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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Kacey has received 2 nominations at the 2022 VMAs:

    • Best Longform Video - “star-crossed: the film”
    • Best Art Direction - “simple times”


  2. Well deserved. I know this project got a mixed reception but it’s one of my favorite releases of the last year.
  3. I...actually like this album a lot more now nn. I've been playing the fuck out of easier said, something about the muggy heat makes it feel particularly cathartic.
  4. The album is definitely a grower and I've certainly warmed to it over the last few months.
  5. Yeah I love this album. Somehow gelled with it far more than Golden Hour. Cherry Blossom, Simple Times, If This Was a Movie, Keep Lookin’ Up, What Doesn’t Kill Me and There is a Light are all absolutely brilliant, and as far as ‘not good’ tracks go, there isn’t one.
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  6. It's a fantastic record. Even without a High Horse or Slow Burn, it's more consistent start to end than Golden Hour

    Cherry Blossom really deserved a push.
  7. Easier Said was an early favorite and still is almost a year later... it's such a simple song, but something about it just hits me every time... I love the production, her delivery and even small details like the little "yeah" she does right before the second chorus
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  8. It's a perfect album, and she has yet to ever miss.
  9. Golden Hour is better but this is still so solid, even if I disagree with some production choices.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Breadwinner and There Is A Light are 2 of her best ever. The album's fine.
  11. God, "camera roll" is still as affecting as it was the first time I heard it. That bridge alone deserves awards.
  12. ADM


    So strange that this thread has come back because people revisiting the record which is exactly what I’ve been doing the last few days!

    It was never going to be Golden Hour but it’s still a brilliant album with some incredible songs. starcrossed, there is a light, keep looking up.. I could probably name most of the track list if I kept going.
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  13. The only disappointment with the album (other than the actually quite heinous artwork, which is extra ridiculous given how she is in tune with aesthetics and artworks like 99% of the time), is the lack of push it got after the first week or two.

    I guess the mini movie used up the MV budget (mistake if so, because some of the best tracks weren't even included; Cherry Blossom really deserved a video), but what was the excuse for the lack of promo? Golden Hour had basically all of its album tracks performed on the talk show circuit and it actually really helped certain tracks grow on me despite failing to really hook me in right away. I'm 100% sure she could command those kind of slots even just off the hype from her last album, so I don't really get that call.

    I can't help but feel a little of the Golden Hour goodwill and momentum was squandered just by not getting her out to the public at large really at all.
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  14. Good Wife, Cherry Blossom, Simple Times, Justified, Breadwinner, Camera Roll, Easier Said, Keep Lookin' Up, What Doesn't Kill Me, There Is A Light... all classics.
  15. FINALLY some positivity from you guys, star-crossed is legitimately only about 1% less perfect than Golden Hour, and deserves just as much love. It’s the night to GH’s day and they’re sublime sister albums, two of the best of all time as far as I’m concerned.
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  16. Most random collab ever. Wow.
  17. It’s still very patchy and not the smooth listen that her previous albums were but when she shines, no one can touch her. @Jonathan27 had sent me a great restructured track list and I attempted one of my own so maybe it’s time to revisits
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  18. Yeah I will say the strengths of the album are still a bit undermined by the track list, I reshuffled to

    1. star-crossed
    2. simple times
    3. keep lookin' up
    4. cherry blossom
    5. if this was a movie..
    6. justified
    7. good wife
    8. camera roll
    9. angel
    10. breadwinner
    11. easier said
    12. hookup scene
    13. what doesn't kill me
    14. there is a light
    15. gracias a la vida

    The Sade influence is the album's biggest strength to me and this brings it more to the forefront.
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  19. I think the tour sold good enough so they didn't bother with more promo?

    Obviously with more promo you could also have mor tour dates and not really being on peoples radar could harm her next album.
  20. I've been listening to her version of Neon Moon a lot lately and its stunning. The way her voice can have such an emotional impact is really, really, outstanding.
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