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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Attis, Sep 20, 2022.


When should be the Grand Finale ?

  1. 1 PM - 7 PM GMT

  2. 3 PM - 9 PM GMT

  3. 5 PM - 11 PM GMT

  4. Other

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  1. hiii i'll join

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  3. I absolutely will!
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  4. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    If you already have enough people, ignore this post. I’m not working so I guess I could give it a try? Especially since an insurance company is ghosting me about whether my disability leave is continuing and right now I have zero income and ris making me super anxious!!!! Might as well be anxious about something silly instead.
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  5. I can't join this time sawry (I would be a bitsy too inactive), but trust I will be camped out in this thread for all the meltdowns
  6. [​IMG]

    Thank yew girls ! I think we have enough players ff so we're gonna officially start the game on 10 PM GMT where I will reveal the roles through PMs.

    Participants (so far) :

    @Glitterizer (?, confirm bestie hehe)
    @Music Is Death
    @Crisp X
    @Slice of Life

    This is NOT the official list and if somebody decide to join while I'm sleeping until 10 PM GMT, I'm still open xoxo.

    Now we wait a little bit ! Enjoy your life outside, touch the grass and get in touch with your therapist before the anxiety and trust issues settled in.

  7. I’m not taking part, sawrry!
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  8. Really feeling like a mix of these two gifs at the prospect of going through another one of these games

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. nn pleek bear with me, I'm actually not late but still waiting confirmation from 2 potential players xoxo.

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  10. I won't join :( too busy, best of luck running this @Attis
    and remember
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  11. Yeah, I’m not going to participate in this either. Sorry! I’m just really not smart enough to play these slasher games dd
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  12. Me to the shoes :


    hmmm it seems like these girls are already sleeping. Let's just start this shenanigans !
  13. Day 0

    Today is a nerve-wracking day. Out of the remaining contestants of Produce 69, only 18 will pass into the final round. Almost all of the girls are nervous. Some of them are sitting confidently though, rest assured on their ongoing popularity.

    Look at that fake innocent bitch, junglefish. She's so arrogant ugh.

    Shh, be careful someone could record this and you will be getting cancelled !

    I don't care. I probably could fight her legion of musty incel fans. Their hands are probably tired from jerking off anyway.

    The noises from the trainees turn quiet when the MC, the national Producer, SinB appears alongside other judges.


    Enough about the chit chat, I have some drama I need to shoot later. And the first trainee to pass is....

    One by one, the trainees are being called, culminating with Wills and other trainee fighting for the last spot. A name is called, and thus concludes the trainees that will continue to the next round.


    Crying erupts in the room. The eliminated ones are crying of their future, while the passed trainees try to fake sympathy these girls so they could look good on TV.

    Okay can you all stop crying now ? Apparently there are wild cards that we can use to save trainees.

    All the trainees are shook. They are now paying attention back to SinB, at hopes their name will be called.

    And the trainee that will receive this wild card is....


    (@Untouchable Ace will serve as back-up)

    20 girls are getting closer to their chance for debuting. Little did they know, things will start getting uglier and harrowing for them. Old, hag ex-Idols are hiding between them, ready to kill for their dreams and glories.


    The game is officially started. The roles will be sent immediately to your PM. Please wait for-

    Wait what's that ? There is another twist ! A game within a game dd.

    Between all of you, there are GIRLS IN LOVE. These girls are willing to sacrifice everything for their love, even their own teammates.

    If these girls, whatever is their role manage to survive until Top 4 then only they would WIN and both Trainee / Ex-Idols will LOSE. But, if one of them is voted to be killed or even killed by Ex-Idols, the lovemate will also DIE.

    Be really careful girls, your teammate maybe isn't as innocent as you thought xoxo.

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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  15. Big Unnie please save @Laboum pleek
  16. All the roles has been sent.


    Once again I'm reminding you all to :
    • Be active !
    • Don't reveal your roles in the main thread !
    • If you don't understand, ASK ME in the PMs
    • Don't be an asshole. If the jokes are deemed offensive, please refrain and apologize. Pleek pleek.

    Thank yew

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  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    If the girls in love win then I’m fine with the sapphic agenda.
  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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