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K-Popjustice Charts - September 2017 Edition - SEASON ONE FINALE! - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. 14


    from the Demo_01 mini album
    Cube Entertainment

    30 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 14
    Months on Chart: 1

    8 - @Monkey0
    5 - @BEST FICTION, @LightningRider
    4 - @Squashua, @karmarisma, @Slice of Life

    Why are we eliminating one of the best releases this month at a dismal 14th place??? Tragique. Pop Injustice.

    Like This is the latest single of ten-piece boy group from Cube Entertainment, Pentagon. And it is a seriously amazing song. Hui did that! He's my new favourite idol songwriter.

    Like This is easily Pentagon's best single yet and it's a shame they're not making a breakthrough already. Like, these guys have it all. Vocals, visuals and now a certified emoti-bop. What more can South Korea want??? I love how this doesn't sound like anything nowadays. They could have easily came back with a safe tropi-bop a la the other boy groups but they made a conscious effort to come back with a fresh sound. We need to help Pentagon happen, unnies! Kino and the rest are too pretty to flop!!!

    My only criticism is that weird-ass breakdown-rap whatever after the first chorus. What in the actual fuck. Since when did Hyunseung join Pentagon? Even the whiny voice is an exact copy. That was so unnecessary and totally destroyed the momentum the song was building. Fortunately it immediately ended. If someone could make me a copy of the song without that part, I would love you forever. xoxo

    Dddddd Squashua unnie also came for that tragique part of the song. YATH. Kill it with fire, unnie.

    Is Pentagon successful and at least mid-tier yet? They've been drumming up a lot of support with their song-writing efforts (for songs I can't remember right now... oops) and you can see why they're heading towards being this gen's B1A4. Like This aims for that rousing stadium pop-rock with the chants, the distant delivery of the verses and the bristle of emotions dotted around all over the place. Where it falls for me, and why it only gets 4 points, is I HATE the first rap section, especially the guy with the whiny voice. It's so off-putting and unnecessary that it dampens a 9/10 song to a 7/10 - it's that bad. That being said, I hope their support starts building as this is the best thing they've released so far and they deserve more recognition for their talents.

    I'm so mad you have already seen Kino and the other boys live, karmarisma unnie. Please tell us more stories!

    Is this Pentagon's answer to Chainsmokers' disappointingly repetitive discography? Obviously not, because it's better than anything they've released. It feels like Pentagon made their own version of Seventeen's 'Don't Wanna Cry' which is not a bad thing, because 'Like This' is a solid song. And I tell you, Jinho and Hui are really incredible singers live.

    LightningRider unnie is seriously hard to please these days, damn. Simon Cowell realness. I stan.

    This feels more like the song you have after your hit single, not so much your attempt at one, but it’s still a better direction than they’ve previously had.

    I just know y'all are gonna piss off Monkey0 unnie with the way you treated ha Pentagon babies.

    ANGST ANGST MELANCHOLY HEARTBREAK - my favourite themes!




    Girls' Generation
    from the Holiday Night album
    SM Entertainment

    32 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: 2
    Peak Position: 2
    Months on Chart: 2

    9 - @Alouder98
    8 - @Aries
    7 - @Overdose
    5 - @ajmkv
    2 - @karmarisma
    1 - @GeiPanda

    I LIKE
    *synthy sounds*

    - Mother Teresa, no doubt

    Last month's second placer exits the top 10 altogether. Oh wow. The competition is proving to be tough huh.

    All Night is the other Girls' Generation single off their new album, Holiday Night. And it is honestly such a jam still.

    I don't know how anyone can hate it? It's one of those songs that just ooze euphoria and good vibes and happiness and butterflies and Shaman Unnie. It's such a perfect little song.

    The music video is a cute little affair too and has great replay value. I'm still in awe of Sooyoung's beauty, teebs. She looks sensational.

