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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Attis, Sep 20, 2022.


When should be the Grand Finale ?

  1. 1 PM - 7 PM GMT

  2. 3 PM - 9 PM GMT

  3. 5 PM - 11 PM GMT

  4. Other

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  1. enough is enough.

    VOTE: @Vixen
  2. I read the first iteration of the slasher game two days ago and @Vixen's letter game strategy... I have no words. An icon!
  3. Girl, interacting with you on pms and kiikii-ing about random things were so fun. You were so great and thanks so much for playing. Luv ya babez.
  4. i'm HOWLING.

    I hate you so much @Attis!!!
  5. I’m writing this from YG’s basement, hoping he won’t catch me during this unplanned break. I don’t have time to explain why, but there’s a player who has seemed to play the long run but has also raised my suspicions as time went on, that hopefully will be confirmed by fellow trainees. Wait, I’m hearing footsteps, I have to go back!


    Vote: @aux
  6. Voting period hasn't started yet bestie

  7. Day 10 15:00

    Just as Crisp X and ohnostalgia finishes their last strike on Slice of Life, the light turns off.


    Crisp X
    Wtf is happening now ?

    This isn't good. We need to get out.

    Amidst the darkness, they both try to run fast but they can't see anything , causing them tumbling and falling constantly. They eventually manage to reach a place that they feel is the Mnet studio.

    Girls, where are you all ? Answer me !

    I'm here I just arrive

    I just woke up, why is it dark again ?

    I'm scared, somebody please reach out my hands

    Stay calm everyone ! Please speak one by one so we can go near you

    They start to do what Salami instruct. Begin from eatyourself, they soon begin to link their arms together.

    1, 2,3...wait someone is missing

    The light turns on again and they found themselves in a circle, surrounding the stabbed body of their friend, ohnostalgia


    ohnostalgia is The Shaman Trainee.
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2022

    5 players left

    @Crisp X

    Congratulations for surviving until now. I've decided that the Grand Finale will be held tomorrow, but the time hasn't been decided yet. I will give the chance for you to pick it through the poll.

    The Grand Finale will consists of rapid session, consists of 1,5 hours of voting and 1,5 hours of Ex-Idol killing. However, the game length will be dependent on how fast you can find the last Ex-Idol.

    Thank you for your cooperation and see you soon at The Grand Finale !

  9. Oh
  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Please give us a show worth tuning in, besties!! It’s the finale; go big or go die home!!
  11. Ooh I love that there are secret endings. Hope the ones we don't get also get posted after the game is done.
  12. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Oh thank goodness, I didn’t want to play another day. Heading back to sleep, don’t let me down fellow trainees.

  13. I'm at the brink of letting the slashers take me!!
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  14. Now girls... this game is playing with the last bit of sanity left in my brain. This is the state of my PMs this last night:
    So yeah we're all a bit affected over here. To be very honest the last bitch I trusted has just succumbed and everyone else who's left is a potential slasher.

    @aux - we never contacted each other, on my part it was because he was the host last time and I thought he would wrap me around his finger wish his slashery. The only substantial thing I have (and I know it isn't much) is the slasher PM transcript @ohnostalgia shared a couple days ago from the first day:
    Which matches the language used on this post made the exact same day:
    It's even sillier if we think it was @aux who started the bandwagon against @boombazookajoe, the only person who seemed to know why (@Serg.) died before he could say anything. Why would a slasher kill one of his own and suffer no consequences, especially on day one? But then again, who else but a slasher could cast a random lucky vote on day 1, get the ball rolling and end up eliminating a slasher? There's also the fact the trainees have been posting a lot more than slashers this time around, and @aux has literally 10 posts on this thread. Girl you have no idea how many hairs I've plucked off my head because of you @aux !!! Oh not to speak that @Salami checked your role and it came out as trainee, but the RBF ex-idol is the only one left...

    @Lately - claims to be a power role but all that comes from his mouth is "I'm too dumb for this game", I'm sorry sis but it's extremely sus!!! I want to give you the benefit of the doubt because you do seem to be off the forum when you're not answering my PMs, and on the night I asked you to save me from the slashers they didn't target me and @Attis said the Big Unnie had protected someone different from the victims...

    @Crisp X - my first vote was for you and if I tell you all my suspicions are gone now I'd be lying, but I don't have anything considerable against you and you've played along with everyone's votes for the biggest part of the game, so you're probably the least sus to me right now.

    @Salami - now you're the one I'm most scared of... Your interactions on the thread scream innocent, your jokes are messy, your voting pattern is funny - all in all it feels like you don't know what you're doing sometimes. But that is a great way for a slasher to hide their identity... Oh and you were decided on voting against me for a good chunk of the game which I find curious. I haven't ever seen you directly going against anyone but me, I haven't seen you talking about your suspicions... except for when you say you "literally trust no one". You're my second best bet at a slasher and bitch, if it's you... congratufuckinglations. You did it!

    Now whoever the last slasher may be - just come out!! We don't want to fight, I just want to have an easy night of sleep for once again

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  15. Me after getting killed on day 2

    For real though, the enjoyment of following the game without the stress of actually having to play it is a nice change of pace dd
  16. Hello, sorry for prolonging this game for a bit. The reason why I pick tomorrow :

    1. I need my personal time today
    2. Tomorrow is Friday on my time, I can spend my time until late night without worrying about work.

    From the poll, many picks 5 PM GMT as the starting time so we will go with that. See you there all players!

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  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    As a pupil of the legendary Hyoyeon, I am available to DJ the live chase tomorrow at 5PM GMT. I’ll even pick a crowd favorite instead of one of my trash faves to get us started.
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  18. Good morning America.

    2 hours left till we begin our final rounds. I hope the 5 remaining players to be online and active, because if someone fail to vote, that player will be eliminated instead.

    Also don't forget about the mini-game. I want to say a player has almost got it right, but I don't want to.

    I hope today will be a day to remember.

    See you soon.

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  19. I don't like threats


    In two hours I will be teaching a class but luckily it is online so I will peek here from time to time.

    I'm gonna go through your posts for the fifth time...

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