Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

I see so many justifications for this album, and they all read as people having a lot of good will towards her from the three albums that came before, which makes sense (I do too!), but this one just doesn't hold up.

I mean... not really! I genuinely like most of the songs on this album and think anyone painting this record as some massive dip in quality is wrong.
She was checked out of the album very soon because she soon became loved up and probably didn’t really feel like revisiting the breakup thematic of the album, which was not that traumatic for her in the first place. And I also think that the label was not sure how to promote it after Golden Hour had become a sleeping hit. I still think it is a fantastic album.
I've been listening a lot to the album recently and didn't realize its 1 year anniversary happening dd.

It's great. I know people have a special connection with Golden Hour in general and it is one of the greatest albums of all time, but star-crossed is also worth it. I think it misses some bigger highlights, and the second part probably drags a little (you still have "What Doesn't Kill Me", "There is a Light" and so on, but nothing hits like... Breadwinner, Cherry Blossom and Good Wife dd).

I do agree the marketing probably didn't help. The Movie felt uneventful and the way they literally missed the one song that actually "took off" on Streaming... tragic. And the random focus on the title track which is like, a cute intro, when the album actually starts with "Let's go back to the beginning" for me is also a kii dd.

The resurgence got me listening to other songs from the catalog, and I still need to listen to the other albums in full, but she's really charming. Loved everything I listened on shuffle. And can only wonder of what she'll do next. I don't think she'll pull a 1989 (in a totally-sparkling-synthpop), like, "ever", but I can imagine that her wheels will keep spinning and there will be more flourishes on her "country".
She/her team were just so committed to the marketing that it undermined the music at pretty much every turn: the awful artwork, all of the interviews framing it as a poetic tragedy, the poor sequencing, the weird emphasis on the title track (a glorified intro) when there were multiple excellent single choices, it was a very frustrating campaign.

This. The marketing was way too ridiculously overblown, and the least amount of focus was on the actual music. The emphasis on pushing the title track was a huuuuuuge mistake, I’m still puzzled by that to this day, especially for the VMAs. It’s barely even a song, and it’s not even that moving ddd.

Justified was a mistake for the first single, too. It’s a bit of a non-event compared to her previous leads.

Long story short, it’s a very mild, sweet, dreamy album full of ethereal pop. The “in your face! dramatic! Shakespearean tragedy!” approach to the film and artwork hardly made sense. If anything, a more muted, quieter approach to the artwork and release would have been better received. Overall, I think it’s a serviceable Kacey Musgraves album, but it’s nowhere near her best, so immediately following Golden Hour, it was always going to be viewed as a disappointment.

She’s clearly happy, and she clearly wasn’t too shaken up by the divorce. I sort of wish she wouldn’t have forced the “divorce album” if she wasn’t really feeling it.

That said, it’s Kacey Musgraves, so I still like it overall, but yeah… I haven’t returned to it in a long time. It just didn’t leave much of an impression on me in the long run.
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The rollout for this album was so odd. I think it's solid, and definitely could have done better than it did, but she obviously had massive expectations after Golden Hour and this was a letdown for a lot of people.

I think putting so much of the budget into a Paramount Plus exclusive was a mistake, and she really could've benefitted towards a more stretched out era. She should've pushed a song like Justified or Good Wife a little more.

And yeah, it's absolutely wild how they overestimated the vinyl sales. I've legit seen entire crates filled with them at local record shops over the last few months.
Top-tier Kacey
cherry blossom
easier said
hookup scene

Also hot
there is a light
keep lookin' up
camera roll
good wife

if this was a movie
simple times
what doesn't kill me
gracias a la vida

I think it's her best album. cherry blossom is a huge missed opportunity.
I wouldn't know. Weird that you can't handle an opinion different from your own though. xo.

I love Golden Hour obviously. It houses most of her career highs, but there's more filler too.
Aside from the marketing I also think 2020/2021 was when her colorful "campy" Instagram persona was peaking so it was a strange feeling when the music we got was relatively low key and chill.
Star-crossed has really benefitted from time to sink in with me. Each time I listen to it I notice something new and layered. Ultimately it comes back to how it manages to capture such a wide spectrum of conflicting emotions so well. She really is a master songwriter and balance things in a way that are accessible to everyone without being simple. Her voice throughout as well is stunning.

The marketing was a whole mess as others have said but the product itself is really something.