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K-Popjustice Charts - September 2017 Edition - SEASON ONE FINALE! - COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Sep 22, 2017.

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    @junglefish unnie really made sure to make it impossible for me to drag ha GFriend stanning abilities. Well done, cyst.

    1 GFRIEND - Rainbow
    2 GFRIEND - Summer Rain
    3 GFRIEND - Ave Maria
    4 GFRIEND - Love Whisper
    5 LOONA - Girl Front
    6 IU - Last Night's Story
    7 Hyuna - Babe
    8 IU - Secret Garden
    9 EXO - Power
    10 ELRIS - Pow Pow
    11 ZSUN - Ah Yah So Nice

    1 GFRIEND - Rainbow
    2 LOONA - Mix & Match
    3 IU - A Flower Bookmark 2
    4 EXO - The Power of Music
    5 B1A4 - Rollin'
    6 ELRIS - Color Crush


    A silent unnie but don't worry, I always appreciate your random bouts of flood likes, @Kuhleezi bby. x

    1. OEC - Girl Front
    2. OEC - Chaotic
    4. OEC - Starlight
    5. IU - Last Night Story
    6. PRISTIN - We Like
    7. Choerry - Love Cherry Motion
    8. SUNMI - Gashina
    9. YOONA - When The Wind Blows
    10. Hyuna - BABE

    1. OEC - Mix & Match
    2. IU - A Flower Bookmark
    4. SNSD - Holiday Night
    5. Hyuna - Following


    Comeback kween, @Monkey0 unnie, is the owner of my favourite ballot this edition. The scream I let out! Dddddd.


    I had to reschedule hook up sesh!


    1. B1A4 - Rollin'

    The quiet geniuses of K-Pop are back! Another comeback, another anthem! Thirst for blonde CNU is unreal. B1A4 are masters of edging, keeping that neo-tropic bop under wraps, never letting you climax!

    2. BTS - DNA

    Well, our Kings. Keeping it cute to give others some time to breathe and not feel like total garbage.

    3. PENTAGON - Like This

    ANGST ANGST MELANCHOLY HEARTBREAK - my favourite themes!

    4. DAY6 - I Loved You

    5. Sunmi - Gashina

    Finally, it's clikcing with me fully.

    6. LEE GIKWANG - What You Like

    It's 99% bopable.

    7. BLACK^IX - Like a Flower

    You thought tropic bops season was over? NOT.


    It's like the spirit of Koda Kumi got reborn in Korea.

    9. IU - Last night story

    Because I want to be a classy lady and IU gets me.

    10. Sik-K - Your Night

    I'm slut for troublerd sexy rappers and this one even served a bop so here we are. #BlameCeir


    1. BTS - LOVE YOURSELF "Her"

    2. IU - Flower Bookmark 2

    3. DAY6 - Every DAY6 September

    4. Royal Pirates - Hasta la Vista
    R.I.P babies

    5. VIXX LR - Whisper


    Did I totally just make up this @ohnostalgia ballot? We just don't know. Also, where are your likes, unnie? x

    IU - Last Night Story
    Elris - Pow Pow
    IU - Autumn Morning
    IU - Secret Garden
    IU - Sleepless Rainy Night
    IU - By the Stream
    IU - Everyday with You
    Elris - Heart Bank
    Elris - Roopretelcham
    Elris - Wonderland Girl


    Kween of recycling ha ballots, @Overdose unnie. PLEASE LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.

    I've honestly listened to hardly any new releases this month.

    My faves are all either hibernating, preparing for their next comeback or disbanded.


    Oh well, here's my votes.


    1. SUNMI - Gashina [I regret not giving this my 11 last month, Queen Sunmi truly did that with this release.]
    2. SVT LEADERS - 'CHANGE UP' [Change uuuup, change uuup change up. What a bop. I'm so ready for the next Seventeen album.]
    3. Girls' Generation - Holiday [HA HA HOLIDAY. HA-HA-HOLIDAY YEEEEEAAA. What a bop.]
    4. Girls' Generation - All Night [The second this kicks in I'm ready to dance. I'm living my fringe outfit fantasy by the time the chorus kicks in and putting Hyoyeon to shame once that breakdown hits.]
    4. KARD - Hola Hola [I'm still very much living for these stunning individuals and their tropical bops.]
    6. Red Velvet - Red Flavor [It's still summer in my ears thanks to these queens.]
    7. BTS - Go Go [Vernon vibing.gif]
    8. BTS - MIC DROP
    9. BTS - DNA
    10. BTS - Outro: Her


    1. Girls' Generation - Holiday Night [Funky queens. Bring on the repackage!]
    2. BTS - Love Yourself 承 'Her
    3. KARD - 'Hola Hola' The First Mini Album
    4. Red Velvet - The Red Summer
    5. EXID - Eclipse

    Okay so yes, this is my ballot from last month with one or two changes but I didn't want to miss out.

