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KABBA (Formerly A*M*E) - Glue

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rmx, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Glue is pretty good, I'm looking forward to more music form her.
  2. She reiterated on her Instagram Story that she'll be doing one more single before the EP drops in November. She also said she'd like to do a vinyl.
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  3. Latest update is the EP is still not done and the single was delayed (it was originally slated for September), hopefully she can still get it out before the end of the year.

    She's been speaking her mind about One Thousand today - for those unaware it was a bonus track on Cheryl's A Million Lights and Amy's vocals are all over the song.

  4. I knew the track but wow she is singing the chorus!

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  6. As of a few weeks ago, the next planned drop is the full EP in January.

    She's dragging Duke Dumont today for misrepresenting the creation process of Need U (100%).

  7. I just read this on my timeline! It’s insane that the Need U drama still hasn’t been resolved after 5+ years. Duke sounds like a nightmare to work with.
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  8. I was wondering where this came from and then I saw this:

    I wonder what he said exactly.
  9. Oops yes I left that one out.

    She posted a photo of what he said then deleted - it was basically him being shady saying he wanted to work with MNEK and MNEK's manager forced him to work with Kabba too.
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  10. Has her marriage broken up, then? The vlog link posted earlier in this thread has been taken down and there are no photos of her with her husband on her IG timeline. If so, what a year it’s been for her!
  11. Yeah a while ago.
    He came out to her as bisexual and then left her, then came out publicly really shortly after in such a way that could have easily made it look like she'd left him for being bisexual - so at the time she clarified it was him who left her and she would never have left him for that.
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  12. Oh wow. Here’s hoping her 2020 is a lot better than her 2019!
  13. [​IMG]
    Kabba EP - February 14th

    1. Glue (feat. Bartoven)
    2. Muscle
    3. Whatever
    4. Bridges (with MNEK)
    5. Rope (Interlude)
    6. Rope
    7. My Work Is Done

    Muscle is out tonight.
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  14. Yeah there was a fuck up, it was only available on iTunes - and even then you can buy Muscle but if you click the album link to the EP it says 'this item is not available in the UK store'.
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  15. Muscle is out on SoundCloud; they seem to have botched the release again so it's still not available on iTunes/Spotify.

    Final EP cover:
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  16. The new cover art is far better.
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  17. Amy Kabba right now:

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  18. I am so curious to see what she cooked up with the Sugababes and Mnek.

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