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K-Popjustice Charts - October 2017 Edition - SEASON TWO PREMIERE! - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Annyeong haseyo, chingu-deul! Welcome to the second season of the...


    A total of 50 K-Pop enthusiasts took part in the historic first season of the KPJC. And I'm hoping we'll welcome more participants this time around. Please let's not make KPJC suffer a sophomore slump. That would traumatize me for life ddddd.

    Here's an exclusive look at our spanking new_rules.mp3 :

    1. Send me a PM that includes a ballot of 10 songs and 3/4/5 albums. Kindly rank these songs and albums too.
    2. The albums can be full length, mini album, or single album as long as it includes a minimum of three songs that are not instrumentals, remixes, intros, outros, and interludes.
    3. The songs can be singles, album tracks, or whatever as long as it is released by a K-Pop artist in whatever language. This means J-Pop and C-Pop releases of K-Pop artists count.
    4. The songs and albums should have been released on or before October 30, 2017.
    5. The charts should be what you've been listening to in the past month.
    6. Your #1 ranked song gets 10 points and your #1 ranked album gets 5.
    7. The total points earned builds the chart.
    8. Ties are broken by # of voters, then by quality of votes received, and are left as a tie if we still can't break parity.
    9. Commentary is mandatory. Commentary is highly appreciated but not mandatory.
    10. Accept Shaman Unnie as the one true Kween of Pop.

    Honestly, these are just very minimal updates because y'all didn't really give me suggestions and shit. Flop unnies! But if y'all have suggestions now, I will listen to them and evaluate them. Because I am a saint.

    Additional question for this edition:

    If you could be a K-Pop star, what would your name be?

    If y'all can very extra with your answers, that would be great, thanks. Y'all can PM me with your answers or just post them here in the thread.

    Deadline of ballots is on October 31, 2017, Tuesday, 00:00 KST.

    PMs will be sent five days before the deadline to remind/threaten everyone to vote. Tagging sessions will happen three days and one day before the deadline. I am that thirsty for more voters. Don't @ me.

    *75 degree bow*

    I'm not a nugu rookie anymore so I can get away with a little attitude now kekeke.
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  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    1. Twice - Likey
    145 points

    2. Taemin - Move
    141 points

    3. Odd Eye Circle - Girl Front
    105 points

    4. Twice - One More Time
    86 points

    5. A.C.E - Callin'
    80 points

    6. HA:TFELT - I Wander (feat. Gaeko)
    79 points

    7. SF9 - O Sole Mio
    74 points

    8. LOOΠΔ / Kim Lip - Eclipse
    64 points

    9. Sunmi - Gashina
    61 points

    10. Odd Eye Circle - Loonatic
    53 points

    11. Jimin - Hallelujah
    39 points

    12. GOT7 - You Are
    38 points

    13. NU'EST W - Where You At
    37 points

    14. Playback - Want You To Say
    36 points

    15. The Uni+ - My Turn
    30 points

    16. Taemin - Love
    30 points

    17. Epik High - Home Is Far Away
    30 points

    18. HA:TFELT - Read Me (feat. Punchnello)
    30 points

    19. Rainz - Juliette
    28 points

    20. HyunA - Babe
    26 points


    21. Yaeji - Drink I'm Sipping On
    26 points

    22. EXO - Power
    26 points

    23. Taemin - Heart Stop
    25 points

    24. Twice - Rollin'
    23 points

    25. JBJ - Fantasy
    22 points



    1. Taemin - Move
    75 points

    2. Odd Eye Circle - Mix & Match
    50 points

    3. Twice - twicetagram
    50 points

    4. GOT7 - 7 for 7
    18 points

    5. Epik High - We've Done Something Wonderful
    16 points

    6. HyunA - Following
    12 points

    7. CLC - Free'sm
    11 points

    8. BTS - Love Yourself: Her
    11 points

    9. Rad Museum - Scene
    9 points

    10. Wanna One - 1X1=1 (To Be One)
    8 points


    11. pH-1 - The Island Kid
    7 points

    12. HIGHLIGHT - Celebrate
    6 points

    =13. Girls' Generation - Holiday Night
    6 points

    =13. IU - A Flower Bookmark 2
    6 points

    15. EXO - The War: The Power of Music
    6 points
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  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    I'm frankly having a hard time doing this now since my source of data for the new releases is still on hiatus. So if anyone is bored and in the mood for charity work, please help me on this one. @Sanctuary unnie and @Alouder98 maknae, I'm tagging y'all because y'all have been very helpful with me before. xoxo

    Oh and y'all can comment now.
  4. For your consideration

  5. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Vote for Taemin if y’all don’t want to face my wrath.
  6. Everyone who had anything good to say about One More Time don't be afraid, it's time we stand together as ONCE and finally place the queens of Korea on the KPJC throne.
  7. give us the favorite moments from season 1 wench
  8. YES! @Slice of Life

    Anyway, I can't wait to see TWICE break a new record.
  9. 10
    NU'EST W
    Where U At

    7 for 7
    You Are

    Hash Tag
    The Girl Next Door

    To Me

    Knights of the Sun
    O Sole Mio

    Good Night

    2017 Special Photo Edition
    Going Crazy

    I Wander (feat Gaeko) / Read Me (feat PUNCHNELLO)

    Doyoung (NCT) & Sejeong (gugudan)
    Star Blossom

    The Uni+
    My Turn

    Can Be Better

    Brother Act
    Missing You


    Blue & Red
    Regrets (with Heize)



    One More Time

    The Uni+
    Last One

    Untold Story

    Epic High
    We've Done Something Wonderful
    Romance Novel (feat. IU) / Empty Car (feat. Oh Hyuk)

    Jimin (AOA)
    #RTJ (Ready To Jimin)


    Odd Eye Circle
    Mix & Match Repackage
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  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I'll think about it. xoxo
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  11. Myeon.
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  12. Vote for NU'EST, RAINZ (King Eunki) and JBJ y'all. Don't let our Produce 101 hunties flop. (And spare a thought for SF9)

    ALSO @Alouder98 you forgot Rainz!
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  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    What type of music will you release though?

    Come on, I'm gonna need more than a name. Kekeke.

    But thanks for being the only one who answered my question, unnie! <3
  14. Vote for TWICE and SF9. Oh and DIA I guess.
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  15. I'm working on a new 'innocent ahjussi' concept.
    Plenty of aegyo.
    Power choreo.

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  16. Can I be SQU✩ASH? My first single would be called "Hey Gourd", released during the Harvest season and have a mystical farmyard-meets-Pan's Labryinth concept where I play an Orange Caramel inspired Faun. There'd be a pan pipe trap-lite breakdown, video game glitches coupled with a banjo, the drum beat would be made entirely of farm animal sounds (mainly goat bleats) and there's a spoken word outro where I just whisper different crop types Natalia Kills style. Oh and the choreo is a Paso Doble / Sirtaki fusion.

    That's "Hey Gourd" now avaliable on MeLon in an alternate reality.
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  17. I'm credited as a producer for the track.
  18. If I were to become an idol, I’d call myself Wonho cuz I’d be a ho for that Korean Won!
  19. I vote for just: ShuA.

    And you left out the part about the Yasutaka Nakata collabs.

    Oh, shit. Was that a secret? Fuck. Sorry.
  20. [​IMG]
    We're just in "talks" currently convincing him to make me the one goatboy answer to imperial phase Perfume (and ShuA's my moniker for the Chinese debut don't cha know.)
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