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K-Popjustice Charts - November 2016 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Is is just me or is it truly getting hot in here? Prepare your meltdowns, my sweet coconuts.




    from the Square Two mini-album
    YG Entertainment

    38 POINTS

    Last Month's Rank: N/A

    8 - @Alouder98
    7 - @Mikl C
    6 - @Aries, @ThisIsRogue
    5 - @Slice of Life
    4 - @McQueer
    2 - @ryan_riot92

    That BLACKPINK reign... okay, I'll stop. Boombayah may have already left our charts after only one month but trust BLACKPINK to come back with another song. This time the girls slow it down and sing about... felonies? What the hell, Teddy. Okay, but I must say rhyming melody and felony is a work of genius. Kudos.

    This sounds like a YG Entertainment ballad for better or for worse. It sounds lush and expensive, but you also get the feeling that you've heard this already. I still love this despite all that but originality isn't one of the song's strengths. This almost made the Top 5 but the last few voters totally gave it the cold shoulder. Rude.

    For a track that got significant support, only one gave this a commentary. @ryan_riot92, the stage is yours.

    I was dreading this song because I knew it would be a typical YG ballad that’s not really good, but I love it! The playful chorus with the hand claps and the harmonica give it a lovely character and makes it stand out to all the other turds from YG’s back catalog.

    Agreed. The hand claps and harmonica gave this a much needed depth and personality.


    Which song didn't quite reach the Top 5?



    Berry Good
    from the Glory mini-album
    Asia Bridge Entertainment

    40 POINTS

    Last Month's Ranking: N/A

    10 - @LightningRider
    8 - @junglefish
    7 - @ryan_riot92
    4 - @Squashua, @NathanJ, @Capitan
    3 - @roux

    Berry Good once again storms through the competition and find themselves just a spot outside the Top 5. For a nugu group, that is very, very, very remarkable. It also helps that the song in question is a BOP. It's very tropical but not that Justin Bieber nonsense. This is rather emotional and the girls totally give it their all in acting out those emotions in the music video. And speaking of the music video, ooh la la, it's rocking! I mean, sure, maybe the budget isn't quite Big 3 level but that's hardly noticeable. This has Digipedi written all over it but I'm not sure if those guys actually worked on this. Really good stuff.

    We have a lot of commentary for this so let's start it now. 10-point giver @junglefish, please start this one.

    Sorry BLACK PINK, Berry Good did it better...

    Ooh, the claws are coming out. YUM. @ryan_riot92, I know you're dying to speak. Go on.

    I loved Berry Good when they came out with “Love Letters” and fell flat for awhile. Then they put a spin on their image with “Angel” and I felt some promise coming from them. THEN ALONG CAME THIS JAM!! If they stick with this kind of sound and image, I’ll punch my stan card now! The stage outfits are awesome too! FANTASTIC!

    You are truly a nugu expert. Another nugu advocate, @Squashua, please speak your mind.

    Controversial alert: this replaced Playing With Fire in my top 10. BYE-G in your area. Why? One because i'm a notable nugu-flop charity donator & BlackPink is going to siphon up votes anyway. Two this does everything Playing With Fire was going for but ultimately with less of the try-hard factor that creeps in on the sly. It's a bop and a half, really current and catchy with a low-budget video filled with "what do we have in the props cupboard?" moments. Yuna from AOA's sister is here too so that's nice. Give me a cocktail pitcher of Berry-trop-pop ladies.

    Ooh, more claws. I NEED MORE THOUGH. @Capitan, are you gonna deliver or nah?

    I would've rated this song higher but I can't with English monologues at the beginning of songs. Still worth a top 10 mention though!

    N N N N true. The English monologues are so... eek. @roux, speak your mind too, boo, por favor.

    If only Playing With Fire hadn't been released 5 minutes before this was because they're incredibly alike in some ways. It's a big risk they've taken - completely departing from their previous sound and look, but it's paid off (at least in terms of quality - the quantity I'm not so sure about). My only hope for them in the future is that they carry on giving the new girl as few lines as possible and leaving it to the others who are mostly way above the average girl group member when it comes to talent.

    Oop, another passive aggressive comment? Well, that's a surprise. Kii.


