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Just gonna share an interesting behind-the-scenes tidbit

I'd like some clarification about the rules if you don't mind.

1) From your post I got the impression one of the girls in love was a slasher and the other an idol, is that right? Honestly the way it was worded was a bit unclear.

2) Were people's roles assigned at random?
1. It could be all ex idols or all trainees. If by the end, all of the trainees survive but lover also survive, lover will win the game but not the trainees. Vice versa happen. Basically they're their own team.

2. Yup, it's assigned through random generator, though for the Ex Idols, I pick the power roles on my own from people that is already categorized into Ex Idols team.

When I asked this I honestly wasn't sure if @Attis would even reply, but I thought it was worth a shot anyway. I only told a couple of people and really debated whether I should post it in the thread or not, but I got killed shortly after, so that was that. Initially I thought the roles had been handpicked, which I believe is what happened in the last couple of games, and I get the impression that's what a lot of other people thought too (like, for example, at first I was convinced there was no way @junglefish would be a slasher after already being one in the first two games). Just makes me wonder if anything in the game would have gone differently if this had been common knowledge.


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@Serg. we did it!!! Thank you for being the best alliance partner a girl could have. Sometimes the best strategy is to know your strengths and let another trainee (or two, or three) do all the talking for you. @lovechoerrymotion you’re another real one, your last dying message gave me the final puzzle piece on who I should trust and reach out to for help.
@Attis worry not girl, I've had tons of fun playing this and your write ups never failed to make me cackle so you did an exceptional job. I know for a fact I wouldn't have the brains to host an event like this!

Thank you to @Serg. for saving me on night one and for trusting me. Thank you to @ohnostalgia for the honesty with the slashers transcripts. Thank you to @lovechoerrymotion - even though we didn't share one single PM during the game, I know part of our victory is thanks to you. Thank you @Salami for giving up your suspicions of me, at least at the end of the game dd.

As for the slashers, @Slice of Life @junglefish you both were so fun to play with!! Our interactions made me feel smart. You guys played really well because were it not for the right power roles sharing information with each other, you would fool us all. @aux I was never 100% sure of your guilt until like five minutes ago. Very well played, especially when you were getting your teammates killed!

I'm ready for the next one!!!



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@Attis I had a lot of fun! I’m just not a bombastic type of gal anymore, so I’m sorry if my playing style made it “boring” for people, including other trainees. I did try to make up for it yesterday by committing some old fashioned mod on mod violence against @Slice of Life. I even had an entire cross examination of @aux prepared for the final day, but sadly it was not meant to be.
I’ll never forget the moment on night 1 when @aux came into the slasher thread and said:
boombazookajoe forgive me for what I’m about to do, but no one seems to trust me or follow my lead, so I’m going to vote for you - you have no votes, I don’t think we can change the tides. If I get killed, which is probable judging from soratami’s words, I expect them to look thoroughly at my voting history. It would clear you in the future, in theory.

Does that sound okay with you before I proceed?

We all had the briefest discussion about it and thought it seemed like a smart idea, only for mere moments later to get this message:

eatyourself, MID and Serg might all vote for boombazookajoe too O.O

and the absolute chaos (and cackling) that ensued in the slasher thread as a result.

I was convinced from that moment on that @aux and @Wills had concocted some elaborate plan and were the lovers. (Trust, I sent a dissertation after my death to @Attis to put a time stamp on my theory ddd.) And well, I ended up being HALF right. But poor @aux was innocent (well, an innocent killer) all along. And you almost took us to the end, bestie!!

Congrats to @Attis for hosting a fun as hell round. You really did that!
@Attis you were amazing bb, everything about this was so much fun and very worth shirking a few days' worth of responsibilities! Love love loved playing with you all, and congrats to the trainees!


Oh and a favourite moment: me trying to pin the entire Lover narrative on @aux and creating a new gc with the other slashers (called snakes everywhere fffff), only to witness poor @Slice of Life rethinking everything he's ever known:
Not this bomb when I’m about to fall asleep PLEEEEEEEKKKKKK

He is being a bit suspish………
aux has repeatedly told me he has LCM and Serg on his team JAJSJSSJJESJEJ now it’s making a lot more sense helppppp
and to think I almost got away with it!!!
@boombazookajoe I am screaming. On day one @Serg. came to my inbox saying we should vote for you and actually gave me plausibles reasons for his suspicions of you. I didn’t want to move on it because it seemed so random, but next thing you know @aux cast the first vote and that’s all the two of us needed really.
I just need to know who started all the rumors! I hadn’t really gotten a grip on the gameplay quite yet by day 1 and the ONLY person I DMed was @Music Is Death and the only person that had DMed me at that point was @soratami and I had minimal, non informative convos with BOTH of them. I’m wondering if that rat snake tramp @Wills started planting doubts to his lover from the getgo and then the nasty rumor (which of course ended up being true) spread from there.
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i’m a bit worried i’m going to die tonight so i’m telling people i trust for one way or another (including you) who i think we really need to go for next. i’m thinking definitely @Wills but if we can’t get a vote going then @junglefish. they’re confirmed slashers to me because of their voting patterns, @Wills caused incredible doubt on Crisp’s trustworthiness and then immediately switched votes to Lately (which if we went through with it would have caused Lately to die and Crisp to be suspected) so he is definitely one of them. I told my suspicion to @Music Is Death but for some reason they really trust each other, even after i was right about enjoy, so I think they may be the lovers.

@junglefish also does the same thing but to a lesser extent. He’s a very smart player so a lot of people arent suspecting him like they should. i don’t know who the others are yet.

they probably want me and serg dead for calling out enjoy so if either of us die tonight i’m even more sure its those two.

so i think if trainees want to win we extra need to get rid of @Wills so we can see if MID is just misguided or they really are the lovers.

The pm I sent around to multiple trusted people the night I died ffffffff I kinda ate that!


Thank you for the fun round of slasher @Attis! And congrats to the trainees, I knew you would be able to do it! And also thank you for all the acknowledgements to my detective work!

@junglefish @aux @Slice of Life you three in particular we had your card marked from day 1
But I know you couldn’t bear to get rid of your favorite fish from the jungle too early. Awww.

Thank you for hosting @Attis, you did a fantastic job. I had fun playing, especially jousting with the good sis @eatyourself who really kept me on my toes and had me defend myself so much that I almost believed I was a trainee.

Oh and to my fellow Ex-idols, I will cherish our group chat forever

Anyway, STREAM!!!
Also, to clear things up, I didn't know who any of the other slashers were ddd. And still don't.)

I asked @Wills after attacking @junglefish the first day, because I thought it made sense for me to know who to avoid ddd. It was extremely frustrating knowing who they were and not being able to say how I knew ddd. It's also why I was so determined to get @aux on my last day. I was hoping once he was revealed as a slasher, people would trust @Wills more. Clearly that didn't work, and I was worried people would fully trust @aux afterwards, but I'm very happy (and validated) to see it seems no one really ever trusted him nn.

And it's painful to know if @Wills had been more trusted from the start (and voted better nn) that we probably could have won this, because I genuinely had a plan for it nn. But it was hard for him to gain trainee trust and keep the slashers trust dddd.