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    I'm still recovering from choice for Favourite KPJC moment, @eccentricsimply. You didn't have to come for me like that!

    I wanted to do something prettier but my internet is super shitty rn so I'm sending you these before it DIES ON ME

    1. EXO - Power
    2. ODD EYE CIRCLE - Girlfront
    3. Hyuna - BABE
    4. BTS - Pied Piper
    5. ELRIS - Pow Pow
    6. IU - Sleepless Rainy Night
    7. BTS - Outro: Her
    8. EXO - Sweet Lies
    9. BTS - Go Go
    10. BTS - Mic Drop

    1. EXO - The Power of Music
    3. BTS - Love Yourself: Her
    4. IU - A Flower Bookmark 2
    5. Hyuna - Following


    NEW WEKI MEKI STAN DETECTED! Welcome to the club, @PopZeitgeist! We meet on Wednesdays!

    1- Loonatic- LOOΠΔ
    2- Girl Front- LOOΠΔ
    3- DNA- BTS (I mean cmon, ARMY did that)
    4- Odd- LOOΠΔ
    5- Love City- 9muses
    6- Cream- EXID
    7- Excuse Me- AOA
    8- Gashina- Sunmi
    9- I Don't Like Your Girlfriend- Weki Meki
    10- We Like- Pristin

    Mix & Match- LOOΠΔ/Odd Eye Circle
    EXID- Street
    BTS- Love Yourself 'Her'


    I feel like I would enjoy a concert with @karmarisma unnie as a companion. So jealous of your K-Con Australia experience, unnie.

    I'm going to be the messy fangirl I am and vote for Wanna One again this month *prepares to flop*

    But in that case Here goes the ranking for a relatively uneventful month:


    1. Power - EXO
    From the first listen, I knew this was immediately making my Top 10 songs of the year. This is the first EXO track that just hit me, snatched my soul and stole my money after one listen from just the opening 20 seconds. I'm not even an EXO-L but I splurged on that cheesy graphic novel album.

    But just when I thought my soul had been snatched enough, I saw EXO perform Power live last Friday and THEY.WENT.OF. They were so perfect live that I relive the experience every time I listen to this song. What an absolute pop hit. I could probably write a whole essay on how much I love this song. The instrumental is just as good/if not better than this song.

    2. Energetic - Wanna One
    Wanna One isn't budging anywhere from my charts for a while. I still get chills when I hear that piano introduction play, and after seeing the boys dance like their lives depended on it to this song I love it even more. The Nation's Boy Group.
    Yes unnies, I have held Wanna One's hands and Ong, Daniel and Minhyun made eye contact with me. (They are actually Gods in real life) I have lived a prosperous life.

    3. Just U - Jung Sewoon (feat. Sik-K)
    I feel like Kpop is notorious for having 'guitar' based songs which are boring and don't go anywhere. I was bracing myself for Sewoon to do some acoustic ballad for his solo debut, but then got Sik-K on board to deliver a guitar banger and I am s h o o k. Hold me, unnies.

    4. Last Night Story - IU
    The instrumental is so 60s/classic sounding which usually isn't my cup of tea - but IU has a real gift for making old songs sound fresh. The music video is an absolute delight to watch a depressed IU watching an upbeat IU on TV and keeping a straight face with such a goofy song playing in the background.

    5. Babe - HyunA
    This is easily the best song HyunA has released in the last 3 years (Triple H's '365 Fresh' being an outlier). As much as I loved her trashy club banges, Babe is freaking catchy and HyunA is killing eht as always.

    6. Damdadi - Golden Child
    I was a little disappointed that Golden Child didn't take the same dark, metal, 'super synch' route that Infinite took. But then I remember that Infinite once debuted with 'She's Back'. The song is so catchy and I'm living for visual king Jangjun and temporary Sungyeol-replacement, Daeyeol at the moment.

    7. Like This - Pentagon
    Is this Pentagon's answer to Chainsmokers' disappointingly repetitive discography? Obviously not, because it's better than anything they've released. It feels like Pentagon made their own version of Seventeen's 'Don't Wanna Cry' which is not a bad thing, because 'Like This' is a solid song. And I tell you, Jinho and Hui are really incredible singers live.

