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K-Popjustice Charts - November 2017 Edition - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. He


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  2. Um I was half the thread I think you need to scale participation grades. Also where are my points for saying red velvet album tracks that don’t deserve it plus your tacky boy band taste (WHICH I SEE OTHERS GOT AWAY WITH).

    ALSO I got you following people yesterday, which is an act of kindness to others in the Kpop forum. AND I got a shoutout for getting you to 20000 likes yesterday.

  3. Next round.

    Who? Tell me and I'd happily deduct their points. xoxo
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  4. Also, please don't fight. And please don't kill me.

    This is just for fun.

  5. Lots of people said tacky boy bands in your points post.

    Also please respond to my edited applications for random acts of kindness.
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  6. Not on my watch.

    @Slice of Life wanted mess, I’ll give you ultra competitive mess!!!!!
  7. Aww i'm going to miss that smarmy Sejeong gif but still, I mean...
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  8. Feel that DUMBLEDORÉ fantasy a bitsy!
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  9. Fun fact! 627 is also the number of copies Jessi sold of Gucci.
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  10. Yea I spotted two:
    How are these not considered random acts of kindness???
  11. I refuse to keep participating in this competition because it's an extremely capitalist thing to make people compete over something this silly.


    Actually it's because I suck and sucking hurts less when you pretend to not care about it because of ideals.
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  12. Remember when I was going to boycott? @Slice of Life is a monster.
  13. Although I didn’t care about this rule, @send photo just delivered to me another exposé.

    No early voter points?

    This is a sham.
  14. OH yeah fuck I forgot, where are my early voting points!


  15. The Trudeau Twins really are the evil.

    How can I disqualify them? Please give me the perfect excuse. This will count for the Random Acts of Kindness. xoxo
  16. WAIT.

    Explain, sis.

    @Slice of Life
  17. Are you Shaman-unnie or not? You can do whatever you want. Just write a new rule saying everytime people ask for points, they lose some.
    Now would be a good time to give me 200 points for thinking about this, by the way. NOT ASKING. Just a suggestion.
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