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K-Top Answer Game - Season 2: CONGRATS SLICE OF LIFE

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Serg., Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Coming for @Slice of Life unnie's beach gig, I see.
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  2. He


    Oh I thought I had a shot at getting the bigger bonus.
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  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    First of all, I just wanna congratulate myself for this iconique run to the top:
    Sometimes, talent does win. Despite the endless calls of 'FLOP!." Despite the unending sabotage by a thing called @Oleander or something. Despite being booked and busy in real life.

    True talent will always find a way to triumph.

    But after this round, The Speed Round, or as I call it, "@Serg. got paid by @Oleander to sabotage talent" Round, I'm afraid it will be hard for me to retain the top spot. When the questions... and the unfortunate twist... were posted, my access to the Internet suspiciously got cut off. My enemies have resorted to severe tactics just to deny me a chance of submitting my ballot early.

    And so I am expecting a huge fall in the rankings. But as Michelle Obama sunbaenim has told me, "When they go low, we go high." And that's exactly what I'm going to do. Rather than retaliating through childish means, I will instead instead leave these issues to my team of lawyers and just focus on making a comeback in the coming rounds of this game. I hope it's not too late.

    Thank you and see you in the next rounds.
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  4. He


    Not Michelle Obama sunbaenim!!!
  5. Spoken like a true Somi! Flop!

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  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    You'll pay for this, Kelendria Trene.

  8. The girls that talked about Yuju leaving the group in GFriend thread for ages better came through for #7.
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  9. nn Yuju never missed a comeback though, while MOMOLAND last came back with two members missing and DIA is losing members every other day... In short, I sure hope they didn't come through because I need points ddd.
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  10. I actually considered putting DIA since there are always news about the members wanting to leave but then I thought they are not relevant
    enough to be a top answer. Guess I was wrong ddd.

    This round was by far the hardest round yet, so I won't be surprised if I flopped badly in other questions too.
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  11. I have a feeling my answer for "group most likely to lose a member next" might be controversial, I just hope I wasn't the only one to go for it ddd
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  12. Oh, okay. There's a lot to unpack and respond to here.


    I would never sabotage someone and pay off the host to make sure said sabotage was executed. This is straight-up character assassination and I will not stand by and let myself be painted as the villain by the true Hwayoung in sheep's clothing.


    Moving on, if I had been manipulating the game, I wouldn't have let myself fall down the Top 10 leaderboard so drastically after every time I peaked in the Top 3. I don't need to buy my way into the group or have someone else buy my way into the group. I have made it this far on my own merits and hard work.

    I don't have a secret alliance with the host of this contest. I've never had a secret alliance, if I wanted a secret alliance, yes I could probably go out and get one, because I am what?? SICKENING. You could never have a secret alliance with the host of this contest because YOU ARE NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL. Baby everything I have I have worked for and gotten myself, i've built my self from the ground up. YOU FUCKING BITCH!

  13. [​IMG]

    The Results

    1. Name an idol with blonde hair.
    LOONA dominated this one.

    Jinsoul - 13
    Chungha - 4
    Kim Lip - 3
    Lisa - 2
    Sana - 1
    Taeyeon - 1
    Hyoyeon - 1
    Jonghyun - 1
    Jessica - 1

    2. Name a city in South Korea other than Seoul.
    Geography-unnies came through on this one.

    Busan - 18
    Suwon - 5
    Gangnam - 3
    Ulsan - 1

    3. Name a K-Pop fanbase that is actually nice.
    Are any of them actually nice? Every fandom has good and bad people some just break the scale and aren't balanced.

    Onces - 8
    Orbits - 5
    Buddies - 4
    Reveluvs - 3
    None - 2
    Shawols - 2
    Blinks - 1
    Cassiopeias - 1
    Ki-Lings - 1

    4. Name the most beautiful idol.

    Sunmi - 5
    Suzy - 4
    Irene - 4
    Nana - 3
    Yoona - 2
    Tzuyu - 1
    Mina - 1
    Sakura - 1
    Kim Lip - 1
    Taemin - 1
    Kai - 1
    Sana - 1
    BoA - 1
    Jisoo - 1

    5. Name a group most likely to film their next music video with Huaweii front camera due to lack of funding from their company
    The answer to answers about groups being poor is always CLC.

    CLC - 9
    LOONA - 3
    Berry Good - 2
    DIA - 2
    Gugudan - 2
    Momoland - 2
    Brown Eyed Girls - 1
    Sonamoo - 1
    Blackpink - 1
    KARD - 1
    (G)I-dle - 1
    Neon Punch - 1
    EXID - 1

    6. Name the most dominant color in music video for 4Minute's Volume Up
    I have no idea how this question came to realization.

    Black - 14
    Red - 5
    Brown - 3
    Yellow - 1
    Gray - 1
    White - 1
    Purple - 1
    Burgundy - 1

    7. Name a group most likely to lose a member next.
    Will they lose them due to inactivity, military or simply because they're rushing comebacks while the members are injured?

    MOMOLAND - 5
    TWICE - 5
    EXO - 3
    EXID - 2
    WJSN - 3
    f(x) - 2
    LOONA - 2
    Gfriend - 1
    iKON - 1
    Blackpink - 1
    NCT Dream - 1
    Girls Generation - 1

    8. Name a K-Pop song that shares a title with an equally if not more successful song released in the West.
    I'm so fancy you already knooow, I was afraid with me including Fancy in the last question this would be much more dominant answer.

    Fancy - 6
    La Vie En Rose - 4
    Stay - 3
    Me - 3
    Whistle - 2
    Remember Me - 1
    Into You - 1
    Russian Roulette - 1
    Power - 1
    What Is Love - 1
    Heart Attack - 1
    Dancing Queen - 1
    Senorita - 1
    Beautiful - 1

    9. Name a girl group that is yet to be a Top Answer in any of the rounds.
    I can't remember any tbh except like the ones from last round which would be 2NE1.

    Blackpink - 6
    TWICE - 4
    Girls Generation - 2
    Apink - 2
    (G)I-dle - 2
    Oh My Girl - 2
    f(x) - 1
    CLC - 1
    Weki Meki - 1
    Wonder Girls - 1
    Gfriend - 1
    Lovelyz - 1
    Piggy Dolls - 1
    WJSN - 1
    Mamamoo - 1

    10. Name someone that looked fancy in TWICE's music video for the song Fancy.
    Chaeyoungizers came through on this one like I thought they would, she really did own this comeback.

    Chaeyoung - 15
    Mina - 4
    Sana - 3
    Jeongyeon - 2
    Jihyo - 1
    Mina's bare feet - 1
    Momo - 1
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  14. Well, I can kiss my Top 10 spot goodbye now. I hope you're happy, @Slice of Flop Flop.

    I guess I was never meant to debut.

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  15. There's a K-pop song that shares a title with a song that's in the Billboard top 5 right now, and I was the only one who picked that? Mess.
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  16. What is going on y'all are going to JAIL


    Also me being the only person to say Mina is the most beautiful idol. The nerve of you lot.
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  17. I think the most likely culprit said it best themselves:

  18. He


    Sistren, DANCING QUEEN is a pop masterpiece by the creators of pop music, but you chose Fancy?!

    I flopped so hard, though. Those 2 points from sending this fast will not make up for it.
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