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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I wish the super quick subbers for idol dramas like Dream High and To The Beautiful You (which is cute) would sub Reply 1997. I've fallen so hard for Eunji through this drama, she is really amazing. I'd love for her to have a solo album in the future, her vocals are really awesome.
  2. ^I agree. Most drama are subbed so quickly, bit Replay 1997 which is brilliant takes so long.

    Good news for Korean LGBT community:
    Very happy about this. Hope it will be great show, they got Hong Seok Cheon to MC so it should be awesome. I always liked Shin Dong Yeop, but this makes me like him even more.
  3. Good, but I wish it covered the topic more broadly and not just transgendered. Would be amazing to have a weekly mainstream show with a critical focus on sexual minorities and gender issues.
  4. Ahaha when Eunji is caught writing slash fic about H.O.T.. they nailed that fan fic lingo. So good.
  5. If Yoon Jae and Shi Won don't end up together, I will cry. I hate his brother.
  6. Okay I'm up to episode 8 of this, how many are there going to be? And what's the latest episode that's been subbed?

    I don't want to catch up and wait for subs, I think that would drive me insane now that I'm obsessed.
  7. I think there's probably going to be 16. Episode 12 has been subbed. 13 and 14 come out this week.
  8. Thanks, I'll probably just cave and catch up then. (These are the kind of thrilling, tough, life changing decisions I make on a daily basis).

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  9. Episode 13 is subbed on DramaCrazy.

    I just can't. I just can't deal with this drama.
  10. 14 too!

    I'm an emotional wreck.

    *grabs another bottle of vodka*
  11. I watched it last night while drinking wine. HORRIBLE IDEA.

    I might have cried.
  12. Remeber news about first talk show about transgender people? Well, that's not happening after all.

    One step forward, two steps back...
  13. That's surprising! And by surprising, I mean the polar opposite of surprising.
  14. KBS have shown real promise in trying out concepts that take sexual minorities seriously, like this, the lesbian drama special.. but they're complete pussies when it comes to public pressure. *Shock* you mean fundamentalist groups will complain loudly about gayness on TV?!! Unbelievable! We'll have to shut it down at once.

    The only reason I'm not crying bitter tears because of setbacks like this is because I check twitter top tweets, I check the random Korean people I follow, and they're mocking the decision, and these organizations' names are generally used as slurs, as umbrella terms for hysterical loonies.

    Well, I'm moving down there for a year in a week so I'll have to ask around for some opinions on this shit.
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    B: I need everyone to catch up on Reply 1997. I feel like an emotional nutcase after watching episode 15.
  16. ^ Just did that!

    Did they seriously fucking play The Scientist?? That's just unfair to my emotions, at least they didn't play it when that damn text was sent. I'm going to cry harder than he did in a bit.

    Did you see the teaser for episode 16 at the end there? OH MY GOD.
  17. I've come to the conclusion that me, alcohol, and K-dramas should never be mixed together.

    The best way to countdown your birthday is to be drunk and sniffling over Gong Yoo's poor character in BIG.
  18. Finally out there with subs. Strongly recommend it; hilarious, devastating and heartwarming.
  19. Have you guys heard of or watched Romantic & Idol?
  20. So, I just plowed through the first season of I Need Romance, while I was sick this weekend.

    It's not as cliche as most dramas, but it feels like a daytime soap. The acting was rather nice and it's more realistic than a lot of dramas I've watched.
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