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Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. 4 songs in and my heart is in pieces
  2. So basically, it's either amazing, bad, or just ok. Journalism!
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  3. Just finished my first listen and the weird/negative-ish reviews are even more baffling now that I've heard the whole thing.

    Golden Hour was my AOTY and probably in my Top 5 of Last Decade, so any follow up is going to have big "shoes" to fill, which is why I didn't go into this hoping/expecting/wondering if it would be better or worse than it. I knew it would be a different entity.

    This album is immaculate from top to bottom. The song "star-crossed" maybe ... suggested that the album wouldn't be so mellow. I wasn't expecting bangers, but I was wondering if it would be a bit more ... aggresssive? musically. But that's not a critique at all, just an observation on how the album differed from expectations.

    Melodically, lyrically, vocally, everything is stunning. The production flourishes are exquisite. Anyone who says she's completely veered away from her country/folk sensibilities are ... wrong dddd. This is not her 1989 Full Pop Girl Departure (I don't think anyone really thought it was going to be but some of the comments I've seen have been a little peculiar in this regard).

    I can't wait to watch the film tomorrow, but I am so happy with this record. (And unlike, ahem, a few others who had mega-album follow up releases this year that have left me a little cold, this hasn't disappointed at all.)
  4. It's fully giving me All Saints and I'm living.
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  5. Where do you hear any country? I'm not interested in a long back and forth about what's country and what's not, but that's one of my favorite genres, and i DID hear it in Golden Hour, but here? Where? Haha.
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  6. Okay, so who gave Ms. Musgraves to drop AOTY?!

    Just had my first listen through and it is 100% all killer, no filler. Every last track brings something different to the table. It is a truly emotional roller coaster and lyrically flawless.

    Not that I ever doubted her, but just wow
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  7. She still has a country twang in her voice. I was just thinking that it sounds like a country singer making a pop album, which... it is.
  8. That's pretty fair! Though, i don't *hear* that necesarily because to me she never had much of a twang even on the first album. Unless you count those actual first albums when she was a kid. Haha. But right on.
  9. RMK


    Something tells me she'll debut a lot higher than we'd expect. Vinyl sales must be impressive if my Urban variant is on backorder til 9/19, and I placed my order one day after going on sale.
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  10. One thing i noticed last night at her movie is that her fanbase is.... everyone? There were kids, old people, equally male and female, all races, gay, straight, it was fucking beautiful actually.
  11. Well... after reading your reactions I'm super excited for tomorrow. There was a part of me expecting to be let down but now I'm busting to listen.
  12. My new soundtrack after hook-ups will be hookup scene and

  13. Just got the shipping notification for my lavender LP.

  14. RMK


    That's so interesting. It clicked with me today that Kacey is really a popstar in a country singer's body. The latter genre historically draws an older crowd, yet she's been able to stay active and connect with younger audiences as well. The acclaim and novelty of Golden Hour definitely tied everyone together, and she's quite successful.
  15. There Is a Light really reminds me of something I can't put my finger on. Well, the tropical instrumentation is very Swing Out Sister, but the melody of the chorus is so familiar.
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  16. Heh. I mean it's not back woods trailer truck beer drinkin' country, but between the natural tone in her voice, the melody choices, the lyrical content, the heavy plucked guitar work -- I'm just saying this isn't her 1989 sized dive into pop more as a natural evolution into even more pop sensibilities and production, while still keeping her folk/country meets 70s-California vibes.
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