: Who knew all it took for me to buy into PWISTAN was a Red Velvet circa Bad Boy paintjob, a DJ Mustard-esque beat and some tennis garb? Seriously where were these vocals hiding? Where has this charisma laid dormant awaiting its turn at the front of the Wee Woo Express? Any unit with a heady dose of Rena is always a good thing in my book. (SOL: Iljin Rena is the best Rena.)

    He: These girlies did that. I was shocked this lacked any messiness of cheapness their previous sole bop (Wee woo) had. The girls look mature, look amazing and sound incredible. Shout out to Eunwoo for serving it.

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