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K-Top Answer Game - Season 2: CONGRATS SLICE OF LIFE

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Serg., Jun 24, 2019.

  1. An anti.
  2. Also not me having a hard time deciding between Got7 and Wonder Girls for the @eliminathan question when CLC was right fucking there. I'm not sure why my brain decides to not work when I'm doing this game.
  3. A stan.

    But wait...
  4. He


    Oh my god I did the same!

    Also I think no one here likes Jackson?

    Ddd I also got @junglefish ’s wrong. My search capabilities are awful. I guess I’m too old now.
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  5. I had 'Dara' down first because @Slice of Life refered himself as a "useless visual just like Dara", but I changed to Minzy upon more research and finding all this tea.
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  6. He


    Ddd I wrote CL, thought @Slice of Life was edgy like that. He likes the underdogs (Minzy) and Dara is queen of the Philippines.
  7. I put Minzy and Eunha pretty much at random, my mind.
  8. Yeah I put Dara at first too but I think Daraphobia is illegal in the Philippines, so I changed it to Minzy. Wheeew.
    As for Eunha... well. Why do I always get the impression Sowon is his bias?
    Anyways, @junglefish ’s question gaining the most traction kinda makes him the k-ontroversial Sulli of the subforum. Truly the binch who caused all this conversation. We love a scan-dol.

    @Oleander it’s Olibia, right? Right?
  9. Vixen sis, the laziness
    Honestly I just went with the first comment he made about another boygroup besides SEVENTEEN, and now I wonder if I shouldn't have made a bit more extensive research ( it was Ateez dddd )

    I gave up on that one and just went for ITZY because at the time it seemed like a popular answer although @SloMover literally expressed 'Icy' wasn't doing much for him without the video, oops

    I didn't even bother searching and just went for BTS because... well....sjljdfldfjdfd
  10. Don’t worry sis, I don’t even remember who is Siyeon right now ddddddddd.

    Also @ysev, I actually love them all but if I had to choose my least liked member it would be... Sowon dddddddddd. Still, I really do love them all even though Eunha has been my bias since their debut (Yerin slowly taking her place tho...)
  11. The Results

    1. Name @codecat's favourite Girl Group.

    Apink - 8
    Gfriend - 6
    gugudan - 4
    LOONA - 1
    Weki Meki - 1
    Laboum - 1
    fromis_9 - 1
    AOA - 1

    Correct Answer:

    2. Name @Slice of Life's least favourite member of 2NE1.

    Minzy - 14
    CL - 5
    Dara - 3
    Bom - 1

    Correct Answer:


    3. Name a boy group @ThighHighs stans other than Seventeen.

    Ateez - 12
    SHINee - 7
    BTS - 1
    KNK - 1
    ACE - 1
    Stray Kids - 1

    Correct Answer:

    4. Name @SloMover's favourite nugu girl group.

    Brave Girls - 6
    Oh My Girl - 5
    LOONA - 3
    IZ*ONE - 2
    Itzy - 2
    Everglow - 2
    Laboum - 1
    Piggy Dolls - 1
    Crayon Pop - 1

    Correct Answer:

    5. Name @Oleander's LOONA bias.

    Olivia Hye - 16
    Kim Lip - 2
    Vivi - 2
    The Apple - 1
    Choerry - 1
    Haseul - 1

    Correct Answer:
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  12. Not @junglefish coming over his dislike of Queen of Gums, Yerin.

    I have you and @eliminathan on tape joking around about wishing for GFRIEND OT5 sans Yerin.

    So what is the truth, binches? xx
  13. She won me over with her weird ass facial expressions, gummy smile and TERF bangs.
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  14. The hardest question for me was the @ThighHighs one because literally everything I found was about the good sis thirsting over Seventeen members except one post where he slightly praised Ateez. I randomly answered Shinee though because what is an Ateez.

  16. wtf is a Ateez
  17. Dddd @evilsin not even trying to be subtle anymore. Can’t risk getting more than 1 point.
  18. Dddd. I hope the slow reveals are fun to people. I'll do two more groups of 4-5 so you can discuss in the middle about answers X

    love you all
  19. Holdawwwnn....
    My dumbass interpreted "nugu girlgroup" as "rookie girlgroup".... (thus ITZY....)
    Honestly this isn't my round at all ddddd
  20. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Did I make a post about my question in another thread after this round was released to guide people toward my correct answer?

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