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You top 10 heauxs better watch your backs.

She's coming. xoxo​
Lemme break it down.
1. Name a girl group with excellent Japanese discography, other than SNSD.
I really thought KARA would edge this one out tbh, but I'm surprised at the variety of answers.

After School - 13
For some reason I didn't even think about AFTESCHOOL, but guess it was due to me trying to go for the opposite answer. Kii at somebody going with f(x) as well.
3. Name a Japanese single by BoA that she never recorded in Korean.
Wouldn't the simplest way to find an answer be to check her latest songs cause she wouldn't have time to release them in Korean? Some did with 'Amor' and 'Jazzclub'

Kimochi Wa Tsutawaru - 4
Not 4 people choosing a song that has a Korean version. Not to mention I remember her singing DO THE MOTION in Korean live.
6. Name a prestigious Japanese award a K-Pop group has gotten.
Okay... I tried to group some of these together cause they all had same main 'name' in common.

BTOB - 1
Now who is that brave soul that couldn't read the question correctly just as me?
7. Name a group that has collabed with a Japanese artist for their single there.
Quite a bit of them, some were good and some were noticeably better solo versions *cough* AOA *cough*

After School - 11
Dddddd, they didn't have a single with anybody, they were featured on Namie's album track that happened to have a video.
9. Name a Japanese single by SNSD where Jessica has the most lines.
Most of them did, while Taeyeon commanded their Korean singles, Jessica was in the front lines on most of their Japanese songs however Mr. Taxi wasn't one of them.

Catch me If You Can - 1
And nobody noticed my immaculate shade.

What a fun round of questions though! Sorry for being such a JPop hoe.

You're Fergie.
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Sent my answers and...

I think I might make a little stop outside the top 20 for this round...but it's just so I can leave the other less talented gorlz a chance to shine in my absence, obviously.
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Whew! NOT me purposefully botching up the choreography, only resulting in the producers placing me center in this performance so I don't mess up the formations with my laziness... iconique

I'm coming up for that final center position @SloMover binch!