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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Yes. Star-crossed girls, unite!

  2. keep lookin' up is the final song on Obama's summer playlist dd. Snatch that revered ex-presidential acclaim!
  3. A year after the title track debuted, I finally got a beautiful copy of the vinyl. The packaging is superb.

    I hope everyone is very proud of the work they've done on the campaign. It didn't do the big numbers they probably expected with the marketing investment put in place, but it's a success in my eyes and a worthy follow up to Golden Hour.

    Also, does anyone have footage of her performance at Summer Sonic?
  4. I was so disappointed we didn't get Cherry Blossom at Primavera. Gorgeous song.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Lonely Weekend yath!
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  6. I revisited the album one year later and after having gone through my own breakup this past summer, the songs hit a little different.

    It’s still not my favorite album of hers but the standouts are the title track, good wife, justified, keep lookin up, there is a light, and what doesn’t kill me.

    Gracias a la vida has been one of my faves since it dropped, but I’ve really grown to love Mercedes Sosa’s version even more!
  7. The album is fantastic girlies.
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  8. The flute in “there is a light” is getting me there
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  9. It certainly wasn't an instant love for me, like Golden Hour but after a few weeks I did grow to really enjoy it.
  10. This is the perfect autumn album. “camera roll” still sneaks its way into my shuffle mix and destroys me every single time.
  11. Justice for "if this was a movie.."
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  12. I remember it leaking and the girls here going 'bad, bad Kacey where is my miseryyy?!' so I put off listening and then one day I did and went 'this is good? this is fantastic actually, what an LP' on listen one.
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  13. It is a great album, it's a shame the era seemed to pass by and end so quickly
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  14. She/her team were just so committed to the marketing that it undermined the music at pretty much every turn: the awful artwork, all of the interviews framing it as a poetic tragedy, the poor sequencing, the weird emphasis on the title track (a glorified intro) when there were multiple excellent single choices, it was a very frustrating campaign.

    It's a testament to her talents that the music itself was strong enough to stand on its own. It's been one of the more rewarding albums to revisit from last year.
  15. I have to say, the visual album or whatever it was called didn't quite work for me. Some of it was fun but some of it not so much. I agree, the album artwork and the way it was presented initially as sad divorce album led many to have such different expectations compared to what was delivered. However, it is still a brilliant album.
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  16. Yeah, the music itself is so great that it’s a shame the fleeting, somewhat misdirected campaign/era around it seemed to distract from the songs themselves. As mentioned by countless members in here, it doesn’t come close to the masterpiece that was Golden Hour, but hopes of that were never likely to be fulfilled. But it’s a glorious follow-up and it’s unfortunate the narratives surrounding the release overshadowed the quality of the tracks.
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  17. I hope I have a moment with this again because I’ve weirdly just…not remembered to go back to it. At all. Our faves always have albums we favour more or less than others but it’s like I completely forgot about it a month after it came out. And I mean… it’s enjoyable despite being her weakest effort. I wouldn’t have predicted it’d be so forgettable though!
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  18. It’s a cute album but ultimately beige outside of a few tracks.
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