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  2. It's common knowledge that you can't compliment one group without tearing another down.
  3. 5


    from the 1 and 1 repackage album
    SM Entertainment

    49 POINTS

    Last Month's Ranking: N/A

    10 - @Deja-Boo
    7 - @Aries, @Monkey0, @Penguin
    6 - @ryan_riot92
    5 - @roux
    4 - @ThighHighs
    3 - @Slice of Life

    Honestly, are y'all even surprised that SHINee is making another chart appearance? They are the choice K-pop boy group after all. But that's unfair to SHINee because even if we all remove our stan glasses, this is truly an impeccable song. SHINee takes it slow here but their aggressiveness shines through like a ray of sunshine. You just can't quite dim SHINee's shine. All the vocalists get to properly shine here, even the cutie Key. Yes, I am a Key stan after watching him on that cable drama Drinking Solo. He's the best, really. Taemin, Jonghyun and Onew all nail their parts as well. It's the poor Dibidibidis King Minho that almost killed the song's utter perfection.

    SHINee's the best. The end. Including Minho. Kii.

    Okay, let's hear some commentary, shall we? Key stan @Penguin is not Team Minho, I suppose.

    Putting the best part of the song after Minho's was a tactical move to save it from being unlistenable while still giving Minho lines isn't it. He deserved his video death-by-Taemin for this. I do like the song a lot though. Key >>>>

    It's your time to speak again, my love @ryan_riot92.

    Cut Minho’s rap out of this song and it would have been higher on my list. It’s literally terrible … but Minho’s fuckin’ hot so I will live with it. Basically, this and “1 of 1” were a one, two knock out punch to all the other guy groups this year. The video is great too but I already expect that from SHINee so. Don’t worry boys, I’ll tell you what to do … me.

    A MESS. @roux, we need your strictness. Give it to us.

    Shinee can do no wrong in my eyes but this is still so right. I confess that Minho's rap was borderline wrong so I went to the trouble of editing it out. If anyone would like that version instead - let me know.

    PM me with that version juseyooo~~ Kekeke. And @ThighHighs brings it home for us. Take it away, mami.

    Breezy and nice. Why was everyone falling apart about this being a "ballad?"

    A lot of the PJ hunties are anti-ballad, I suppose. Their lose, bb.

    Last edited: Aug 18, 2018
  4. So the good sis @ajmkv just PM-ed me asking if he could still vote.


    I am heartbroken. We needed you, cyst! Where were you? Explain yourself to the 23 voters that waited patiently for your villain comeback.

    Kii. It's okay, cyst. The December chart is waiting for you. Don't miss it again, okay? Love you.
  5. 4


    Sistar (feat. Giorgio Moroder)
    from the One More Day single album
    Starship Entertainment

    61 POINTS

    Last Month's Ranking: N/A

    10 - @Overdose, @junglefish
    9 - @Capitan
    8 - @Deja-Boo, @Salami, @ryan_riot92
    5 - @ThighHighs
    3 - @D is for Danger!

    This is truly this month's MVP track. This song started outside the Top 10 and fought its way to a Top 4 finish. I didn't think a lot of y'all were such Sistar stans. Kii. Honestly, I have zero idea how this collaboration came to fruition. I was kinda busy telling Park Geun Hye what to wear for her TV appearances so I didn't have the time to follow this news. All I know is that Giorgio M. is big deal. And for Sistar to be able to work with such an accomplished artist is just... fascinating.

    I refer to this song as the sequel to Alone that never was. It's very moody and dark but still super sexy just like the Sistar ladies themselves. I'm not quite as enamored as the rest of you but that's because I only heard this a few times. Let me give it some time this month of December.

    COMMENTARY TIME. Here are the soldiers that fought for this song to reach this height. Let's start off with Sergeant @junglefish.

    What kind of iconic LGBT anthem? Thanks Giorgio for making SISTAR relevant again and forcing them out of hibernation.

    Oh yes, the lesbian storyline is a nice little touch. Captain @Capitan, we need some reinforcement!

    The song is awesome but y'all wanted a twist? The video is what shot this song so high up on my list. This is exactly what I want to see in K-pop and just for that it deserves to go to number 2. Oh and go Soyou.

    YAS stan for the Duet Chanteuse! Private @ryan_riot92, you can take the stage now.

    What happens when a legend works with a K-Pop group? Amazing things! Except for that whole PSB+f(x) thing … that was a slight disaster. My favorite part of the track is right after the first chorus with the beat drop where that classic Giorgio Moroder voicething happens! I get chills every time. I do wish the “Oh ooh Oh” bits had some harmonies and Bora’s rap was stronger but other than that, it’s such a tune!

