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Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Queen Clairo doing Slow Burn. Delicious .

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  2. Ddd I still need to get around to listening to this in full. Stan card revoked.

    2018 has spoiled us.
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  3. I'm genuinely shocked you haven't listened to this yet.
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  4. I've been waiting till I can listen to it high which I can't do until I'm done with grad schools apps and the GRE (i.e. tomorrow) I have a problem
  5. She's covering N*Sync on tour! Sounds bloody brilliant!
  6. *Update* It has now been opened and spun 5 times in the last two days and it sounds sublime.
  7. This is the perfect album for the summer. I can’t think of a better soundtrack to those first several summers after being out of school where the things you used to look forward to don’t really happen anymore and all of your friends have started moving away. It’s bittersweet and filled with inner musings, wondering if it’s always going to feel so aimless.
  8. Oh my god, that drop. She needs to release a studio version immediately.
  9. Reppin' the best *NSYNC song, I see.
  10. It’s definitely a late morning/early afternoon high kind of album. You will not be disappointed.
  11. Decided to play this on my 6-year anniversary with my boyfriend while on vacation in the California desert. Suddenly the happy & sad was me.

    (I bawled in the car.)
  12. Even this cover has me drowning in a pool of tears.
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  13. Love is a Wild Thing made me cry at my desk at work today and cemented itself as one of my favourite songs ever.

    It's been a long week.
  14. I could actually see that cover gaining some traction if she put it out.
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  15. Anyone else get Vanessa Carlton circa Rabbits on the Run vibes from Kacey’s higher register? I notice it the most on Love Is a Wild Thing.
  16. Someone put in her in a Live Lounge ASAP!
  17. This is still my favorite album of the year and I don't see anything else topping it.
  18. Or better yet, one of those "Spotify Single" cover moments - so we can stream.
  19. Butterflies is simply masterful - a seamless, effortless evocation of how fresh love's majesty can transform a bruised, resistant soul into something radiant and renewed. "Now I remember what it feels like to fly," in that regard, cuts deep in the most magnificent way, serving as the ultimate breakthrough - the ultimate epiphany - and makes one wish they too could feel so amazing.
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