K-Top Answer Game - Season 2: CONGRATS SLICE OF LIFE

Slice of Life

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Isn't that because the question said huge in korea?

Wow fak u binch
@junglefish end ha

Round 4 - Selena Gomez

1 - Name an entertainment company that is a 'Bad Liar'.
2 - Name K-Pop's whispering chanteuse.
3 - Selena was in the Bad Blood MV to support her good friend Taylor, name a LOONA member that appeared in more than 2 music videos, before the release of Favorite.
4 - Name a K-Pop idol that has an acting career in Korea.
5 - Selena is known for her on & off friendship with the victim Demi Lovato, name a famous K-Pop friendship between idols that are not in the same group.
6 - Name a male idol that could 'Come & Get It'.
7 - Name a K-Pop idol that has a lot of instagram followers.
8 - Name a former group member that doesn't talk anymore to their former group members.
9 - Name a member of BTS that doesn't have a stage name.
10 - Name a girl group that has 2 full albums.

Round 4 closes Sunday, Friday 12th at 3PM GMT