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K-Popjustice Charts - May 2018 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, May 23, 2018.


What should be the group name of the winning Mix Produce Uni+ trainees?

Poll closed Jun 2, 2018.
  1. Pink Twelvet

    0 vote(s)
  2. Rainbow Gâteau

    4 vote(s)
  3. (9) PSHs

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  4. Knotty Pine Juice

    2 vote(s)

    19 vote(s)
  6. (KPJ)I-DLE

    1 vote(s)
  7. BOMM

    2 vote(s)
  8. 3rdSTY

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  9. L-Gin-9

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  10. Ali9nmen-T

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  1. SHINee on top where they belong!
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  2. Yes! It’s so good and full of bangers!
  3. Thank you @Ceir cutie cos CLAASSIC is favorite Kpop release of the year, and it's already in my Top 10 albums of the year overall!
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    from the Love Yourself: Tear album
    Big Hit Entertainment

    28 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 20
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Monkey0
    8 - @Ceir
    5 - @Sanctuary
    2 - @eccentricsimply, @eliminathan
    1 - @ryjm, @ThisIsRogue

    We start the main song chart with a song that recently reached the top 10 of the Billboard 100. Iconic.

    Fake Love is the first single off BTS' new album, Love Yourself: Tear. And yeah, this is a resounding commercial success.

    To be honest, I expected this to do a bit better since this is miles better than BTS' last effort, DNA, which peaked at number 11 back in September 2017. What happened here? I guess BTS are not exactly K-Popjustice's choice boy group now.

    Fake Love is actually a return to form for BTS albeit not a complete one. At the very least, you cannot call the song a basic EDM trash. I am especially impressed with the vocals. Jimin and Jungkook have really improved much. And King Jin continues his path to becoming a main vocalist. An icon. I don't really find V's vocals pleasing to the ears ddddd. I hope Cotton Park oppa doesn't read this kekeke.

    The rap line continues to disappoint me though. I know they are better than this so it's a little sad. This is not the Suga that I stanned. No ma'am.

    The music video is expensive-looking and deserves all the million of views its getting. I don't understand what's happening but at least the visuals look good, right?

    Still, I am super proud of the boys for continually setting and breaking records. Can I actually hope for a Grammys performance??? That would be legit legendary.

    ryjm: Despite the video for Fake Love being a poor man’s 피 땀 눈물 (i.e I had no fucking clue what was happening but thought it was damn pretty) this song has grown on me. Let’s not lie, this isn’t their strongest lead, but the boys still sell the hell out of this and I will use. There were better tracks on the album that should’ve been the lead, but at this point they could release a 5 second track of white noise and the world would lap it up (all tea, no shade).

    eccentricsimply: It’s better than DNA.

    eliminathan: I know BTS gets dragged here but this song is fantastic and I can't deny it.

    Ceir: I’m always a sucker for rnb and trap-inspired tracks and this is no exception. That “Love you so bad” section emotionally decimates me every time.

    Monkey0: They conquered the last bastion of Western pop world and achieved the perfect synergy between western pop music and K-Pop. At first this song may seem underwhelming but its true powqer lays in being enormous earworm.

  5. 19


    from the Lady single album
    Banana Culture

    32 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 1
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 2

    7 - @Aries, @Overdose
    6 - @SophiaSophia
    5 - @Gintoki
    4 - @He
    2 - @vague
    1 - @GeiPanda

    That's a steep fall from the top, huh.

    Lady, last month's chart-topper, falls 18 places to number 19 on its second month. I'm shqqk.

    Still, it can't be denied that Lady is one enormous 90s bop. Sure, I'll probably rank it below Night Rather Than Day and DDD but it is still so good. I can't wait for Solji to return to the group. Praying for your health, unnie!

    He: The perfect girl group is still on heavy rotation.

  6. 18


    from the I Just Wanna Dance mini album
    SM Entertainment

    34 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 18
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Dangerous Maknae, @RUNAWAY, @Kuhleezi
    4 - @Oleander

    MISS TIFFANY YOUNG! Welcome to the K-Popjustice Charts!

    Two years after its release, I Just Wanna Dance makes its debut on our charts. Amazing.

    This has really grown on me so much. Maybe I just got good at tuning out Tiff's questionable falsetto skills kekeke. But no shade, this is truly an amazing song. Here's to wishing Tiffany gets to release more of this (and Heartbreak Hotels too) now that she's out of SM Entertainment.

    Kuhleezi: I keep my promises (SOL: I see you, whores.)

    Dangerous Maknae: #2YearsWithTalenTiffany

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  7. 17


    from the The Story of Light EP 1 mini album
    SM Entertainment

    36 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 17
    Months on Chart: 1

    7 - @Lego, @karmarisma
    6 - @send photo, @eccentricsimply
    5 - @Deja-Boo
    4 - @Overdose
    1 - @SophiaSophia

    And the first SHINee song that charted this month is All Day All Night! It is the first track off SHINee's mini album, The Story of Light EP 1. SHINee has also performed this for their comeback stages along with the single, Good Evening.

