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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Attis, Sep 20, 2022.


When should be the Grand Finale ?

  1. 1 PM - 7 PM GMT

  2. 3 PM - 9 PM GMT

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  1. So you're telling me I survived all this time just do die because of inactivity on the last day?

    No but all jokes aside, yesterday was a busy day, sorry I couldn't be here. This was fun, it was nice interacting with y'all more directly ♥
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  2. I think the main gag in the game for me was @Wills being the lover ff! I had my suspicions on @aux, especially when i tried to throw @lovechoerrymotion s name the night we killed miss @soratami. When i talked with @Salami on being open with voting @aux, he said he mentioned this to @Serg. and @Serg. completely shut him off which made me sure it was @aux and one of those two. The floppery!

    Cut to a pm @Wills opened, involving me, @Slice of Life, @junglefish and throwing @aux under the bus, named "Snakes Everywhere". The way i screamed when the reveal happened. Ahh, that is histroy. @aux, sorry bestie, i served miss mess once again dd. And @Wills, you were great, and you are not seeing heaven ff.

    @Attis, this was great for me. Thank you for everything, the write up, the kiikiis were all amazing.Thanks to my fellow slasher girlies, i had a blast and eventhough we lost, i feel like a winner xx.
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  3. First, thank you @Attis for this season!! I had a blast playing despite not being as active as I wanted due to my everchanging schedule. Your write-ups made me cackle so many times, whether that's at the last minute twists or the references. You kept me glued to the story. A creative mind!!

    Second, I'm having big survivor syndrome because now that all the roles are revealed, I just checked my pm's and I realized that out of all the players I was in touch with, Slashers were in the vast majority fff. I didn't interact with everyone so from my side of the game, I want to thank @lovechoerrymotion (waking up to the crucial pm you sent before your death made me gasp!!), @Serg. (sorry for not trusting you at first!!), and @eatyourself for paving the way towards the Trainees win.

    I want to thank all the Slashers I had pm's with as well. Being back in this "should I keep trusting them and continue being friendly to get info out of them or not" mode with them was super anxious but fun too! In particular, I was bummed when @Music Is Death turned out to be a Lover because I had been trusting him at some point, and I could say the same thing about @enjoy and @Wills as well... I really had no clue and coasted through the end fff.
    Who needs horoscopes and crystal balls when @Attis is giving you career advices for free?

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  4. I'm gonna need someone to leak what @lovechoerrymotion's swan song inbox was already, give the rest of us the tea
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  5. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    This is what the heaux sent me 2 seconds (I’m not kidding!!) after we killed ha!!
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  6. Thank you @Attis for hosting this season of Slasher and everyone else who played! Even though I was killed off early on (because of my dumb ass telling not one, but TWO Slashers about my role), I had so much following along for the rest of the game. You girls are hilarious.
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  7. The way I ran to the slashers chat after I learned your role even though I was sealing my fate. Sorry bestie.
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  8. I had an amazing time @Attis! It really was fun being one half of the first lovers ever, even with all the stress. It was a nice change of pace from my usual trainee activities and it was interesting knowing I couldn't always control when I would die. Like, more so than usual. The write-ups were always a hilarious blast to read (I feel like mine and @Wills death could be more iconic than Romeo and Juliet's, those two are flops!) and the twists and turns kept me on my toes just like everyone else. Thanks for a super fun time!
  9. aux


    So sorry for missing all of this! I had a ton of stuff going on the last couple of days and didn’t have time to hop online properly.

    Amazing job @Attis! Well done on your first slasher. It’s definitely not an easy task and you definitely managed to go through it. It was good playing from this end of the game, even if I had forgotten the anxiety it brings at every turn when you’re playing as a slasher. I cannot wait to be on the other side once again…

    My dearest apologies @Wills, @boombazookajoe, @Slice of Life, @junglefish and @enjoy. I tried to win it for you guys, but the seed was planted from very early that I was, indeed, a slasher.

    I’m also sorry to some of you that I had to kill, teehee. @ohnostalgia, I figured out you had to be a power role and were hiding it from me, so I worried you wouldn’t trust me in the final vote and had to get rid of you. I didn’t know it was going to be a quick fire thing at the end. Plus, by that point in the game, you were the glue holding a lot of these trainees together. Sorry!

    @Salami, I have yet to find Nik Naks in my local Tesco Express, but once I do, you’ll get a review.
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  10. We will wait until the anxiety and lack of sleep from this round have been treated first, so next year maybe


    I actually have a plan for the next round, once again involving three sides competing with each other hehe. But I don't know if it will be me again that's hosting. Maybe some of you wanna try it ?

    Oh wait I heard some rumors someone will open a slasher game in Non-Kpop / General Forum later this year. Please stay perch for it !


    Please send me 1.000 dollars for this promotion @aux and @thommyh
  11. I heard rumors someone else is opening one this month...
  12. It’s giving

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  13. I believe that... from beginning to end, October will be a suitably entertaining month

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