    Sis, I gave up on Bora a long time ago. It might be best if you do so too. Hehe. Commander @ThighHighs, what can you say about this situation?

    This should be above Paradise, but it's too new.

    Oh. Okay.

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  6. I still haven't listened to Tellmewhattado yet. Or One More Day in full. It's been a rough November clearly...

    Also I'm fully expecting a TT vs Playing with Fire vs Decalculation finale
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  7. 3


    from the Memory mini-album

    66 POINTS

    Last Month's Ranking: N/A

    10 - @Aries, @Squashua, @Capitan
    9 - @Mikl C
    8 - @Vesperly, @roux
    7 - @Slice of Life
    2 - @Deja-Boo, @NathanJ


    Mamamoo needed this. They really did. Or we needed this from Mamamoo. We needed a reminder that they are not just the successful version of Spica. Kii. We needed to know that they can release a song that is both true to themselves and is not their usual safe releases. Praise the Moo that they did so successfully. This is personally my favorite Mamamoo release yet. Of course, the vocals are a masterpiece but it's much more than that. First of all, that chorus is everything! I mean, this is one of 2016's best choruses and we've had a lot.

    And the music video. Minus Solar's brush with sexual assault, the music video was full of amazing visual work. The girls are serving. Wheein, my cute little darling Wheein, you are a star! Let me guide you through the K-pop industry. Kii. Or maybe not. I don't want you to get dragged with my mess. Park Geun Hye is enough for me for now. Hehehe.

    Clearly, y'all are as equally stunned as me with this Mama-song. 10-point giver @Squashua, we're ready for your gospel sis.

    Y****ssss the MOO - Finally! These girls have always had phenomenal vocals, the looks, a sense of humour and a handle on their identities as idols but they'd been missing, y'know, songs that don't make me want to go all Van Gogh on my ears. Until. Now.


    It's got everything essential to the MOO brand but complete with an actual pop melody, a big ol' Love Options-esue chorus and even a dash of #controversy for good measure. I love the mirror dance-offs, the bonkers floral orgasm wind chimes video breakdown, the ad-libs that give Xtina a run for her money, the fact the title is a French art transferring method only mentioned in the very last line. One of the best songs released this Autumn from the one group basically no one was anticipating. God K-Pop is the best.

    Kii! Thanks for telling us what the hell decalcomanie means. Kekeke. @Capitan, your words, please.

    I love this song from start to finish. Everything about Decalcomanie is what MAMAMOO as a group are and I think they have managed to refine their sound and look for a real banger. Each girl sounds strong and confident on the track and the choreo is interesting and well thought out. My favourite part of the song is the middle 8 where Hwa Sa tells me 'I feel good' to which I say 'Bitch, me too'. Her voice blends well with Whee In's and creates the perfect chance for Moon Byul to come in with a powerful rap. When MAMAMOO said they're coming back for us, this is exactly what I wanted to see and I'm glad to see they're being recognized and cherished for their talents.

    YAAASSS you nailed it, boo, much better than I did. Hehe. Finally, @roux, are you a Mama-believer now?

    FINALLY. Perhaps I'm over-hyping this song but it's been way too long a wait for them to release something properly decent. We all know they have the talent and all the stage presence in the world but something was always missing from the songs themselves - it all seemed like such a waste until Decaloriecounter came along.

    Now, if only I could remember how to the title instead of copying and pasting it every time...

    Kekeke. The title... is a choice. But the song remains a bop so what do I know?

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  8. Who is the bridesmaid this month?

    I'm sure they're very teary-eyed right now.

    Like, very TT.




    from the TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 mini-album
    JYP Entertainment


    Last Month's Rank: 7

    10 - @PopZeitgeist, @McQueer, @ryan_riot92
    9 - @Aries, @ThisIsRogue, @LightningRider
    8 - @Slice of Life
    7 - @Overdose, @Capitan
    6 - @Squashua, @He, @Salami
    5 - @NathanJ

    Say what you want about the JYP maknaes but they truly always release such chronically chirpy bops. After the success of Like Ooh Ahh and Cheer Up, Twice is back at it again with another Black Eyed Pilseung-produced title track. Twice once again shows us that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Personally, TT is now probably my favorite Twice release. It's so reminiscent of a fluffy teddy bear. Like, I just want to hug the song all day long. Kii. Sure, imagining a cult leader hugging a teddy bear is not quite the beautiful sight but you get what I'm trying to say.

