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K-Top Answer Game - Season 2: CONGRATS SLICE OF LIFE

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Serg., Jun 24, 2019.

  1. I'm flopping.
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  2. I'm so lost with this round ddd. I like K-pop and I like J-pop but I have basically 0 knowledge about K-pop Japanese releases, it's not something I ever really paid any attention to.
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  3. I'm screaming, I'm watching Line Distribution videos and I never realized Jessica had so many lines in literally so many of their iconic Japanese songs????? Truly Japan's favorite main vocalist xoxo
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  4. Sent my answers and...

    I think I might make a little stop outside the top 20 for this round...but it's just so I can leave the other less talented gorlz a chance to shine in my absence, obviously.
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  5. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I'm gonna flop really really hard on this one because not only I don't care much for Japanese releases by kpop artists, I'm also sick and just want to go to bed but don't want to not get any points nñn

    Being center was good while it lasted.

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  6. My answers are finally in and I am ready to kiss my Top 3 position goodbye.


    I guess this Top 3 spot might....

    But only...

    What will really happen so I must...

    And maybe I will be able to stay in the Top 3....

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  7. I love you.
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  8. im on my way
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  9. I can't answer this BoA question wtf

    Every time I think I have an answer I find the korean version on youtube dd
  10. Me after sending my answers and realising I didn’t fact-check any of them and it’s too late to do so now.

  11. Me now realizing my answer didn't necessarily need to be correct, just popular

  12. Only managed to send my answers 8 minutes before the deadline... This is going to be such a mess

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  13. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Whelp. I forgot.
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  14. Send I'm not home yet nn, results in around 35 minutes
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  15. dddd same sis — I even tried pleading my way into redoing just one of the answers even though it's against the rules but I ended up being shamed via PM by our host. Sad!

  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Well now I’ll get 10 points instead of 0!
  17. [​IMG]

    The Results

    1. Name a girl group with excellent Japanese discography, other than SNSD.
    I really thought KARA would edge this one out tbh, but I'm surprised at the variety of answers.

    After School - 13
    TWICE - 5
    KARA - 5
    f(x) - 2
    IZ*ONE - 1

    2. Name a group that is huge is Korea but their Japanese efforts didn't stick with Japanese GP.
    Now you know I live for a bit of mess so of course this question had to make it and y'all delivered.

    Red Velvet - 11
    2NE1 - 7
    f(x) - 1
    Mamamoo - 1
    BTS - 1
    Brown Eyed Girls - 1
    Wonder Girls - 1

    3. Name a Japanese single by BoA that she never recorded in Korean.
    Wouldn't the simplest way to find an answer be to check her latest songs cause she wouldn't have time to release them in Korean? Some did with 'Amor' and 'Jazzclub'

    Amor - 7
    Kimochi Wa Tsutawaru - 4
    Do The Motion - 3
    Eien - 2
    Quincy - 2
    Amazing Kiss - 2
    Jazzclub - 1
    Valenti - 1
    Camo - 1
    Masayume Chasing - 1
    Kieski - 1
    Be The One - 1

    4. Name SNSD's best Japanese album.
    For the accurate picture you could visit the SNSD Album tracks rate and find the album with the best average.

    Girls Generation - 17
    Love And Peace - 5
    Girls And Peace - 3
    The BEST - 1

    5. Name a group that only has one Japanese member.
    I forgot about GWSN even though I'm supposed to be a stan, omfg.

    NCT - 15
    GWSN - 7
    Pentagon - 2
    Ladies Code - 1
    ONF - 1

    6. Name a prestigious Japanese award a K-Pop group has gotten.
    Okay... I tried to group some of these together cause they all had same main 'name' in common.

    Gold Disc Award - 17
    Japan Records Award - 3
    Album Of The Year VMA - 1
    Best New Artist - 1
    BTOB - 1
    Billboard Japan Music Award - 1
    TWICE - 1
    Best Asian Artist - 1

    7. Name a group that has collabed with a Japanese artist for their single there.
    Quite a bit of them, some were good and some were noticeably better solo versions *cough* AOA *cough*

    After School - 11
    AOA - 9
    2NE1 - 2
    TVXQ - 2
    Girls Generation - 1
    Dong Bang Shin - 1

    8. Name a b-side from EXO's debut Japanese full album 'Countdown'
    I love Tactix and I'm glad it's the top answer.

    Tactix - 23
    Cosmic Railway - 1
    Drop That - 1
    Run This - 1

    9. Name a Japanese single by SNSD where Jessica has the most lines.
    Most of them did, while Taeyeon commanded their Korean singles, Jessica was in the front lines on most of their Japanese songs however Mr. Taxi wasn't one of them.

    Paparazzi - 10
    Galaxy Supernova - 6
    Mr. Taxi - 2
    Genie - 2
    Gee - 1
    Divine - 1
    Time Machine - 1
    Mr. Big - 1
    Catch me If You Can - 1
    Karma Butterfly - 1

    10. Name a nugu girl group that would have a successful career in Japan in an alternate universe because of the type of music they make.
    Yeah Dreamcatcher was the answer I thought would dominate cause of their anime opening songs.

    LOONA - 7
    Dreamcatcher - 6
    gugudan - 2
    Saturday - 2
    Lovelyz - 2
    Oh My Girl - 1
    Nature - 1
    Elris - 1
    Momoland - 1
    fromis_9 - 1
    SHA SHA - 1
    Cherry Bullet - 1
  18. [​IMG]

    ... is what I would say if I hadn't also flopped in the last two rounds.
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