When should be the Grand Finale ?

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  • 3 PM - 9 PM GMT

  • 5 PM - 11 PM GMT

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Slice of Life

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So who are you going to slash instead?
Stay tuned hehe
Night 9

The final show is getting closer and closer. Chaos ensues behind the scene, as all staffs and trainees are busy preparing themselves. Except for two persons, who secretly meet in a warehouse

This can't be the end of us ! We need to act quickly, we can't debut if we let this show happens today.

Be calm, babe. I already know a way to disrupt this.

And how is that ? You always thought about these strategies but never share it to me smh.

(MNET Main Stage, 6:59 PM)
The show will begin sooner. Several high-profile alumni can be seen attending it, from the recent Produce boygroup Masc4Masc, to older generation like Jeon Somi who's notorious now as family channel youtuber alongside her father, Chungha with another new face, the international superstar Miyawaki Sakura, CIX's Bae Jinyoung with even more nonexistent jaws, national stepsister Kim Chaeyeon and national second cousin once removed Jang Wonyoung.

SinB can be seen standing in the center, ready to open the show.

Many young girls around the world compete for their dream to be a superstar, and today we will witness the born of this new star. IT'S SHOWTIME !


The stage lights begin to shine, spotlighting all of the remaining girls. Wearing their peach-colored trademark uniform, they begin performing the show opener, "PICK ME GIRL".

Just like other idol groups post-2022, the choreography is so complex, with countless changing formations and spine crushing movements. These changing formations will cause a big pressure on the stage platform, but under normal condition it will be strong enough.

But this time something is missing. Two platform at the edges can't support the immense weight of someone's standing above it. The platform collapse causing the person that's above it at the time eventually collapse too, falling hard into the ground and instantly kills them.

The effect from the edges become a domino effect, as the other platforms begin to fall too. Thankfully, as the other trainees has noticed the incident at the edge, they manage to run and escape the rubble.


The staffs cut short the show and the attendees are evacuated very quickly. The girls try to find their fellow trainee who has fallen, thinking they could save them.

Sadly, what can they only find are dead bodies. The dead bodies of their friend, leedlelee... and eccentricsimply

eccentricsimply is just a Trainee.
leedlelee... is also a Trainee.
*Insert an updated leaderboard / alive members pictures here*

2 Basic Trainees. 3 Power Roles. 2 Ex-Idols.

Sadly miss Big Unnie save the wrong person tonight. Trainees this would be your time to turn the tide. You guys will have the voting time until 10 PM GMT.

Good luck and don't fuck it up !

The slashers killing two quiet players because they know killing @eatyourself and @ohnostalgia would have been too obvious and not as much fun (and I'm assuming the big unnie tried to save @eatyourself), I have to laugh.
Good luck trainees! I really think you could win this.

Girl pleek I'm begging you to not do these kind of specific commentaries. Just post some snarky stuffs my God.

Miss @Music Is Death I've run out of patience, please don't discuss anything about the ongoing game. You're dead. You can only talk about past game in the sense of like "Oh you're betraying me" "Oh you're lying to me" to another fricking death player. Stop bringing a discussion about living player and insinuating something about that said player.

Edit it or delete it. Thank you and I said this from the bottom of my heart.

Anyway, not the only relevant drama on this thread rn is from the HOST himself. Can you bitches start a bandwagon or something ? Damn.​