Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Honestly the flatter, gold embossed graphic used on the boxsets would've probably been a gaggier album cover.


The 3D textures are the biggest offense on the actual cover, I guess.
How are all of the retailer exclusive variants uglier than the standard editions?

I'm getting the cassette box set because I want the walkman. If I like the album enough, I'll buy the vinyl later. That also gives me time for reviews of the various pressings to come in so if any sound like shit I can avoid them.
She was in the studio with BJ Burton earlier this year... Which given his production discography would be quite the serve.

The writing credits for the album actually reveal that BJ was involved with both Justified and Breadwinner. Ilsey Juber co-wrote those tracks as well. THEY. of Play Fight feat. Tinashe fame co-wrote What Doesn’t Kill Me. The rest of the album seems to be Kacey/Ian Fitchuk/Daniel Tashian productions.

Bops all around!