Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

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Transparent White - International Standard
Clear - International Indies
Lavender - International Webstore
Lavender/Clear Split - US Webstore
3 Surprise Colours (apparently grey, brown and pale yellow) - US ‘Standards’
Orange & Alt Cover - US Target
Red & Alt Cover - International Retail (HMV/JPC/FNAC etc)

I think that’s all the pressings?
doesn’t look like an alt cover? That’s an insert right.
Yeah, I think it's the inner sleeve. Target actually does have an alternate cover with Kacey's signature in the cover, but HMV doesn't. Target has a poster as well as the alternate inner sleeve; not sure about HMV (and I haven't looked at FNAC et al.).

Okay, JPC shows the same thing with their exclusive CD with a poster as well as the red vinyl, so presumably that's the bonus poster and it comes with the HMV version as well as JPC and Target. And presumably Target's "exclusive sleeve" refers to the cover having her signature.

Vinyl variants:
  • Translucent white - International standard
  • Surprise colors (gray/brown/pale yellow?) - US standard, Amazon (UK)
  • Orange / bonus poster / alternate signature cover - Target (US)
  • Lavender marble - Canada web store, UK web store
  • Purple/clear split - US web store (box set only)
  • Translucent red / bonus poster - HMV (UK), JPC (Germany), Tower (Ireland), international indies?
  • Clear - International indies?
Cassette variants:
  • Translucent pink - Standard
  • Translucent red - US web store (box set only)
  • Opaque lilac / alternate "dancing" cover - UK web store
  • Translucent silver glitter / alternate "microphone" cover - UK web store
  • Translucent teal / alternate "veil" cover - UK web store
  • Opaque black / alternate black background cover - Spotify Fans First
  • Opaque orange - Suburban Outfitters (US/Canada)
CD variants:
  • Standard
  • Bonus poster - HMV (UK), JPC (Germany)
  • Bonus poster / signature cover - Target (US)
It's honestly absurd to me that they're making so many variants of the cassette but not the CD.

Is there an actual "international" web store that Americans/others outside the UK can buy from?
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Wait are we sure about those being the surprise colors? What a let down if so. I was hoping for some cool color mixes like some of the Punisher variants.
I want to give her my coins but I’m genuinely lost and exhausted with the vinyl variants. I think I’ll get the cheaper and the most easy to buy in the end.
I really don't know which of the variants I want to get first. I'm thinking either the Lavender/Clear split or one of the surprise covers. Between Kacey and Little Mix, I'm gonna be bankrupt trying to get all the variants I want.
All these vinyl options have me burnt out... But that's basically cuz I don't wanna be paying more fees and VAT than the vinyl itself. So do something for those EU mainland hunties Kacey! Thanks.
"Justified" is good but I wouldn't say it's single material. More of a straight-forward country/pop song compared to the production of the title track.
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