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Umm hi, so yeah I'm bored with the stagnancy of the forum lately and thought hey maybe it would be fun to play a game ?


The year is 2025. Human society may have been devolving into chaos, but K-pop industry machines are still running as per usual. And so are the demand of idol competition.

In April, 365 fresh trainees from all over the world are competing in Produce 69, the newest torture freakshow installation from media mogul Mnet.

After a long proccess of captivating uncle fans, gyrating their underaged hips and constant off-key singing, only ?? trainees are left competing for the final spot in future idol group, 9ay6ait (RR : keibeiteo).

The evaluation night is over, and the remaining trainees are filled with joy as they return to the dorm. Little did they know, some thirsty ex-idols are hiding among themselves, desperately trying to debut once more. They will do everything in their power, even if blood must be shed. A new nightmare is coming.


First of all, thank you to ms @aux for letting me host and giving additional information for this game. Also, the number of players will be in question mark because I'm not confident we will get big amount of players dd until the number of players is right.

  • The majority = Trainees. Trainees must find and kill all of the Ex-Idols.
  • The killing one = Ex-Idols. Don't be a dumb bitch and reveal yourself. Stick with your group, fool and kill every Trainees in this game.
  • How you find it ? Try to be on contact with other players and deduce them whether they're innocent or not. Teamwork and analysis are big asset.
  • There are two parts to the game. Every “night” the Ex-Idols will cast a vote in PMs on the player they want to kill. I will reveal the victim during "day" time in the thread.
  • After the Ex-Idols killing is announced, Trainees will vote in the thread to decide who they think is an Ex-Idols. The person with the most votes will be killed off. Be careful to not voting for one of your own .

  • If you die, you are out of the game. PLEASE DO NOT STAY IN ACTIVE PLAYER'S PMs OR MAKING ALLUDING POSTS IN THE THREAD. You can still making jokes and milking likes tho.
  • NO SCREENSHOTS OF PMs are allowed to be shared between players in PMs or in the thread. You can still copy and paste them, but not screenshots of them.
  • To sign-up for the game, simply post in the thread to express your interest. If you want to comment in the thread but don't want to participate, make sure to specify that during the sign-up period.
  • When casting your votes in the thread make sure to bold the word “Vote:”, so I can easily keep count of the votes. If you want to switch your vote, make sure you bold “Vote change:
  • In the event of a tie in the thread vote, we will go into another voting period until the tie is broken.
  • Make sure to like all of my posts in this thread.If you have any questions regarding your role, make sure to PM me first as asking in the thread might reveal your identity.
  • No tie-breaker / secondary voting period. If there is a tie, then there will be no elimination or double elimination (whatever the host feels like hehe).



The Trainee
Basic Trainees without any power. There are ?? of you.

The Shaman Trainee
Descendant from Choi Soon-sil, the notorious 2016 president's shaman, this trainee has the ability to see an excerpt from Ex-Idols's PM conversation.

The Sasaeng Trainee
A notoriously creepy sasaeng in the past, her experience on fooling authority has make her able to see someone's true identity / role. However, they will get it wrong once.

The Starship Trainee
Trainee from a company who famously pay....erm I mean respect Mnet very well, this trainee can give second vote in my PMs.

The Gangnam Trainee
All idols has plastic surgery, but this particular trainee is a bit too obsessed. Her face could make somebody's mood ruined, which is useful now to distract Ex-Idols and save fellow Trainees every night. Decide who will you save through my PMs. You can't save the same player consecutively.

The Big Unnie
She has big hearts, figuratively and literally. This sisterly unnie is able to save somebody from "day" voting's killing. However, the ability could only be used twice, so choose wisely.


The Ex-Idol
Basic Ex-Idol who only got the killing ability. There are 3 of you.

The Chaebol Ex-Idol
A problematic Ex-Idol who's coming from rich SK family, she now has the privilege to also give second vote in my PMs during voting period.

The RBF Ex-Idol
Continuing the legacy of Krystal and Hyewon, this Ex-idol has unreadable face that when Sasaeng Trainee sees her, she is detected as fellow Trainee.

The Scamming Ex-Idol

Two side of the same coin, the Scamming Ex-Idol also shares the same ability as Sasaeng Trainee : able to see someone's true identity / role. However, they will get it wrong once.

  • GIRLS IN LOVE can consists of Ex-Idol and Trainee or both Trainees or both Ex-Idols.
  • The only condition for them to win is to survive until Top 4, whatever the condition is. When they win, both Trainees and Ex-Idols team lost.
  • For example : If GIRLS IN LOVE consists of Ex-Idol and Trainee, while in the Top 4 consists of 3 Ex-Idols and a Trainee (which is actually on GIRLS IN LOVE's side), GIRLS IN LOVE will win and backstab the rest of Ex-Idols.
  • There is only one GIRLS IN LOVE couple in this game.
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