    8. Burn It Up - Wanna One
    You lamented over it last month @Slice of Life unnie, but once again seeing Wanna absolute demolish this song live made it rise from the depths of YG's dungeon straight into this month's Top 10. WHAT.A.BANGER. *Prepares for this to flop*

    9. All Night - Girls' Generation
    Soshi queens have been sticking around for a while, but that's just because All Night gets better the more you listen to it and it would be a lie to say that I don't get hyped when I hear Yoona's legendary 'I like to party' . Seohyun and Taeyeon MAKE this song.

    10. Longguo & Shihyun - the.the.the
    This song did not get justice last month, but I'm ready to try again. This is very avant-garde and somewhat hypnotic. aju nicee.

    11. Unbelievable - Victon [Oh man, it was so hard to choose 10th. Victon JUST got edged out]...
    I wasn't crazy about this song until I saw Victon perform it live. They were so cheesy and energetic on stage, that it really stuck with me afterwards and I feel myself bopping along everytime 'Unbelievable' comes on.


    1. UNMIX - MXM
    This is just a solid album that rides all the current tropical house and hip hop trends. Nothing groundbreaking, but it's just right.

    2. 1x1=To Be One - Wanna One
    This song is a culmination of all my favourite Wanna One songs (i.e. all of them) so I see it sticking around until Taemin drops his album to end all albums. Who's ready for Wanna One's November Album?

    3. Following - HyunA
    Honestly, the album falls pretty far behind A'wesome, but I love Babe and Mirror

    4. Holiday Night - Girls' Generation
    With less slow songs, this album could've been a real GOAT. That said, it's very solid. Fan has been growing on me.

    5. Pentagon - Demo 01
    It's a really well-done album, and more so because the Pentagon guys made most of the songs and dances themselves. I see Hui rising as a talented composer, but I kinda wish he'd give Pentagon the same level of music he's been giving Produce 101/Wanna One.


    Kween of Ballots, @Mikl C unnie, came through again.

    We like
    Taeyeon wHy
    Ice Chu
    Love cherry


    I tried to make A LOT OF BOY GROUPS happen but I failed. It's me, the Failure Chanteuse, @Slice of Life.

    1. Longguo & Shihyun - the.the.the
    2. HyunA - Babe
    3. B1A4 - Rollin'
    4. Jeong Sewoon - Just U
    5. DAY6 - I Loved You
    6. Odd Eye Circle - Girl Front
    7. Pentagon - Like This
    8. VICTON - Unbelievable
    9. Seventeen - Change Up
    10. MXM - I'm The One

    1. B1A4 - Rollin'
    2. Longguo & Shihyun - the.the.the
    3. Jeong Sewoon - Ever
    4. Odd Eye Circle - Mix & Match
    5. HyunA - Following
  3. [​IMG]


    OG JooE stan @D is for Danger! oppar tried to rally for a "song" that is just crazy.

    Loona Girl Front - This song is everything! Shame it’s flopping in Korea. Stupid Koreans!
    The girls serve it all! Visuals, vocals and spitfire raps galore! The rap section, with minimal accompaniment is sublime. Choerry’s “naran saram my boy!” gets me. Every. Single. Damn. Time. Stan Loona y’all!

    Dreamcatcher Sleepwalking - I left this one off my ballot last month but it’s back with a vengeance. I haven’t listened to a song as much as I have this one. So good!

    Loona Loonatic - I love how they drowned out the vocals. It gives the song an ethereal quality.

    Sunmi Gashina

    Elris Volcano - I like how they draw out the pronunciation when they say the word volcano. Best part of the song for me.

    Sonamoo Friday Night

    9muses love city

    Eyedi Tomorrowland

    Wanna one energetic

    Jooe Tropicana teuk teuk

    Queen of thirst quenching CFs! Queen of dancing machines!

    Queen of trolling on Twitch!

    Loona mix and match
    Dreamcatcher prequel
    Nine muses love city repackage
    Hyuna 6th mini album
    Pristin school out


    @ajmkv unnie threatened to kill me if I don't wait for his vote so please blame him for the delay of the results. Kii.

    Hey unnie! Sorry I'm holding things up, I fell asleep like a flop last night and I somehow slept.... way too much, haha. Anway, here are my picks!

    1. Eclipse - Loona (Kim Lip)
    OK, this has grown on me to the point where it's inscapable and it's amazing. It gets better with every listen, and I really love it. I'm hoping that Loona releases more things like this because I am in love.

    2. Girl Front - Loona (Odd Eye Circle)
    What is it with these girls? They really are destroying the game right now and they haven't even revealed the full group! This subunit is a dream, I'm so happy that they kept it at just these three girls because they work so well together. The outfits in this video, unghhhhhhhhh TO DIE FOR.
    unghhhh YES.

