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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Jul 26, 2011.

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    This is a thread to talk about K-Pop on television! So Variety Shows, Music Shows, Korean Dramas and anything else you can think of that has K-Pop On The Telly.

    I will say Drama wise I loved Boys Over Flowers a lot. Idol show wise I loved Hello Baby with SHINee and 2PM's Wild Bunny. Favorite Variety Shows would probably be We Got Married, Running Man and Strong Heart.
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    I'm currently watching City Hunter - it finishes next week. Only 2 more episodes left. I started watching Boys Over Flowers 2 days ago and am 5 episodes in, it's so good. I love Lee Minho so much.

    My favourite variety show is Star Golden Bell, but that ended! I mainly watched it for Jung Juri though because she's so funny.
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    I love Wild Bunny, I still pray we'll one day get the last episode haha. Jungle Fish 2 is an excellent drama based on the first 4 episodes I've seen.

    Me too! She's my favourite Korean comedian.
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    Who is that rather large old woman who is ALWAYS on variety/reality shows. She was in Invicible Youth with SNSD..
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    Kim Shinyoung? She's not old ha, she's like 27. I love her, she's always so funny with other idols and jokes with them. They're all so comfortable around her.
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    Oh really? She looked much older.. haha.
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    There's a small group of MC's/comedians that seem to be everywhere, I hardly ever see new ones appearing. Even the lesser jobs like hosting music shows are given to idols! haha
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    I watched The Greatest Love/Best Love recently and it's really good! 5dolls made multiple cameos in the drama.
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    5dolls have really made it in the big time now! haha
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    Dream High was hilariously bad, but I couldn't stop watching it. They're talking about making a second season. I hope Wooyoung and IU are in it again.

    Jung Juri and Shin Bong Sun are probably the most hilarious women I've ever seen.
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    I loved Heroes.

    Seo In-Young, Kahi, Narsha, Nicole (KARA) & IU. Seriously star studden lineup!

    SHIN BONG SUN is the most hilarious woman I've ever seen!
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    Haha! I'm probably the only one here that likes 5dolls' releases so far.

    I couldn't even finish the first episode of Dream High, don't think I even made it to the halfway mark.

    Shin Bong Sun and Park Myung Soo are my favourite Korean comedians.
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    I love Dream High for the Genie performance!

    Wow, I thought she was a lot older!

    I am really enjoying 2PM Show now and I have not watched City Hunter yet (I will get around to it eventually haha) but I love Lee Minho!
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    Best Korean variety show was Family Outing Season 1. Nothing tops that. Cast was perfect, every single episode was hilarious!

    From current show I love Running Man, Strong Heart ( minus those sob stories, I like juicy stuff) and Win Win. Star Golden Bell was hilarious. Jung Juri is amazing. Heroes was great too. From idol variety show I liked: MBLAQ's Idol Army and Sesame Player, 2NE1 TV, Infinite's Seame Player, SHINee's Hello Baby.

    Best comedians for me are: Yoo Jae Suk (absolute genius), Park Myung So, Shin Bong Sun, Jung Juri.

    As for dramas, well I'm not abig fan of them. I watched Secret Garden and it was enjoyable, but some moment were cringeworthy and unberable. I watched half of My Princess (there's Kikwang in pink pajamas!) but I couldn't bring myself to finishing it.
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    I agree. Running Man is great but some episodes were boring.

    I wish there were dedicated subbing teams for Infinity Challenge and 1 Night 2 Days who would sub every single episode from the first but it will be impossible since these shows have been running for a few years now. I have seen a number of episodes and they were hilarious!
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    Running Man had some boring episodes through the first 15 or so, but now it's close to Family Outing levels at times. Love the cast & chemistry and when the challenges are a bit more creative than 'find the most expensive item'.

    Also mandatory promotion of 'Jungle Fish 2', the greatest k-drama.
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    I've never seen the first Jungle Fish. Are they related to the point where I couldn't really follow Jungle Fish 2? I looked the synopsis for both up and they both seem to have interesting plots!
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    Oh there's one before Jungle Fish 2? I don't know why I didn't think of that haha well you can definitely just skip to 2 if you want because that's where I started and it's separate.

    And the plot is really interesting, I'm not keen on Korean drama's but Expers strongly recommended it and I'm very happy he did! haha
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    The only k-drama I've ever watched is "Full House" with Rain. It was funny and entertaining the first couple of episodes, but after a while every episode started to feel the same so I stopped watching.

    I'm willing to give Korean dramas another go but I'm not sure where to start.
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