Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

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Genuinely can’t believe someone OK’d that hideous album cover. The concept is fine, but the execution is just awful.

Loving the title track though. So excited for this to come out!
Oh my goddddd. I’m late to the party but this made my 2021. It’s going to be the perfect fall/winter album campaign isn’t it?
This release might be my most anticipated of the year so far? And it came out of nowhere??? I really love an album rollout where the album follows quick after the announcement and the promotion continues after the release. That most of these pop girls and labels are allergic to that kind of release strategy (when it clearly works in many many cases). I'm also so ready for new material to mend my broken heart and it's exciting not knowing the sonic journey she's about to take us on.
I knew from the IG clips that I was gonna love this because I am a slut for ethereal choirs and the opening already had me in goosebumps. The outro had me tearing up. I have no idea what that Spacial Audio thingy Apple is doing is... but I just know this would sound amazing in it cause the guitar, the trumpet, the bass and those synths must feel like flying.

The trailer is giving me Kill Bill but make it CAMP.

What a way to come back.
ññññ sorry for the double post but

Kacey really said


And Symone! The gaggerini is real.
I can’t wait for this! Trailer is giving me Kill Bill/Baz Luhrmann’s R&J/Mean Girls. And the song… what an intro to the album.
I should have figured she'd find a way to weave humor, camp, and the gays into her divorce album, but the entire package (so far) has me smiling. I'm glad she seems to be in a good place, all things considered.

Gagging at her saying this in the Zane Lowe interview: "You saw my highlight reel with Golden Hour, and this is the other side of that. And there are beautiful parts of that, too."
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