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So we starting or what

Good morning America.

2 hours left till we begin our final rounds. I hope the 5 remaining players to be online and active, because if someone fail to vote, that player will be eliminated instead.

Also don't forget about the mini-game. I want to say a player has almost got it right, but I don't want to.

I hope today will be a day to remember.

See you soon.


Kii I don't really have some opener to post rn so yeah we begin our killing. Starts Voting now until 7:15 PM GMT !

Day 10 18:00 - 24:00

All of the girls quickly take their hands off.

Crisp X
This is INSANITY. I don't know who should I trust.

Stay the fuck out from me !

One by one, they begin to leave the studio, searching for another spot that is safer to hide.

Secretly, each of them search for a weapon to protect themselves.


This little battle royale starts to drawn out. Hunger and thirst begin to take a toll on the girls.

One of them, Lately is stuck inside another staff room. Bored, she opens all of the desks and documents, in hopes to find something valuable.

She later finds a hidden document containing other ex-idols that she never sees before. One of the ex-idol shocks her, noticing the eyes resemblance to a trainee. She begins to run, searching for other trainees to tell this truth.


On the hallway, Lately is suddenly stop by aux.

What's the matter, dear ?

No, no. GO AWAY !

Lately run back while aux is chasing her. Desperate, Lately screams her plea.



aux can't take it anymore and starts swinging her axe. The axe manage to hit Lately's head and instantly kills her.

Lately is The BIg Unnie

It was too late for miss aux. The rest of the girls manage to hear the scream and comes quickly to the hallway. Soon, aux founds herself surrounded.

So it was you, you sneaky bitch. Are you really Chuu ? What are you doing here ?

Yes, and why not ?

Crisp X
You're already successful enough. You have a good trot career, you escape Loona, you have a successful Youtube channel. I don't freaking understand.

I said why not ? Chuu can do it, and so is killing. Killing is fun ! <3


aux said all of this in true Chuu fashion, a blank smiley stare and cheerful tone that is making all of this even creepier.

You freak. Prepare to DIE !

Killing aux is a hard task, as she is capable of taekwondo. The girls are losing the battle until Crisp X use Lately's blood, spray it to aux's eyes and temporarily blinds her.

Crisp X

aux's blood and head splatter as Crisp X's axe manage to hit it. aux falls down and die, with a smiley face of course.


aux is The RBF Ex-Idol.

And scene !

SinB appears suddenly, alongside several staffs. She smiles devilishly, causing the trainees to be annoyed and alarmed.

Stay back. I know who you are.

You must be Jessica, right ? And you're probably the last Ex-Idol, the leader of the pack.

*chuckles* You almost got it right, sweetie. Yes I am THE Jessica, the OG Ice Princess. Forever and always. But what you said latter is not true.


All of them are confused. They're still sensing danger from Jessica / SinB, especially as they're outnumbered by her legion of staff.

First of all, how did you know it was me ?

I mean, isn't that obvious ? The similarity from both of you, your flop song that's chosen for last evaluation, the amount of Blanc & Eclare unsold eyeglasses that's rotten in the office.

You can see Jessica / SinB is getting mad, but she tries to keep her composure.

Well thank you for your very sweet words.But I'm not the evil you think I be. Let me explain it all from the beginning.

Jessica / SinB sits on a rubble.

The actual SinB isn't dead yet. She's actually in a mental ward after Viviz flopping in the chart and the German fans keep on harassing her for her past. I simply use this knowledge to take over her life.

That's the easy part. The hardest part is to build a career after it. Through my own sweat and tears, I manage to make a comeback. Now i'm a shining star, once again.

And then comes the blackmail. Yes, you heard it, I was blackmailed by several Ex-Idols who are jealous for my success and ready to spill the truth to media. And thus, I decide to negotiate and give them a chance for better life, through Produce 69.

Jessica / SinB stop for a bit to smoke a cigarette.


I give them spot to be here. A total makeover. And then how they pay me ? They pay me with no respect and all of this shit.

Their endless jealousy and hatred turns them blind, losing their humanity piece by piece. I'm just here, cleaning the messes and observing.

Crisp X
You're crazy. That's still evil of you to let us go through this !

Well I'm truly sorry baby, but do you really want this mess taint the legacy of Produce 101 ? Do you want to not debuting after these hardship ?

The past is the past. Now look at you girls, finally can debuting as an idol, the dream. Congratulations !

Jessica and her staffs claps and congratulating them, but the girls are dumbfounded. They simply can't fathom how jarring all of this, how inhuman they're seen by these people. This is all felt like a horror movie.



Several gunshots can be heard, killing some staffs instantly.

....This can't be !