    Sana and Momo's parts are probably my favorite though. The two are probably Twice's weakest vocalists but somehow they produce the most distinct and enchanting Autotuned sounds. A Dara tea. And the Nayeon-Jihyo chorus is also quite the moment. I'm not quite sold on Jeongyeon as a chorus singer though. I mean, I like her when she sings the verses but the chorus? Nah, leave it to Nayeon and Jihyo. Jeongyeon's voice tend to be a little tryhard when she does the chorus, like she's forcing the cute when we all know she doesn't have an ounce of aegyo in her. And that's sincerely Shaman Unnie.

    Anyway, I'm being a mean doll again. Let's spread some positive vibes, shall we, @ryan_riot92?

    Seriously can’t get enough of this BOP! Still not keen on the video but hey, I don’t HAVE to watch it with the song. I create my own music video for it and it’s more of a futuristic one kind of like GOT7’s “Stop, Stop It” video … like what if the video for “TT” would have been a continuation of that.

    The music video is not as wonderful as Like Ooh Ahh and Cheer Up, I agree. @LightningRider, please stop cringing. It's not a cute look, my darling.

    The T.T point move is so cringe but I catch myself doing it every time. Queens of Mind Control.

    I do all the time too, cyst. Kii. @Squashua, I can clock your shady ways, dear. Don't try it.

    Halloween is going to be a Twice thing from now on isn't it? Underwhelming live performances aside (the Melon awards were an ouch to my earholes), this is a great tune to tell the truth. The bass is powerful, the second verse is monstrously successful far past anything they've managed to create so far and there's a lot of production flourishes that hopefully predict something a bit more serious, a bit more current and generally harder from them this way comes. I'm still kinda frustrated that their best title track is going to be only non-multi week number one. Like Ooh-Aah is still the top Twice, and even that GFriend managed to tackle more successfully...

    You know what, though? I agree. GFriend did Like Ooh Ahh very successfully. @He, please end this post with your sweet commentary.

    TT is just a great track and their best single. It’s produced beautifully and the melodies are great. The pre-chorus gives me Grimes - Butterfly vibes, which is always amazing. I wish I had not seen any live performance of this, they are appalling, but I’ll keep on listening to this (not sure about this if Somi joins).



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  9. Yeah we did it Black (???)s !!!
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  10. And here we are at the finish line again.

    Just who edged out Twice and managed to even better their 102-point output?

    But first, STATISTICS TIME!!!

    16 out of 23 voters gave this a point or more. That's almost 70% of all the voters. Quite fascinating.

    This month's top song is...




    from the Square Two mini-album
    YG Entertainment


    Last Month's Rank: N/A

    10 - @Alouder98, @Slice of Life, @roux, @ThisIsRogue, @Salami, @ThighHighs
    9 - @Overdose, @McQueer, @Vesperly, @ryan_riot92
    8 - @Aries, @He, @LightningRider, @Capitan
    7 - @junglefish
    6 - @PopZeitgeist

    And just like that, BLACKPINK owned both our album and song charts. Those YG girls... they really did that. And before y'all come for me, please remain seated. I did not bribe any of these 16 beautiful souls for them to give BLACKPINK the win that they actually deserve. I'm not that mean. I only use Park Geun Hye as my puppet but I will never ever pay anyone just to rig the charts. #SaintShamanUnnie

    Anyway, back to the song. Well, for starters, this is sick. Like, come on, even if you are a perennial YG hater, you cannot deny that this song quite knocks. And finally, minus Lisa's rap section, this isn't a 2NE1 scrap. Like, this is a legitimate bop for the ages. I personally love the "on and on and on" part because it just glides. It glows. It glues itself onto your brains. And the choreo is sexy and badass at the same time. Even Jisoo, arguably the group's weakest link, is SERVING on the choreo front. It's not as intense as Boombayah but again, nothing else is. Boombayah could destroy lives with its choreo. Playing With Fire is all about the sensuality, the danger, the temptation of playing with... well, fire, I guess.

    Twice may have totally dominated this battle offline but according to us, the PJ cool crowd, the crowd with the most impeccable taste, BLACKPINK edged the JYP girls just a little bit. Don't be sad, Twice. Y'all can keep those Music Bank and Inkigayo trophies though. Kii.