    Dddd yath karmarisma. YoonA may be releasing absolute turd solo songs but I can't fault ha iconic I Like To Party line.

    Soshi queens have been sticking around for a while, but that's just because All Night gets better the more you listen to it and it would be a lie to say that I don't get hyped when I hear Yoona's legendary 'I like to party' . Seohyun and Taeyeon MAKE this song.

    It truly is a shame, ajmkv unnie. I mean, I'm still so bitter that this flopped while Korea stanned the shite Party too much. Bye.

    It's such a crime that this was overlooked. K-Pop is truly something else these days if SNSD of all groups are flopping... oh well.

    Oh, you wanted to shame Hyoyeon, Overdose unnie? Just show ha the latest Gaon ranking of Holiday and All Night, cyst. Kekeke. I'm just playing.

    The second this kicks in I'm ready to dance. I'm living my fringe outfit fantasy by the time the chorus kicks in and putting Hyoyeon to shame once that breakdown hits.

  2. 12


    from the Rainbow mini album (repackage)
    Source Music

    37 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 12
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @GeiPanda
    9 - @junglefish
    8 - @Alouder98, @BEST FICTION
    2 - @Aries


    Summer Rain is the single off GFriend's fifth mini album repackage, Rainbow. And uhhhhh, I'm so sorry please don't attack me @junglefish but I am not here for this.

    I love Love Whisper now and I think it's at least better than Glass Bead but Summer Rain??? No thank you. I don't hate it. How can I hate any song by these girls? I just find it... beige. And the last thing that I wanted from them is beige. Apink can keep that concept. Stay away from Yeoja Chingu!

    I think the verses deserved a better chorus. The chorus sounds too... safe and does not match the melancholia displayed by the verses.

    I do think this will grow on me like what happened with Love Whisper but I'm not necessarily excited to play this often. I'd rather listen to Rainbow which should have been the single, if I may add.

    I hope they return to their former glorious self and give us quality music again. Rooting for you, babes. x




    from the Love Yourself: Her mini album
    Big Hit Entertainment

    38 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 11
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Cotton Park, @Monkey0
    8 - @PopZeitgeist
    5 - @Deja-Boo
    3 - @LA Hallucinations


    DNA is the records-shattering new single of BTS from their new mini album, Love Yourself: Her.

    Wait who am I supposed to love??? Myself or her???

    Anyway, unlike some very vocal people on this subforum, I actually quite enjoyed this. Listening to it now, yeah, I actually still like it. It's a style of music that's right up my alley so that's why I'm here for it.

    But make no mistake: this is still easily their worst single since... I don't even remember ddddd. Seriously, what happened to quality control, @Big Hit Entertainment?

    First of all, the instrumental/breakdown chorus trend is sooooo yesterday. It wasn't good then and it still isn't good now. I ain't supporting laziness, tricks!

    Second, what the hell happened to my always amazing Rap Line??? Why are their raps so underwhelming here? Suga sweetie, you were my first bias but no. This is below your usual quality. RapMon, why??? Where is your iconic flow??? Your awesome rhyming??? Bring it back.

    Thank God that Vocal Line's parts are so good that I barely care about Rap Line's tragic showing. I'm not a fan of V's weird-ass vocal stylings but it kinda works here, I have to admit. And Jin - KING OF POP THAT HE IS - snatched ample airtime so I can't be mad, really.

    And third, what is this music video???????????????? Can we go back to homoeroticism??? Back to making out with statues??? Back to awesome choreography shots??? This music video is just... meh. And the fact that this is beat As If It's Your Last's YouTube records??? No. Blood, Sweat & Tears deserved to smash those records. That music video was just epic.

    Sigh. I'm so sorry for this rather negative write-up. I just really expected something better from BTS. I don't want them to lose their talent and good songs while their chasing good Billboard Chart placements. It's not worth it.

    I'll be praying you come back with a better single, music video, era next time, BTS babies. Don't fail me.

