Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Kacey needs to come up with summin real quick. She kinda lost me last era (despite the album being...fine I guess) and my whole interest in her has totally waned, which just feels weird to say. I'm typing this on a desk that has a frame with the picture I have with her, a signed tour card and my golden ticket from the Golden Hour tour. I dunno you guys...

I've been on the Musgravy train since pre-Pageant Material!
Okay but she’s been consistent. I don’t get this narrative?
I was just about to buy tickets to her Hampton Court show the other day. Maybe I should hold off...

I think she's just over this album, and possibly immersed in writing the follow-up? She mentions writing songs in the Architectural Digest video, and I think she posted an insta-story from the studio the other day as well. Wouldn't surprise me if we get the next record in early/mid-2023.
A Paris solo date