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Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour (THERE ARE NO DUDS)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Maybe I need to listen to this album?

    I only know High Horse ddd
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  2. Sitting on the bus to work, listening to the album and honestly having to hold my tears back.

    This winning AOTY is monumental.
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  3. Beyond ecstatic for her. So deserved.
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  4. My queen!
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  5. One of the most satisfying success stories at the Grammys in years. I'm feeling so overjoyed.

    Now we need the straights to million reasons Rainbow.
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  6. This is amazing and made me want to cry.

    Especially when I realised they CUT HER OFF.
  7. Sis...
  8. I'm overwhelmed, most deserved win, in decades. So happy for her. What a body of work and the awards are just what she needs to be getting, she poured her heard and soul while making sure the album was filled to the brim with gorgeous melodies. This is how you do it.
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  9. Lord I love this, the fact they could have gone down the route of something completely dripping in sentimentality and over the top sweet. It brings the song to another level and the Conservative country fans are going to lose there minds . Also on another point kacey really got everything she deserved last night the grammys finally delivered a true pop justice
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  11. *makes it about ha*
  12. ?!

    Especially because these two wins feel linked. And also very telling about the political climate in 2006/7 and 18/19.
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  13. Good news on a Monday morning? I’m shook.
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  14. It is amazing to see this being awarded AOTY as a reality and a fact. So pleased for Kacey! It truly is a modern classic.
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  15. Happy for her. One of my favourite albums in a minute. It's nice to see deserving wins. Every once in a while the Grammys get it right.
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  16. For the first time in what feels like years, AOTY went to an album that deserved the award!

    I’ve been besotted by Golden Hour every day since I first heard it last March. It’s been the soundtrack to some of the best memories from last year and I am so beyond ecstatic that Kacey rightfully reaped the rewards for an incredible body of work.

    Plus, I bet my boyfriend that she’d win AOTY and now he has to buy me dinner in a fancy London restaurant. Mwhahahaha!
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  18. She was definitely the highlight of the night. Queen said she was going to celebrate with tequila
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  19. What a night. What a legend. I can't think of another recent album that impacted me as much as this one. Well deserved.
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  20. This picture makes me so happy!
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