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K-Popjustice Charts - September 2017 Edition - SEASON ONE FINALE! - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    nñn I'm the biggest critic of BTS' vocal line for the sole fact that none of them can actually sing, but I can't help but agree to this. The fun thing about BTS' rap line was that they've always been really gritty and raw, and this hardly shows here. Mic Drop perhaps has the best contribution by the rap line, but not counting the outro Namjoon is completely fading to the background and it's such a waste of the best idol rapper out there. I dare say he's one of the best rappers in Korea, even.
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  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Agree 100%.

    I think it's a shame because - no shade to the vocal line I literally stan Jin - but people started checking for BTS because of the rap line and to see them fade to the background like that... no thank you.
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  3. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    The irony is that people check on BTS because of their rap line, but it's actually the maknae line (which is the vocal line minus Godjin) that gets most of the attention.

    And I mean, they are making music that is meant to be more commercial so they oughta sacrifice something, it's just a shame they are sacrificing what actually made them different from every other boy group.
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  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    Loen Entertainment / Fave Entertainment

    31 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 1

    5 - @Aries
    4 - @Serg., @Kuhleezi
    3 - @junglefish, @ryan_riot92, @Deja-Boo, @Monkey0, @ajmkv
    2 - @eccentricsimply
    1 - @Alouder98


    Yes, I didn't vote for this.

    Yes, I am 100% a flop.

    Yes, y'all can hate me (or continue doing so).



    No but really. Lemme explain myself here before @junglefish even tries to scalp me.

    I actually didn't listen to this by choice ddddddd. I didn't enjoy the first Kkot-Galpi album and frankly, I didn't enjoy Last Night Story when I first heard it. So why check the album, right? I'll just be blasting Palette while y'all sleep away to this covers album.

    Oh wow, what a mistake that was.

    After a few plays, Last Night Story clicked with me.

    And after the voting period, I finally listened to the album.



    Like, how can IU do me like this??? How can she release covers and still kill me???

    The first song alone, Autumn Morning, decimated me to absolute pieces and I had to look away from my bus seatmate because I started getting emotional. WTF.

    Get outta here, trick!

    I might actually enjoy this more than the Palette album. And the Palette album is already amazing. IU, KINDLY LEAVE ME ALONE OK THANK U. LIKE, BACK OFF ALREADY.

    This may have missed my September ballot but there is no way in hell that this will miss my year-end list for my most favourite albums.

    I... uh... I'm actually shqqk ajmkv unnie is here for this album??? The more you know...

    Another cover album? I'm HERE for it. The first Flower Bookmark is one of my favorite K-Pop minis and this one delivers once again.

    Thank Shaman Unnie I wasn't the only one moved to to tears by this album. What's good, Serg. unnie.

    This album actually made me cry, she's just that powerful and good.

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  5. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    Odd Eye Circle

    81 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 1
    Months on Chart: 1

    5 - @send photo, @He, @BEST FICTION, @ryan_riot92, @Kuhleezi, @LA Hallucinations, @D is for Danger!
    4 - @Aries, @junglefish, @GeiPanda, @Deja-Boo, @eccentricsimply
    3 - @Sanctuary, @Squashua, @R92, @PopZeitgeist
    2 - @Alouder98, @Cotton Park, @Island, @Serg., @Vesperly, @Ceir, @Slice of Life


    Odd Eye Circle just became the first artists to top both the regular PJ Charts and the K-Popjustice Charts.

    I mean, forgive me for saying this but...


    After not appearing on our album chart (we basically pretended that one LOOΠΔ 1/3 album didn't exist), these girls simply swooped in and snatched that first place very, very casually. Kweens!

    Mix & Match is of course the first mini album of Odd Eye Circle - the subunit that we deserved after losing Orange Caramel. The Mix & Match album is seriously tanking on the Korean charts but who cares huh??? Who cares? The more relevant KPJC just crowned this album as number 1 and I don't think there is a more important accolade than that. So congrats, girls!

    I won't go far and hyperbolic and extra and say that this is Reboot level of amazing. Of course not. This is not even Wonder World level. But it is more than competent. First of all, I like how cohesive it sounds. There was a concept behind this (BlockBerryCreative is addicted to concepts after all) and I'm glad it's a good concept. I like how everything is masked as fun, girly, energetic music but there are dark undertones here. The single Girl Front is probably the least dark. Third track, Loonatic, is not commercial, I'll give it that. Drowned out vocals, spooky Tumblr pussy production... I mean, are we sure this isn't a lost ArtAngels track? Chaotic sees the girls getting their RnB on and it works. And the opening track Odd (to call it a track is generous, I know) is perfect.

    For a debut mini album, this is insanely good. And it makes me excited for future LOOΠΔ releases. LOOΠΔ 3/3, you have been warned.

    PS Please work with Daniel Obi Klein again. I BEG YOU KWEENS!

    Serg. unnie just shaded Chaotic. Not on my watch, cyst!

    After the hype has stopped, I can say I really love the opening three tracks, like really a lot, but the other 2 are just not on the same level

    Indie chanteuse Ceir unnie is surprisingly NOT HERE for that ~alt~ Loonatic production. Shqqk!

    It’s…cute! Lunatic honestly bothers me, because you can’t even here the girls singing. But, that aside, Chaotic and Girl Front are the major standouts for me. The mini is solid.

    I don't know what a Garanimal is so if you could talk about that further, Cotton Park unnie, that would be great thanks.

    The Garanimals of KPop. Color coordinated.

    You know what? I was expecting Squashua unnie to give this album all out praises so this commentary has me feeling a little weird. But a stan is a stan and the good unnie still came through with awesome, if not all out, praises.

    The title was accurate for sure. What I appreciate about this incarnation of LOONA is that whilst Girl Front is far and away the least edgy or curveball thing the OEC have put out, there's still plenty of that Love Letter/Puzzle slinky rnb magic hidden away under the surface. Chaotic and Starlight make for a phenomenal 1-2 punch and easily eh-cuh-leeps Loonatic's slightly over-produced poppery (although even the production there is pretty much flawless). So it sold basically nothing but TOP 10 ON THE US WORLD CHARTS GUYS. It's not a We did it kids moment but it'll do.

    Let's finish this write-up with the most positive commentary. Take it away, mother He!

    Bop after bop, after sultry rnb jam. Even the pseudo ballad is good. They knocked out of the park… now get some CFs babes, to pay that huge debt.

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  6. I'm sorry unnies, but I cannot condone this MIX & MATCH coming out on top, when a far superior MIX & MATCH (MXM) only managed to bubble under.

    Before I get attacked, I actually did enjoy the Loona album T___T.
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  7. He


    I actually think Starlight is also a great track, just as good as Chaotic.
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  8. @Squashua and I have talked about this at length, but Chaotic is probably the best song on the album.
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  9. He


    Brag about your clique within a clique a bit.
  10. It’s our very own KPJ subunit modeled after Odd Eye Circle, Odd Eye Squeir!
  11. All I hear is...
  12. Watch me end up in a flop subunit like SPICA.S.
  13. You and @D is for Danger! can release a cover of Oppa Oppa.
  14. Fuck BRE4D, BE4RD is the hottest group on the market now!
  16. Media play? I want that daesang dammit!
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  17. I'm proud to announce I had nothing to do with that Odd Eye mess.
  18. Misha why must you hurt me like this?
  19. This is why I didn't give you points in KPSC.
  20. As we're debuting sub-units, I'd like to announce the formation of a new duo consisting of @Squashua and @Slice of Life. Pre-order their debut mini-album SLICE&SQUASH now to receive a special bonus poster, pack of picture cards, and a limited edition tote! xxx

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