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Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Okay, listening to this album on a summer evening next to the sea is paradise.
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    Love Is A Wild Thing is pure sweetness in song form.
  3. It's fabulous. Loving the new hair in your avatar btw.
  4. Getting some love from this legend:

  5. RJF


    The album is insanely solid from a song craft point of view in a way that makes it almost... transcend genre. I left it alone for a few weeks but have come back to it in a big way recently. Perfect for summer.
  6. In her Insta stories she was talking about the launch of the Japanese version of the album. No idea if there are more songs on the way.
  7. Here for High Horse (feat. Japanese rapper).
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  8. *Bonus Track: Player (feat.some japanese guy) war flashbacks*
  9. Japanese Cowboy
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  10. Yeah, I didn't understand what was happening there? In one story she posted the album sitting on shelves in Tokyo, and then the next day she posted about the album being released in July?
  11. They usually release two or three different versions in Japan usually. I assume that the ones on the shelves are imports (which even by japanese standards would be more expensive) and now they worked on promotion and the new version, which should have a different cover (the other with the folding fan, profile) and some exclusive content, wider release and "cheaper" price.
    These are just conjectures for now.
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  12. Mary Go Round and Follow Your Arrow are listed as the two Japanese bonus tracks on CD Japan
  13. I’m still blown away by Butterflies every single day. It’s simple on paper but that melody is so beautiful and the vocorder underneath half of the chorus is one of the best touches on an album full of little details.
  14. All of this. I don't love the album as much as most people here, but that song just works, especially the vocoder.
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  15. Thinking about the unopened clear vinyl copy of Golden Hour that's currently sitting on my bed back home

  16. Oh my GOD Lily and Kacey.
  17. Not Space Cowboy destroying me on this sunny afternoon, that build up to the final chorus and outro is executed so flawlessly (a true... slow burn dddd). One of the most gorgeous songs I've heard all year.
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    I still can't get enough of High Horse. What a triumph.
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