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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I was in love with Dream High 2 and Ojakgyo Brothers. Since then I haven't really started watching anything. I couldn't get into the new UEE show.
  2. Did anyone catch Neon Bunny cameo in Shut Up Flower Boy Band? Drama queen.

  3. *6 months later*

    On a whim I decided to start Heirs, I'm 3 episodes in and addicted. Though I do cringe at any moment where people speak English.

    Has anyone checked out Reply 1994 yet? Worth watching??
  4. I'm watching and I enjoy it a lot. Apparently, the main criticism is that the show is a bit slow. But personally it works because it allows characters, context and themes to be realised in a more complete? way? I dunno but I like it it's worth a watch. Jang Woo is so dreamy, the parents are lovely and Go Ara too. My personal favourite is def. the old looking lodger lol.

    I have so much on my plate right now that i'm NOT even thinking about Heirs haha.
  5. Menboong

    Menboong Guest

    I'm absolutely loving Reply 1994. It was off to a slightly slow start, but that was just the first episode. It really picked up then and is absolutely hilarious.
  6. I haven't gotten into Heirs yet, but Secret is destroying my life.

    Reply 1994 is really nice. Also, people should watch Master's Sun!
  7. I'm watching Secret too!! I started tracking my drama watching on My Drama List it's so useful.

    I liked The Master's Sun, Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub had wonderful chemistry and they're both gorgeoussss.
  8. What are the best shows to watch?

    And where can I get them?
  9. Master's Sun, Secret, Heirs, and Reply 1994 are all currently airing or just finished, and they're really good.

    Others would be Secret Garden, City Hunter, and Reply 1997 to start out.

    Viki is a pretty good place to find all of them.
  10. Heirs is such a hot mess. I've watched a lot of extremely serious and tense dramas this year so it's nice to watch something so cliche and light. It's very addictive.

    Reply 1994 is beautiful so far, the first 2 episodes were quite slow and then it started picking up. I think it's going to be really amazing as it develops.

    The two best dramas of this year are I Hear Your Voice (ratings monster!) and 2 weeks (ratings flop!). Both extremely tense and still enjoyable.
  11. YES!! they were such wonderful dramas. I'm seriously craving a Two Weeks rewatch but can't till I finish History of the Salaryman.

    I'm also looking forward to IU and Han Chae Young in Pretty Man (I don't like Jang Geun Suk(?) so it's REALLY begrudging) and Yoona's drama with Lee Bum Soo (the main actor in Salaryman.)

    My other favourite drama from this year was one international fans didn't watch - Queen of Office so I never really recommend it tbh.

    Also, Mirae's Choice/Marry Him If You Dare which is currently airing is really adorable and worth watching so far.

    I recommend for drama newbies to watch popular dramas first Coffee Prince, Secret Garden, Boys Over Flowers (sorry) and so on then watch stuff with actors you like and synopses that sound interesting. Before you know it you'd have blown through a lot of dramas.
  12. I find Coffee Prince and Boys Over Flowers hard to actually get into (actually any drama from that time period), because the female lead always starts out as this giant, unbearable brat. I just watch finally watched Coffee Prince about a month ago and it was painful getting through the first 3 or 4 episodes.
  13. I have to add: If you're going to watch something sageuk-y (I know a lot of people aren't interested at all in them) I HIGHLY recommend Arang & The Magistrate. Queen In-Hyun's Man is popular too but I never truly started it because the period drama part were so boring :x
  14. It took me 9 months to finish watching Bof but I really did enjoy it believe it or not. Like Heirs, it was a hot mess in every aspect. It was just really entertaining. The hype it received during it's air was ridiculous though.

    The only saeguks I have watched are The Moon Embraces The Sun (which was GORGEOUS to look at, although a bit predictable in it's story. Jung Il Woo is the best.) and Rooftop Prince which is a time travel story. I'm currently watching the 60 episode monster Dong Yi though, which is really good so far. Kim Yoojung is going to be an international star in 10 years, no doubt.

    I'm not physically prepared to watch IHYV or Two Weeks again ahah. But one weekend in the new year I'm going to marathon both of them... as painful as it will be. Gosh, I was a mess watching IHYV. As amazing as Two Weeks was the amount of different characters it had made it a bit difficult for me to fully connect with, like I did when watching IHYV.
  15. LIVING off everyone's recommendations. I'm only two episodes into Master's Sun and already emotionally drained, but loving it. Quite relieved at having something more serious to watch after I spent the day racing through Heirs haha.
  16. Two of my favourite dramas ever! I loved everything about Arang and I thought the mix between modern day and sageuk in Queen Inhyun's Man was really interesting, funny and kept things fresh. Plus the (real!!!) chemistry between Ji Hyunwoo and Yoo Inna was perfect.

    Right now I'm watching Cheondamdong Alice (episode 6) and it's very, very good so far. Lots of drama and budding romance, haha. I think I'll watch Heirs all in one when it's finished.
  17. Menboong

    Menboong Guest

    Anyone still watching Reply 1994?
    The last two episodes really picked up the pace again. And the crossover appearances from the 1997 cast were absolute perfection!
  18. Yes! Shiwon and Trash fighting had me in stitches.
  19. Reply94 started to slow down around ep 14~15 but I'm so happy it picked up again in ep 16. I loved Binggrae finally getting some screentime, get B1A4 that promo Baro! The Reply97 cross over was amazing too... I was laughing the whole time. I didn't realise how much I missed that cast until that cameo, I want to rewatch the whole series now.
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