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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. I really like the ambient vibes on If This Was a Movie. I’d have loved a bit more of this.

    I reckon it’s going to be a real grower of a record though. Can’t believe it’s finally here!
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  2. I'm going to hyperventilate, no trains to be found!
  3. I just thought I had found an L-word and it turned out to be folklore (deluxe edition). Fall apart indeed.
  4. I am so excited to listen! She is coming!
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  5. Hookup Scene is so utterly gorgeous.
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  6. Just as I’d hoped, everything is sounding so much better on second listen. It’s already gone from a 6 to an 8 in just two listens.
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  7. Beyond excited for this!! Two more hours!
  8. Scratch that, another one was Dawn of Chromatica. Fuck my life.
  9. The Japanese strings on "cherry blossom"

  10. Breadwinner is really jumping out at me on first play through.
  11. 'camera roll' is the one
  12. RMK


    Okay, the train is leaving the station. The title track really builds as a nice intro, and Cherry Blossom is extremely stunning. It seems like she'll be touching new ground sonically, which is really exciting.
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  13. I'm only on Cherry Blossom and I'm on the floor, the production is outstanding. Fully expecting this to be the album of the year.
  14. A part of me thought that MTV in the UK would have shown the film on the main channel but ok, looks like Ridiculousness and Teen Mom's grip is too strong.

    On another note, super excited for the album. My vinyl got dispatched yesterday and I did potentially think it would arrive today but it doesn't appear so.
  15. Gorgeous album, and a perfect follow up to Golden Hour - a pressure I’m sure she felt, so it’s great to see she’s managed to do it so well! I feel like it definitely takes all the things we loved about Golden Hour and builds on it. I don’t imagine there’ll be any disappointment here.
  16. Started listening now... my first impressions...

    Good Wife: Love the production... not sure I love the lyrics though
    Cherry Blosson: Production is 10/10 here... I just wish it had a bridge... it's too short
    Simple Times: Sounds like an obvious single. An instant favorite! I'm so curious about the video now
    If This Was a Movie: LOVE 2000 orbit-like production

    Let's see act 2 now
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  17. aux


    I just pressed play and I'm already tearing up. I'm so excited.

  18. God help me be a good wife.

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