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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. On first listen, I'm pleasantly surprised considering some of the totally off-base reviews. Definitely some stuff to unpack but that's what I like about Kacey; Golden Hour wasn't all instant for me-- the growing was the best part. I look forward to way too many listens in the preceding days... Good Wife, Breadwinner & There Is A Light are definitely living up to the promise of what I was expecting.
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  2. What a beautiful album. The tv guide in NL doesn't say anything about the film on MTV, but hopefully it just shows...
  3. The lyrics to Camera Roll and Hookup Scene are devastating. The latter brought me to tears. This album is everything I wanted and more, she really knocked it out of the park.
  4. I guess I get where reviewers (or Kacey herself?) were coming from citing Sade and early 2000s R&B as points of reference for certain songs, but to me it’s giving more of a bit of trip hop, turn-of-the-century Moby ambiance moment.
  5. good wife just slapped me across the face.
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  6. Aw right, so there is no way to watch that without Sky or Virgin is there
  7. keep lookin' up is giving A Horse With No Name.

  8. I don't mind the old record effect too much, but there are some parts that make it quite unlistenable - especially where it interferes with the clarity of her vocal - so I probably won't replay the song much because of it. She sounds incredible when that effect is removed towards the middle of the track, so it's a shame it wasn't like that from the start. I wonder if the song is featured in the film, and whether the effects make more sense alongside the visual?
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  9. It is played over the closing scene of the film, and I would say it is very cinematic.
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  10. So I just finished the album. It's certainly more atmospheric, grounded and organic sounding than Golden Hour. I don't necessarily know what I would've expected to follow Golden Hour, but this was it.

    gracias a la vida certainly fits and I like the different treatment of the vocals/production with each verse.

    Standouts for me: good wife, simple times, breadwinner, camera roll, hookup scene, there is a light
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. After listening to this in full, it is a truly stupendous album without a low point in sight. I would say Cherry Blossom, Simple Times, Camera Roll and What Doesn’t Kill Me are the biggest highlights for me, but I’m hesitant to isolate anything because I loved every moment of the entire experience.
  13. train is here!

    "let me set the sce-"

    i love this song.gif
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  14. Good thing I don't have a boyfriend (1.5 years single already, eeks) as this album would have instructed me to have a dramatic break-up.

    I will be breaking up with listening to other music, though.

  15. RMK


    Not totally finished yet, but I think sonically this is my favorite project from her. I love how she leaned into the strengths of the vocal production from Golden Hour, and didn't shy away from synth. She has a way of genre bending that works really well, and never feels forced or in your face.

    Is it possible to top an album like Golden Hour, honestly? She made such a great project. I don't know if this is touching it fully, but they both conquer such different spaces that it's hard to really compare. It's just about what you're feeling and want from her as an artist. If I were going through a breakup, I would probably pick this one up. Definitely feels like a grower, and really happy to live with this and add it to her collection.
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  16. Ok hookup scene drag me a bit. The slutty gays listening to this are not ready.
  17. Did meet and greets go on sale yet or at all?
  18. Re : Breadwinner....

    Can someone please check Ruston's pulse?
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