The gunshots continue, targeting the staffs. Eventually, all was left are Jessica, the rest of Trainees, and the shooter herself, miss Taeyeon.


No, no, no. This can't be happening. Get out ! Get out !

Hi bitch.

(FLASHBACK - 1 hour ago)
Salami continue to run from other trainees. She finds herself in a broken restroom at the lowest floor. She's trying to catch a breath, and turn on the sink, hoping there is water that she could use to wash her face.

But the knob of the sink is a key to another surprise. Salami is shocked when she hears something rumbling. A wall / secret door is opened, revealing a descending stairs.


Salami is scared, but she still tries to go downstairs.

Perhaps this is where that former SinB employee is kidnapped.

Salami walks downstairs carefully. The room is very dark with limited light from a very small window. She sees a woman in short hair, being tied on a chair. From the looks of it, she's been abused for a long time. Carefully, Salami open the knots from her mouth and hands.

Salami is shocked to see that the woman is Taeyeon.


All of lies that you spread to these girls. *chuckle* Never change, Jessica.

So she kidnaps you ?

Yes. And she is the mastermind behind The Great Kidnapping. The time when suddenly many Ex-Idols are missing. It was all her plan. It was never about giving a chance for other ex-idols to have successful career, but no. It was all just a cover up for her main purpose, kidnap me and torture me. She's the most insane Ex-Idol out of the rest.

Taeyeon is ready to shoot her nemesis, but Salami takes the gun from her.

You know what, miss Jessica ? You can go to hell alongside our dream to be an idol. If being an idol is to see our humanity and freedom taken, a tool for marketing machine, a pawn on the rich man's game, then I don't fucking want it. ANNYEONG BITCH !


Taeyeon and other Trainees nod along, reassuring Salami's choice.



(SEOUL, 2027)

Today will be the day all the girls meet up once again, in the graveyard, paying their respects to their friends. @Crisp X has become a X-rated online streamer, @Salami is training to be a cop while @eatyourself is still trying on entertainment industry as background actress.

Their life aren't perfect. The trauma still haunts and sometimes they cling into the possibility of success if they choose to debut instead. Is the freedom to pick own destiny a better way ? Or will they eventually lick their own medicine, and resort into what these Ex-Idols from their past do ?

aux is The RBF Ex-Idol.


I knew it. Throwing suspicion at a bunch of innocent players (me, @eccentricsimply and @Lately) the moment the game started, being very low-key in the thread but suddenly becoming much more active in the as soon as he became a target, me getting killed after I started telling people I suspected him, turning against the other slashers in the vote the moment it became apparent there was no saving them (this is exactly what @junglefish did last time too, because in a sense slashers are expendable, as only one needs to make it to the end for them to win). And of course making it seem like my suspicions weren't grounded on anything but rather just me still being pressed about the first game and wanting to ruin @aux's fun was a very clever bit of metagaming.

All that said, I can't even say the trainees should have gone for @aux sooner because you've been getting one slasher after the other, and it does make sense to leave the sneakiest one for last. Very well played @eatyourself, @Lately and @Salami, as well as everyone who died along the way. Really rewarding to see the trainees finally win after the slashers won the first two games. And of course thank you for hosting @Attis, it's been an absolute blast.

Phew this is finally over dd.

But seriously, this hosting experience is probably the most fun I've had in this forum. It's just fun seeing me messing up the alliances, giving you trust issues, kiki-ing in the Slashers chat, witnessing them lying on the main thread. Ahh good times. The only downside of it all is time eventually. As I'm not from US/UK, it's hard to find a suitable time to play that is also suitable to my resting time. As if now, it's actually very late night rn in my place so yeah I'm sacrificing my sleep today. Gahh if only we can live in the same timezone !

First of all, I'm sorry if the final or even the game itself felt underwhelming. I'm truly sorry. Writing these write-ups is truly time-consuming and sometimes I'm self-doubting my writing skills. it also doesn't help that I actually don't really have a story outline ff. I really set a theme and just vibe all along.

Thank you all so much for joining and participating in this messery. I'm hoping this could be a way to refresh this forum and make this small community much stronger.

Congratulations and thank you to all of the Trainees, you guys did very well in building alliances and hiding important power roles information. Thank you too to Ex-Idols and Lovers team, you guys also did very well. I'm having such a fun time seeing all of the strategies on y'all chat "<3".

As for the normal / secret ending, it was thanks to @eatyourself for figuring it out dd. I don't know if the normal ending should be written and posted, but basically it is the same minus the Taeyeon's part. The girls decide to continue their debut and in the future, they begin to wonder if the abuse they suffers as idols is worth it.

Soo yeah, once again sorry and thank you for everything. What is your favorite moment from this game ? Your favorite PM ? Share the fun here ! while I go back to sleep nn