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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Menboong

    Menboong Guest

    Same here, when they all got on the bus it just felt so right.
    My absolute favourite part was in epi 17 (spoiler, if you haven't watched) when the two dads met. It was exactly what I was hoping for when I heard the 97ers were gonna do cameos.
  2. Just finished episode 32 of Invincible Youth Season 1.

    The tears.

    My. Tears.

    (also, one of my favourite parts of Invincible Youth is every time they invite idols/comedians/actors as guests, how the guests can't believe the amount of work they have to do there).
  3. I would highly recommend anyone who like K-dramas with teen storyline based loosely on "Boys Over Flowers" to watch "The Heirs" featuring Lee Min Ho with f(x)'s Krystal starring in it. It simply is AMAZING.
  4. Everybody should watch You Who Came From The Stars. Jeon Ji Hyun is an actually goddess.
  5. I like her a lot but i'm skipping the show (for a couple more weeks at least) in favour of Miss Korea.
  6. I Need Romance 3 is killing me right now.

    Why do I fall for the cheesiest dramas?
  7. I love cheesy dramas, I will check out it out.

    Does anyone watch Emergency Couple? I haven't but I read the synopsis or whatever and it seemed interesting. Is it actually good?
  8. I've been wondering that as well.

    Cunning Single Lady is actually not that bad, also.
  9. I've been meaning to watch that too, I love Lee Min Jung. And I will give Emergency Couple a go. I will report back if the first few episodes are good or not, haha.
  10. This is my problem. I'm all caught up and now I have to wait for new episodes to air. I don't think I can make it until tomorrow night.
  11. 'My Love from the Star' was frigging awesome! 'The Hiers' wasn't bad too. Love Park Shin-hye!

    I'm trying to find another K-drama to match those. Tried 'Boys over Flowers' but got bored of it after a while
  12. I'm thinking about starting 'God's Git - 14 Days' after I get through 'My Love From Another Star' and 'Emergency Couple'. Has anyone else checked it out yet?

    So far I've watched 'The Master's Sun' (love), 'The Heirs' (love), 'I Can Hear Your Voice' (probably my favorite), 'You're Beautiful' (I didn't like), 'That Winter, The Wind Blows' (good but that ending stunk), and 'Empire of Gold' (confusing as heck but kept me interested) ... Any recommendations on what to watch next?

    PS: ... Patiently waiting for VIXX to make an appearance on Weekly Idol ...........
  13. Menboong

    Menboong Guest

    I'm in the middle of You Who Came From The Stars and I'm completely in love. It's also the first time in a drama that I'm kind of anxious they won't actually give us a happy ending, which makes for a weirdly pleasant change. At least, to me, there is some sort of suspense.

    Anyone looking for outstanding dramas to watch needs to get on Reply 1997 and Reply 1994 straight away!
  14. oooooh.....Eunji is in Reply 1997......might give that a spin....thanks!

    The Coffee Prince (quite an oldie) is good fun. I enjoy the 'gender-bender' K-dramas
  15. Menboong

    Menboong Guest

    Eunji is fantastic in 97!

    I actually just started with Coffee Prince, so far it's been a bit too wacky, but I'll see where it goes.
  16. The Coffee Prince is the best of the gender-bender dramas as you can actually believe that Yoon Eun-hye could be mistaken for a boy.

    Whereas in 'You are Beautiful' and 'To the beautiful you', there is no way in a million years that Park Shin-hye and Sulli could be mistaken for blokes!
  17. Coffee House is another good one! Eunjung is in it! A Gentleman's Dignity is also good, as are any of the 3 seasons of I Need Romance.
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