    Yeah, they kept it way too cute, Monkey0 unnie. I don't come to BTS for cuteness!

    Well, our Kings. Keeping it cute to give others some time to breathe and not feel like total garbage.

    Yeah, PopZeitgeist unnie, ARMY truly broke those records. Congrats, hardworking babes!

    I mean cmon, ARMY did that

    Okay, let's at least end this post with a much needed dose of Cotton Park positivity. Take it away, unnie!

    I'm not ARMY yet, but I'm really obsessed with this song and especially the performance of it. There's a reason BTS is who they are - their combination of vocals (V's voice in particular is kryptonian to me), rap flow, stunning choreo and charisma is impressive. Despite the contrarian tendency we might have at KPJ, hell, just being KPop fans at all, really, is pretty contrarian, BTS is one of those heavily hyped KPop groups that really kinda deserves their hype. This isn't one of their most disruptive, brilliant, kick-the-door-down songs but that's almost what I like about it. It's probably not even the best song on the album, but I find myself drawn back to it more than the others. "DNA" has a odd mix of slow-jam chill and punchy power pop, beautiful building tension and brash release, and at a pace that gives each member an opportunity to weave their own particular style or charm into it, finally all coming together in a wonderfully building and exploding bridge and final chorus. The last minute of this song is why I love KPop, pure and simple. The vocals and choreo are so crisp and intense and the bulletproof boys simply knock it out of the park. I kinda like it.

  3. I'm glad someone else agrees me about that Pentagon rap verse. Ouch, arguably one of the worst of its kind in K-pop this year - it's just so unnecessary.

    I like BTS more that I know Jin's name & he has lines.
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  4. If this month’s charts have taught me anything, it’s that there’s only one person I can count on on this godforsaken forum...
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  5. You vote Gfriend 2nd once and you wanna act brand new like last month didn’t happen? The Buddies are coming for you.
  6. [​IMG]
    I'm the resident Buddy of this forum. Where were you when @D is for Danger! and his army were calling Summer Rain beige?! It's too easy to just post a GFRIEND MV once in a while and then disappear!!!
  7. Dddddd this "who is the realest GFriend stan of KPJ" narrative is my favourite subplot of KPJC. When will @GeiPanda unnie make another iconic comeback though?
  8. I don't know how familiar you all are with Pentagon, but E'Dawn has been stinking up pretty much all of their songs with his nasals...but over time I've kinda come to dig it a lot actually.

    I'd also argue that Pentagon's 2016 singles run was just as great as 'Like This' (if not better). People just didn't know they existed.

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  9. Pentagon just have poor choices when it comes to title tracks. I remember this forum loving Lukewarm from their first mini and it really should have been their debut—it was fresh back in 2016 before the tropical sound got done to death.

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  10. ONTO THE TOP 10!!!



    from the Every DAY6 September single album
    JYP Entertainment (Studio J)

    42 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 10
    Months on Chart: 1

    10 - @send photo, @Deja-Boo
    7 - @Monkey0
    6 - @Sanctuary, @Slice of Life
    3 - @ryan_riot92



    Even though @Ceir unnie officially shredded ha DAY6 stan card, we still made it. I'm so, so happy.

    I Loved You is the emotional 9th (!!!) single of DAY6 for this year alone. And oh my God, I'm happy that the trilogy of You Were Beautiful - I Smile - I Loved You is complete. What a holy trinity. Dowoon They did that!

    In all honesty, this never reached the highs of You Were Beautiful and I Smile but please don't @ me.

    This was the second installment of their "Wonpil's Tragic Unrequited Love." Wait, you mean to tell me that's not the narrative here? That we should be focusing on the love triangle of Sungjin, Cutie Jaw-y Unnie & Young K?


    This will always be about Wonpil's love unrequited love for Sungjin and y'all can keep your wrong narratives to yourself. In this house, we only root for Wonpil and Sungjin. Ok thank you.

