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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Beautiful. Ellie Goulding and the other sad cover girls could never emote so luverley.
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  2. Gorgeous take on that song.
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  3. Kacey was absolute perfection last night; the set-list, her silky vocals, her banter and her stunning beauty. A night I'll never forget, hearing her sing Golden Hour as the sun set was life-affirming.
  4. Oh wow her version of Can’t Help Falling In Love is simply gorgeous. A great vocal from her and the way she emotes, whew! Amazing.
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  5. Ah she was amazing at Hampton Court Palace. Setlist, venue, atmosphere, weather - perfection! (Agree though Follow your arrow would have been ace!)
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  6. On a more shallow note, her outfit was also perfection last night. She looked like such a star (in addition to obviously sounding like one). I was lowkey worried given the wildly varied outfits she wore throughout the tour ddd.
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  7. She was barefoot in Cleveland. Consider yourself lucky!
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  8. Kacey will be a special guest on Adele's Hyde Park shows next week

  9. Ms Musgraves is killing Glastonbury right now.
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  10. She sounded so good (and looked stunning!)

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  11. New song with Fancy Hagood.

    This is cute!
    Dead at the video though... the alien's c*ck turning into a smoking pipe(?!) lol
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  12. Well I see Fancy’s music is still as meh as it was when he was doing collabs with Meghan Trainor and Ari.
  13. I don't know what's more perplexing, the fact that Fancy Hagood is still making music or that he somehow snatched a Kacey collab.
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  14. They’re close friends from the Nashville songwriting scene. She sang at his wedding earlier this year.
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  15. Sam


    I’ve become fully obsessed since seeing her last Sunday. What a fucking icon.
  16. I love Kacey Musgraes <3
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  17. This is… unnecessarily dismissive! Fancy’s 2021 album is excellent.

  18. Kacey is featured in the track "Sitting In The Corner" (alongside Adriel Favela) on Cuco's new album “Fantasy Gateway"

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