K-Top Answer Game - Season 2: CONGRATS SLICE OF LIFE

24. DangerousMaknae 204
25. Rainbow Road 134
26. Twinkle 123
27. Cotton Park 104
28. evilsin 32

Me basically being the last place considering people below me only played 1 round

Not @Serg. abandoning the game after collecting the cheques from Kaja, Samantha Tavasa, Pocari Sweat, Coca Cola, Samsung, Lotte Duty Free, American Tourister, Kloud Beer and Everysing. We love a scammer.
Round 3 is cooking, I'll post it right before Big Brother.

Which makes me want to host that 'K-Big Brother/Survivor' game I've been promising to @junglefish & @Dangerous Maknae