    Let's proceed to the commentary, shall we? Let's let @junglefish's shady commentary go away now.

    Sorry BLACK PINK, Berry Good did it better...
    ...but PLAYING WITH FIRE is still pretty amazing.

    Good save, cyst. @Capitan, take us one last time with your essay as well.

    This is exactly what I wanted to see from BLACKPINK. This is what I wanted to hear from BLACKPINK. Playing With Fire has a fresh and new sound that I think YG should direct them in. For the first time, I don't hear the resemblence or comparison to 2NE1 (rip). Since their debut, every other song they released gave me the impression that it was recorded for 2NE1 except this song. I just loved it from start to finish and hope they continue to release bops like this.

    YATH, I found a comrade. @He himself is getting shadier by the minute too.

    The new daughters of YG, I hate their hype and the YG fandom but I can’t keep away from these nice tracks they are releasing. The second single is just as good as the first double A side because of this great track, though STAY is a bit shit. I love Rosé and Lisa, Jisoo is amazing for all the wrong reasons, and the other one is kinda there. I’ll keep following them and loving / hating them.

    That other chick is named Jennie, cyst. @ryan_riot92, don't tell me you're going the shady way as well?

    This song is so different from your typical YG stuff and I think that’s why people are gravitating toward this over their first set of singles. It’s got that euro-dance flavor and packs a punch. The video is so visually stunning as well.

    Oh thank God, a straightforward compliment-filled post. @ThighHighs is spreading the Hallyu wave one gay at a time. Go sis.

    This song has officially gotten my roommate to request KPop songs for the first time. Queens of turning gays into bilingual pop connoisseurs.

    @roux, baby, let's end this now. Please end this on a high note.

    These girls will undoubtedly suffer, mostly at the hands of YG but there's plenty of people out there who are also at fault because they won't even give them a chance. As someone who can barely tolerate most 2NE1 songs, Blackpink are a refreshing change from the YG norm.

    Truly the monster rookies of 2016, no matter what the upcoming MAMA awards tell you, and this is a monster track. They didn't just snatch my wig, they burnt it.

    MAMA who? Oh, that awards show that calls itself the Grammys of Asia? KEEP IT. But I'll still low-key watch that mess of a show. Kii.

    Last edited: Aug 18, 2018
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  11. Great job Slicey , A.K.A Queen of writing-ups !
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  12. Oh no I feel like I have to defend Minho now...

    I like Minho! He's obviously the 3rd best member! I just wish they gave him a day off when they went to the recording studio this time.
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  13. Not me not reading the rules and not knowing I had to rank the songs in order for maximum points.
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  14. Well. I guess that's it for me, your ~Shaman Unnie~.

    I'm gonna have to tend to Park Geun Hye now that she's threatening to give up the presidency.

    You know, the mundane stuff. Ugh, such a boring life.

    Let me give a quick thank you to @Slice of Life for indulging my caprices. I enjoyed taking over your charts. I might one day host the reveals again. Maybe after all this unnecessary drama regarding my alleged negative influence to the Korean public. Ugh, such a pathetic life.

    Also, thank you everyone who kept on commenting while I was doing the reveals. @Alouder98 for always hitting that Like button (y'all shall follow his lead). @roux for his gifs and dramatic Momoland-related quips. @Squashua for his dramatics both in writing and gif form. And all of you, really. Thank you from the bottom of my black heart.

    As a thank you gift, I will leave you with my most precious image.




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  15. That stage exit!
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  16. Playing With Fire actually sounds the most like a 2NE1 song to me, heh.
  17. Playing with Fire is great truth be told but I think peaking at #3 on the ol' GAON was about right for it. It's not one I'm going to remember or pursue come mid-2017.

    Fantastic work @ShamanUnnie (you did well too cyst @Slice of Life )
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  18. For me Stay is the only song that a bit sounds like 2ne1 . Actually every time i listen to its chorus i say " Where i heard this before ? " but i love it anyway !
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  19. Stay is the most 2NE1 for me, too - the good bits are spoilt a bit by the bad bits. The verses are lovely but the chorus can make it sound a bit disjointed.
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  20. The chorus and the rap sectio of Stay really jar me
    This is my main problem with all of Blackpink's songs except Playing With Fire. My problem with PWF is the anti-climatic ending.
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