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Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Kyle Richards died so that Kacey could live.
  2. I feel like I’ve used every first date for the past year to promote this, in all honesty.
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  3. Kacey did Como la Flor (Selena!!!!) at the Rodeo tonight.

    God I fucking love living in Texas.
  4. This fucking WOMAN.
  5. Take my 401k, I'm stanning forever.
  6. Blossoming before our eyes. Her RED is coming.
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  7. As long as they do the arrangement she and Ian came up with, I'll be blasting it everywhere. I love her cover.
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  9. Ugh I love her.

  10. 2014

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    SCREAM @Popjustice add this to your horse February insta thing stat! She's so fantastic.

    Edit: omg he's already done it!
  11. I have decided to stan forever.
  12. Me too.
  13. My best friend is a Black queer woman and ugh it was so reaffirming to tell her about the album when it came out and she revealed herself as a closet stan too, and we still regularly have our little in-jokes about the album and its success, even now. It's little things like that that kinda remind me that there really is wonderful energy and warmth around us, both in music, but in people that we get to keep.

    Now let me stop being a damn emosh mess and bop to High Horse in celebration of literally everything she's done. Queen!
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  14. I just shared it with my best friend too and while she doesn't like every song on it, she likes enough for us to listen to it together.
  15. The family that listens together slays together.

  16. The sheer amount of talent onstage.
  17. This was a great listen after I felt so down. Thanks.

    Also always a great listen.
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