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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Dream High 2 is on Hulu? Yes please.
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    Yeah you should all watch The Actresses. It's an incredible movie, so genuine and the cast is perfect. One scene had me on the verge of tears, haha, you can tell they were not playing any character.
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    I watched it last night. Brilliant movie. Six amazing ladies spilling the true tea and telling how it is. "Nothing's lonelier than being someones ideal type". Indeed.
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    Reading a bit about the movie and the actresses I admittedly didn't know too much about (except for the amazingly talkative Ko Hyeon-jeong who I've watched both dramas and several movies by, her works with director Hong Sang-Soo are highly recommended) - I didn't know Ji Woo was generally seen as a stiff and impersonal character following her Hallyu success and apparently she had to think a lot about taking this role since she'd never let this much loose 'in public' before. Probably a good move.

    The whole reason I watched it this week was because I googled to see what Kim Ok-Bin had done after seeing her on some weekly music show, the other day, with the punk band she started.

    It's of course also fascinating that three of them are divorced, when there's been so much stigma attached to that.
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    Has anybody else seen Sympathy for Lady Vengeance? Cause It's one of the best movies I've ever seen, I caught most of it on Channel4 one night then watched it full again on youtube, tragic but beautiful movie.
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    I love Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (and the whole Vengeance Trilogy). Was into Korean films long before I discovered k-pop, there is a lot of superb K-films from the last decade. Anything directed by Kim Ji-woon, Bong Joon-ho or Park Chan-wook is well worth a look.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

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    Anyone have an opinion on INFINITE's new drama 'Shut Up! Flower Boy Band'? Is it good?
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    I watched four episodes so far. It started really good, but then turn into too many cliches for me. I think I will give it another chance though.
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    Dream High 2 keeps breaking my heart!
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    Last night I watched Thirst on Film4, another amazing movie, the seen where he transfers the blood to Taejun was just chilling.
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    I've just started watching Ojakgyo Brothers. Uee actually is a great actress! When she did that after school red stunt on that show I though how awful! But she's definitely won me over as a triple threat goddess!

    I'm also surprised that they tackled heavy storylines so early in the show. I have 55 episodes left to watch. I hope it stays at this level of amazing.
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    ^^ I'm at episode 54. I thought it was boring at some parts but not too bad overall. I like Taebum and Sooyoung's storyline the best. I agree about UEE - I thought she did great.

    If you like Ojakgyo Brothers, I recommend watching Smile, You. One of my all-time favourites! I thought Ojakgyo Brothers was great until I saw Smile, You. Way, way better!

    My other favourites (that I can think of at the moment): The Greatest Love, Prosecutor Princess, Pasta, Secret Garden, He Who Can't Marry, Kim Tak Goo.
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    The greatest k-drama of all time, History of the Salaryman, is doing so well in ratings now it's extended by two episodes! Fine by me since apparently the producers asked for it for story-purposes. I do prefer shows around this length or shorter to the endless ones, though.
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    ^^ Ok maybe I should watch that as I have nothing much to watch now.
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    Thanks so much for the recommendation. Just finished watching. Really really well done. Although I would have liked more from Kim Minhee, she seemed to be on drugs or something at the start!
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    The ratings of Dream High 2 have dropped drastically from Dream High, which is strange because I thought it'd have a huge buzz behind it! Dream High even managed an 18% viewership (for the finale) where Dream High 2 has only peaked at around 10% so far. Still not bad though, and Dream High had some pretty big names.

    *Becomes obsessed with ratings*

    K-pop Star is definitely doing the job, especially in February where it's gotten as high as 17%! It helps that it airs on Good Sunday (where Running Man airs).

    And Running Man's are just incredible, after a year and a half it's still managing just under 20% with each episode, Korea can't get enough of it!

    Poor We Got Married (which I admit I don't watch anymore due to it becoming very boring) is suffering from this labor union strike and didn't air a new episode for 5 weeks, so when it came back it was apparently on 2.7%. Just...ouch.
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    Running Man don't really need guests.. the chemistry is so good between the regulars.
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    That's because DH1 was great and DH2 is garbage.
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    No, they desperately need guests. The show became so painfully predictable, chemestriy between regulars is great and all, but their scripted characters are so obvious and annoying. There needs to be some shake up
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    Don't get me wrong, I think it's better with guests there to shake things up, but I'm impressed by how many new ideas they come up with, how good the editing is and how funny the main cast is. Running Man / Family Outing has always been half way between a game show and improvised theater and that's what's good about it.. don't know why 'scripted' would be a complaint.
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