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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Ah i've not watched Salary. What is is about? You've gotta watch The Moon Embraces The Sun. Probably the best K-drama last year! 49 Days and Prosecutor Princess was really good too!

    My friend saw Yoo Ah In ( the actor in Fashion King ) at Gay clubs before in Seoul..
  2. Salaryman is mostly about great and hilarious main characters.. It's hard to describe the plot, but the opening episode should introduce you to the crazy people quickly.

    Ooh, is that why they included a line in Fashion King about him not being gay? Hah. (I've only watched the Yuri cuts on youtube)
  3. I'm also watching Rooftop Prince and Fashion King. And I was told to The Moon Embracing the Sun, but... I don't know, it just doesn't seem like my kind of thing. Gotta give it a try some time anyway.
    Rooftop Prince has all the cliches thrown together, plus that "Les visiteurs" vibe (no idea what that French film title is in English, sorry), it seemed like the perfect thing to watch with my mom. It works so far.
    I also started to watch Fashion King, at first I found it a bit boring, but it had Yoo Ah In, so I kept on watching... That guy's a great actor. And is hot as hell. As of now I saw all episodes like 3 times. Oh gosh. My mom was complaining about the lack of double Rooftop Prince dose last week, so I showed the first episode of Fashion King to her. I'm still laughing when I think of her reaction after some shirtless Yoo Ah In scene. She went like "oh, this guy has such gorgeous eyes". Haha, sure it's only the eyes. Gonna watch Fashion King episodes for the 4th time just for mom's hilarious reactions.

  4. Moon is really good. Actually the best korean dramas are the historical ones like Dong Yi, Jewel In The Palace, Warrior Baek, ... i never would have thought that i would enjoy watching these as the cultural differences are so huge that i thought that i probably wouldn't enjoy or understand the historical dramas, but i love them now. I still prefer the chinese historical dramas compared to the Korean ones but Moon Embraces The Sun is just stunning. And Kim Soo Hyun is just a stunner.

    My friend confirmed that Yoo Ah In is indeed gay, and is always found in gay clubs in Seoul. It's apparently a well known fact amongst the gay society there!
  5. Fascinating, I'm glad we have inside sources here haha. If it's that well-known it's sad he can't come out with it, though.
  6. I remember him saying stuff like "I have a lifestyle that is looked down by Korean society, there are many other older actors like me, I wish they'd be more outspoken about their real lifestyle". I read a few interviews where he said similar things. In some interviews it seems like as if it was only about clubbing and heavy drinking, but in others it could be about anything. I'm sure he won't stay in the closet forever if he really is gay.

    Is it blasphemy to say I didn't like Jewel in the Palace? Its editing got on my nerves. It was the first Korean drama I watched, but only because I couldn't avoid it... It was on TV all the time. Need to check out the rest.
  7. Jewel in the palace is my FAVOURITE K-drama of all time! It's just sooooo good. the first few episodes may be a little draggy, but it gets really good. Dong Yi is highly recommended too, along with Moon embrace the sun.

    But Yoo Ah In only likes tall and muscular guys. Haha well DUH!
  8. I need to get back into K-telly, I've been really out of the loop lately.

    A while ago I saw this great trailer for a Korean film coming out next week:


    Hyo-Jin (Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung) is an obstetrician who dreams of adopting a baby with her lesbian lover Seo-Young (Jeong Ae-Yeon). Min-Soo (Kim Dong-Yoon) and (Song Yong-Jin) Suk are a gay male couple. These two gay couples then become involved in fake marriages to hide their homosexuality.

    It looks so sweet, don't know when we'll be able to see it though..
  9. Anybody watch Running Man? I've been watching all episodes and just finished watching the 100th episode.
  10. me! i think i was the only one watching here. ep 100 and the zombie ones were SO GOOD
  11. I've been so addicted to Running Man lately. I've watched all the episodes and then repeat them again! Oh who else heard that B1A4 is doing Hello Baby Season 6?
  12. I'm a Running Man addict. That team got my loyalty for ever with Family Outing. Ups and downs through 100 episodes, of course, but lovely Jooimes Bond comeback in episode 91. I only watch isubs versions though, kshownow can't really write English + miss out on details. Rather wait.
  13. IKR? I've been watching on isubs until episode 89 (where they stopped until recently) and watched the rest on Kshownow where not only does it take them forever to sub but the subs aren't even that good!

    Episode 91 is my favorite btw.
  14. Badass actress continues to be badass.

  15. Answer Me 1997 from tvN is great after the first two episodes. I'm always looking for dramas that don't feel like dramas, and they're rare, but this is one. Cable strikes again. Real, heartfelt, funny writing about growing up.
  16. Reply 1997 is KILLING ME. It's not being subbed quick enough and I'm trying to keep myself from watching the unsubbed versions while using the synopsis from fan sites.
  17. Reply 1997 is brilliant, makes me feel all warm inside. Eunji is brilliant! But yes, I agree... the subbing needs to happen quicker ha. I'm getting impatient.
  18. Episodes 5 and 6 Reply 1997 are finally subbed!

    I have no life.
  19. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Dennis Oh/ Daniel Henney heir, Julien Kang, is one of the new cast members of We Got Married.
  20. Yeah I'm on episode 5 of '1997' and it's just great. Everything most k-dramas aren't.
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