    But my actual favourite scene?

    Of course, it involves Dowoon. I love how he got to play the character of a math genius. From counting simple 1, 2, 3 like this...


    To actually solving complex math problems???

    We love a legend!

    Our commentaries for this song are completely in gif form.

    First up is Monkey0 unnie.


    Same, cyst.

    And we have send photo.


    Loved??? Past tense??? What a whore. We are cancelled.

  11. Thanks for throwing me under the bus Tiffany!

    [​IMG] That I have better taste.
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  12. Dragging me for not stanning beige coffeeshop music. I see you.
  13. I would probably be voting for DAY6 every month if I wasn't too lazy and waiting for the full album ddddddd
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  14. How dare they disrespect their parents like that!!!! Such insolent children!!!
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  15. 9


    from the Color Crush mini album
    Hunus Entertainment

    52 POINTS

    Last Month's Position: N/A
    Peak Position: 9
    Months on Chart: 1

    9 - @Serg., @ohnostalgia
    7 - @LightningRider
    6 - @eccentricsimply, @D is for Danger!
    5 - @Squashua, @mokimbird
    4 - @Cotton Park
    1 - @junglefish


    No, but seriously. I love how they changed it up so fast for their comeback song. It made it easier to forget their dead-on-arrival debut. gu9udan teas. Keke.

    Pow Pow is the lead single of the girls' second mini album, Color Crush. And it's no less than a MonoTree production. We love budget increase!

    This is actually a grower for me. At first, I was so confused why the entire forum is getting their collective life from this... beigeness? All I heard was a cute song with a decent hook and a cute pronunciation of the word 'volcano.'

    But now? I stan. Well, soft stan but still.

    That chorus is just a dream, really. It's so syrupy sweet, it should be illegal. But it's not the type of sweetness that makes me cringe or combust from rage. And for once the aegyo is warranted because the girls are actual teenagers.

    Dddddd Sohee is a star but I'm also digging the pink haired cutie patootie, Cotton Park unnie.

    More stupidly addictive power pop from MonoTree who are sneakily owning KPop these days. Sohee is FAR OUT and oh, yeah, THAT is HOW you do a fuckin' rap break! Fuck yeah. Pow. POW! Love is... porque, no?

    D is for Danger! oppa is stanning for volcanoes now too. The effect of Moon Hyuna's marriage to you has been really brutal huh.

    I like how they draw out the pronunciation when they say the word volcano. Best part of the song for me.


    KARA-lite is better than Apink-lite, keep this up ladies and you have a bright future ahead of you—I promise!

    mokimbird is already ready to hand out the Gramama Award for Most Improved Artist huh. Not too fast, hunty!

    And the award for most improved goes to...

    Wait, Elris already has stans??? Well yes, meet Serg. unnie.

    After debut that was awful, Elris totally got it right with Pow Pow, it's hopefully a step they will head with their next releases, all of the girls are so amazing individually and together they create magic, I'm a STAN.

    And let's all read this commentary from Squashua unnie. The bold parts made me ugly-cackle wtf.

    They should have credited Google Translate with a feature for those VUL-KAY-NOH spoken sections. There's something early Ladies' Code about this deep under the surface, even if the surface has been cutiefied into a day-glo unicorn hair 90's supermarket commercial. That being said, this is so much better than their debut, the chorus is a massive earworm and it's the best use of natural disasters since Plastic Gangnam Unnie and Spirited Away Unnie started rolling around on skateboards yodelling Tornadoooooo to a bargain bin David Guetta beat.


  16. [​IMG]

    I'll have you know that I take my Dowoon stanning very, very seriously. I will stop at nothing just to see my child and his band reach the success that they deserve. Kekeke.
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  17. Stop trying to get people to call you daddy.
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  18. How can they when even their own mother calls someone else daddy?!
  19. Come through hot top 10 debut for queens of pop!
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