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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. RMK


    Literally this. She would've shifted more units if she had actually been on the cover. There's nothing enticing about the chosen art.
  2. Changing my playlist artwork to this shot is like 90% of the reason I felt compelled to keep trying with the album nn. Truly baffling decision to go with the official cover.

  3. The difference in vinyl sales would be huge dd
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  4. I was really hoping the RSD release would’ve been an alternate artwork (this) instead of that picture disc. My dumbass still got it, because I do love her and this album. It’s not as instant as Golden Hour and not nearly enough replay value as a whole but, I do hope she keeps the quality going for her next record.
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  5. In the making of star-crossed she discussed or there were shown that she had quite a few outtakes. Hopefully they leak.
  6. She played one this past week at the John Prine tribute show at the Ryman.

    It was on the board in the star-crossed material of the list of songs for the album. After he passed, she decided not to release it because they wrote it together and she never got to sing it with him.

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  7. We might be getting a return to her traditional country sound for album #6.

    She’s been in the studio with Shane McAnally and Luke Laird again and has been writing with Alyssa Vanderheym, who recently co-wrote a chunk of Kelsea Ballerini’s latest album.
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  8. Oooh that makes me happy. Kelsea's album is fantastic.
  9. I still bop to cherry blossom but unfortunately this album hasn't help up like Golden Hour for me. I look forward to new material.
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  10. Did we ever find out why she refused to play Follow Your Arrow on the tour for Star Crossed?
    I don’t see why she has to be one or the other. Her country stuff was all fantastic! She wasn’t always as serious with the songs, they were just fun with really well written witty lyrics. That’s kinda what I’ve missed when it came to Golden Hour and Star Crossed. It worked great for Golden Hour but kinda fell flat for the most part with Star Crossed.
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  11. I was just about to post the same thing! FIFTY BUCKS!

  12. she’s looking for their wallets
  13. Radio 1 played Glittery earlier. They should play her more often - it sounded beautiful.
  14. pdf


    I just discovered her "Christmas Makes Me Cry" song and well, perfection.

  15. I was on a flight and this followed by mother, followed by somebody to love ,almost caused me to have a breakdown
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  16. Kacey will host a new competition series “My Kind Of Country” on Apple TV+. The hybrid series will break down cultural and musical barriers in the country music space, inviting innovative musicians to unleash their authentic voices and take center stage.

  17. Excited for this!
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