    3. Last Night Story - IU
    This girl continues to be amazing. I don't know how she's managed to consistently release top-notch music, but I'm not complaining! This is yet another excellent song.

    4. Eodiya - CLC
    I feel like CLC is singing this to me - Eodiya, ajmkv come back!~~~~~~~~~~~

    5. Babe - HyunA
    The pronunciation of BÉ-BÉ is what makes this song. Iconique.

    6. All Night - SNSD
    It's such a crime that this was overlooked. K-Pop is truly something else these days if SNSD of all groups are flopping... oh well.

    7. Holiday - SNSD
    Is it unpopular to like this? Sue me.

    8. Fly High - Dreamcatcher
    Ooooh OK, I'm finally catching up with Dreamcatcher and I liiiiike. This is very good.

    9. Gashina - Sunmi
    Oops I almost forgot to give this points. Here you go Sunmi unnie.

    10. Power - EXO

    1. A Flower Bookmark 2 - IU
    Another cover album? I'm HERE for it. The first Flower Bookmark is one of my favorite K-Pop minis and this one delivers once again.

    2. The Red Summer - Red Velvet
    It's full of bops. A great little release.

    3. Stellar In To The World - Stellar
    OK, I'm not sorry for still bopping to this months after its release. It's THAT good.

    And let me just say that I'm calling out GFriend for being so unbelievably basic with their latest release. Bye.


    The final voter is Miss @LA Hallucinations but I cannot show you the ballot because it's gone. The good cyst voted through the medium of Snapchat and I already deleted my screenshot of said ballot. Kii. (If you have the ballot, please share it with the unnies. x)
  4. WIG!!!

    I WE DID THAT!!!

    One complete season of the K-Popjustice Charts...

    And we're just getting started...


    FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH UNNIES. Lemme just tag all the voters, past & present, for the support you gave to the charts. You are the true star of KPJC!

    @Cotton Park
    @D is for Danger!
    @LA Hallucinations
    @Mikl C
    @Petit nain des Îles
    @roux / @LOOΠΔ
    @send photo
    @Slice of Life


    Now, we can't end the first season like this, amirite??? Where's the extra-ness?

    Well, here it is.

    On Tuesday night (KST), I will be presenting awards. To whom, you're just gonna have to wait and see. Kekeke.

    The name of the award show is...





    Thank you @Squashua unnie for your services.


    Those who haven't submitted their answers to Favourite KPJC Moment yet, just know that I'm still accepting them. x

    I think that's about it? See you on Tuesday night!!! Goodnight. x


    @Slice of Life
  5. ATRL thread: Did @Slice of Life singlehandedly finish the Grammys Gaons?

    Don't mind me I'm ignorant as a brick in K-pop award shows
  6. My ballot was done in the middle of a 13 hour shift on my 9th day in a row, forgive me.
  7. Unnies, you have got to stop being so predictable.
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  8. Hey @Slice of Life and my fellow K-hunties. Question. Would y’all be willing to accept a ballot from an outside source? I told my brother about the dust you guys paid Kikwang this month and JJ Project the month before, and he was a tad shook.

    With Highlight (his all time favourite) and GOT7 (his other faves) both having comebacks this month, he asked if he was able to vote even though he’s not part of the forum.... I mean, he could join the forum but I’ve never been good at sharing, so this is the next best thing.

  9. Is he going to vote for Eclipse?
  10. He


    This is important.
  11. You know what, let's do it. Just promise in the name of Shaman Unnie that he will be the one filling up the ballot with the songs he listened to/liked the most.
  12. Y’know maybe I’ll tell him to register and just PM you so it’s not technically an outsider and is way less suspicious when Gashina gets #1 from both of us. (Just kidding) He doesn’t have to be approved to PM right?
  13. Sure, this is fine. If not, he can vote through Instagram. If I can accept a ballot through Snapchat, might as well use Instagram too dddddd.
  14. Get him to vote for Taemin and I'm all for it.
  15. @Slice of Life me and my seven cousins all love Crayon Pop and it's been one year since their album Evolution Pop vol 1 came out, so we want to commemorate it a bit. Can I send you their ballots as well?

  16. He actually was obsessed with Flame of Love so he will most definitely tune into Taemin’s Korean release.
  17. Unnies, y'all will have to forgive me.

    I have an exam for a job opportunity tomorrow so ~the reputation awards~ will be moved to Wednesday (KST). I'm sorry, my babes. Shaman Unnie and I will return with a more mature image.
  18. Doubtful.
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  19. Why am I friends with such whores???

    I passed the exam and the interview will be on Friday yas.
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  20. [​IMG]

    Congrats unnie, fingers crossed for Friday!
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