    And yes, this is amazing. This makes me wanna dance and party and stuff. The energy this song exudes is just contagious. I am especially amazed at Key. Yath, main rapper did that.

    I'm not sure if I find the weirdly sung chorus good or tragic ddddd. It sort of works and is a standout part of the song... but I don't know, it just really sounds weird.

    But a bop is a bop and I will continue to pop my pussy to this. YATH. Welcome back, legends!


    eccentricsimply: It’s actually my least favorite of the album and it’s still a 9,8 at the very least, and better than a lot of title tracks being released ope. The best part is by far the chorus, I love how Onew sounds here. (SOL: DDDDDDD scalp me, unnie.)

  8. I missed some sort of memo but I let my queen down sorry Fany.
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  9. Why are y'all so silent dddddd



    from the I Am mini album
    Cube Entertainment

    36 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 16
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @Empty Shoebox
    9 - @Vixen
    6 - @He
    3 - @Apricot
    2 - @junglefish, @Twinkle, @Serg., @ThighHighs

    And just like their CLC unnies, Girdle also find success on KPJC with their album tracks! Maze is track number three of their debut mini album, I Am.

    And Maze is *easily* the best song of the album... yes, even better than actual single, LATATA. Y'all can @ me.

    First of all, the vocals are truly astounding here especially in the chorus. And Soyeon's rap really reminds me of CL circa first 2NE1 mini album which is my favourite CL era ddddd. Soyeon just... she gets it. I can't wait to stan her for years to come.

    If CLC, flop queens that they are, can promote three songs from one mini album, I'm sure Girdle, actual queens of sales, can do so as well. And Maze needs to be promoted. Don't mess this up, @Cube Entertainment.

    Twinkle: I hope this will get promoted after Latata, it would let the vocal line show their talent

    ThighHighs: This is such a great album track. The production is great and that switch up to "Now YOU'RE in the MAAAZE" at the end elevates me every time.

    He: Another solid track by idul. It’s like Black Dress’ sister.

    Vixen: I've decided to rate this higher than 'Latata' because it's the one I've been replaying the most. I totally understand the more "general" appeal of 'Latata', but there's just something really pulling me in with 'Maze'. Also, can we talk about Minnie and Miyeon's vocals? You better snap and more, ladies. Ooof, we love talented vocalists. (SOL: A perfect review.)

  10. 15


    feat. Gray
    from the Dally single album
    Bridʒ Entertainment

    38 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 2
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 2

    9 - @Twinkle, @Overdose
    8 - @digitalkaiser
    7 - @He
    4 - @ThisIsRogue
    1 - @vague


    Last month's runner up, Dally, falls thirteen places down to number 15. But it did out-chart Lady this month so yay?

    And oh god, I still get my life to this every single day. This just doesn't let up huh. I can even enjoy it without the amazing visuals.

    Also, shoutout to Gray oppa for not sounding like a phoned-in feature on Dally. Her chemistry with Hyolyn is truly felt here. I need more collabs from them. I have also decided that the pre-chorus is the best part of the song.

    Now, lemme go learn the choreography stat! I hope I don't die. xoxo

    He: Queen of the floor

    Twinkle: I haven't even voted for this last month but I let her a second chance and I don't regret it. (SOL: Yath, we forgive you, unnie!)

    Overdose: Queen of thot bops

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  11. Hm,

    Couldn't care less for Fake Love, DNA was much better.

    Lady was one of the best releases from last month.

    Maze is cute, but their mini has better.

    All Day All Night is a bop and should be higher.

    Really don't understand the hype with Dally...at all. Gray has much better productions and Hyorin is trying a bit too hard.
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  12. He


    We’re doing amazing.

    And yes, Maze is the better song.

    Hope they through a video at it.
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  13. "Queen of the floor" ddddd I live. I only warmed up to Dally recently and goddamn THAT CHOREO in heels! I won't even attempt to learn the dance - imagine ending up at the ER and having to explain you broke 5+ bones trying to hump the floor gymnastically.
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  14. Did the forum die or something for an hour? Ddddd.

    I was gonna post songs number 20 to 11 but I guess not. See y'all tomorrow. Goodnight unnies. ♡
  15. Oh I didn't even notice Tiffany was there....

    It was cute for a couple weeks when it was released I guess.
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  16. @junglefish I know you're mad Rough is out of #1 rate but there was no need to take the whole forum down
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  17. Point 2 in my cv's hobby section.
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  18. [​IMG]
    Don't joke about that.
  19. I’m actually a little bit surprised ‘Maze’ isn’t a little bit higher.

    I guess it was a competitive month.
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  20. Kinda mad I didn’t get the Tiffany memo. I Just Wanna Dance still knocks, I could’ve helped a sister out.

    Yath at the (G)-IDLE stannage, but we all know 달라 is where it’s really at...guys? (...I’ve wasted my points haven’t I?)
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